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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 7

So, we start out with Sarah on video phone with Cosima and they talk about Paul being Sarah’s monitor. They are bummed but have to keep going to play this thing out. They don’t know if Paul is on their side or not and we are left to wonder as well. However, judging by the fact that last episode Paul changed his mind and didn’t drug Sarah, I am betting he is on Sarah’s side!

Meanwhile, Paul is being questioned by Olivier all about Beth’s actions and state of mind the past few months. Paul is trying to answer in a way that he is trying not to give away the fact that he knows about the clones.

During Sarah and Cosima’s conversation, Sarah warns that Delphine is almost certainly trouble and that Cosima should not get involved. Sarah mentions that it got her into trouble. Well, really it just got her naked all over the apartment with Paul. She reminds Cosima that Alison got in trouble too and wacked her husband with a golf club which is why they are at a couple’s retreat trying to repair their marriage. Thanks for covering the plot holes for us!

Then we cut to Helena in a very moody setting getting taken care of by a mysterious man with strategic lighting. There is a glimpse of his ring and I’m sure there is a fish symbol on it.

Felix and Sarah pull up later at night outside of a warehouse where she is supposed to meet Paul. There is some kind of underground dance club that Olivier owns. When they do finally go in I swear it looks like something right out of my college memories of the 1990’s complete with black lights. Really, they could have done a little better. Anyway, Sarah mentions that they probably already know that she’s not Beth due to the medical tests and Felix reminds her that they are clones and their DNA will be identical.

Then we have another boring interlude with Art at the police station. I like Art fine and all but I am just constantly bored and underwhelmed with the scenes at the Police station. We know exactly what will happen there. They will do more investigation and figure out that Beth and Sarah have the same DNA and it will perplex them. Then they will slowly put the pieces together and haul in Sarah for questioning. Blah, blah, blah. I know, I’m skipping information here but I just don’t think it helps develop the story much.

Felix and Sarah finally get into the club alongside the creepy Neolution lady with the wacky eye and perfectly done hair. I yell at the TV “DO NOT TRUST HER!” Seriously, she had a speaking part which means they have to pay her more which means they will probably use her again in the story.

Olivier and Paul are chatting about Beth/Sarah and Paul is still fishing for information while Olivier finally lets out the fact that someone is killing the clones. Paul gets the bombshell and now he has to examine just how much he cares about Sarah.

Back with Helena she is asked why she didn’t kill the impostor and Helena explains that she and Sarah have some sort of connection. Helena can “feel” the connection. At this point I’m not really sure what the connection is even if I have been able to guess many of the plot points so far. Excited to see where the “connection” goes but at least now she understands they are all clones.

Creepy cult guy is still just creepy and it’s becoming obvious he is abusive. Not good. They discuss that Beth killed their friend Maggie Chen (remember her?) and will do anything to keep spreading lies. Creepy cult guy explains to Helena that the clones need to be questioned and killed. He gives her a razor blade which she then uses to cut herself for relief (so messed up). Finally she takes off out of the boat and shipping yard on a mission to slice and dice someone other than herself.

After a brief meeting at the Neolution club, Paul and Sarah are back at Beth’s condo. They hash out all they know about the clones with a few exceptions. Sarah only lets on that she’s met Alison and doesn’t mention Cosima. She confirms they know of nine clones so far. Paul mentions that they don’t know that Donnie isn’t Alison’s monitor which I feel is a pertinent thing to remember because I agree with Paul. Paul confirms that he knows someone is trying to kill the clones and Sarah shakes it off like no big deal. Paul thinks she should be more worried about this. Paul confirms that he is not trying to kill Sarah but wants her to be safe as she decides to take a ride.

Before Sarah can pull out of the parking garage Helena shows up to invite her to lunch. Sure, why not? Sarah agrees and they are in a greasy spoon where Helena orders a little of everything and eats quite a bit including some Jell-O. Every time we are in a restaurant like this one it reminds me of Seinfeld, but like a horror version of Seinfeld. Helena tells Sarah she dreamed that they were friends. Not happening.

Sarah learns that Helena was raised by Ukrainian nuns while she creepily pets the wall. Helena is just a messed up individual/clone. She is supposed to kill Sarah but she just can’t bring herself to do that. They exchange threats of a stab wound and butt kicking but ultimately Helena gives her until midnight to give up the names of the other clones.

Art is still being a detective… a really slow detective.

Sarah calls Cosima to fill her in on the Helena encounter and promises not to give up the names of the other clones. Cosima is trying on a bunch of clothes for her “date” aka next encounter with Delphine. Sarah tells her to stay away but now Cosima wants to get closer to the science and Dr. Leekie who apparently is connected through Neolution to Olivier. They have a sisterly disagreement and end the call by hanging up and calling each other a bitch almost in unison. Great parallel here from the writers!

Olivier surprises Paul at the condo to break the news that Beth is not really Beth. Paul just plays along with it. Later Helena visits the condo for a creepy fact finding mission herself. Sarah visits Mrs. S and Kira and finally learns a little bit more about her own history. She knows Mrs. S was asked to hide her and that everything is bigger than she first thought. Cosima is having dinner with Delphine, flirting like crazy when they suddenly have to deal with a Leekie. Yes, that was a really bad pun. We learn Cosima is “cheeky” and that most likely Delphine and Leekie know that Cosima knows.

Paul decides to protect Sarah from Olivier and his surgically enhanced tail. Gross. But of course he gets caught. Paul and Sarah are now being held by Olivier until Helena breaks in and cuts Olivier’s tail off. Like, right off of his squishy rear. Goodbye tail, no one will miss you! Helena takes care of Olivier but Paul gets Sarah out before Helena can hack anyone else to pieces. Paul and Sarah kiss without any lies separating them and I cheer! Finally they admit they care about each other! Which is slightly different than Cosima bringing Delphine over to kiss her only to find out Delphine is just a spy and not a gay spy. Oh well, on to the next week where Art finally has an idea brought about by all that detective work!

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