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How to Get Away with Murder Ep 9 Recap: Sam’s Killer Finally Revealed

The night is finally here of the bonfire and Sam’s death!  Most of the flash forwards from the previous episodes come together in this one.  Not only this but we also see some snippets we didn’t see before about that night in this episode titled “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me”.

On to the recap!

Annalise (Anna) is packing up Sam’s stuff, she’s had it with his lies!  Sam keeps on coming up with the same excuses.  Annalise is done trying to protect him!  Sam tries to placate her with the “I love you” line, but she yells at him to get out!  She even threatens to call the police.  He gets angry enough to take the phone from her and throw it to the side.  Sam’s temper is on the verge of exploding!

VIOLA DAVIS, TOM VERICAThis was a heavy duty argument where this married couple says harsh things to each other!  Sam’s trying to deny that he’s violent.  Anna is berating herself for believing in their marriage for 20 years.  She feels like she never knew him.   She accuses him of killing Lila again.  Sam argues back that if that’s the case she wouldn’t be trying to cover herself by asking the police to run DNA but instead tell them of her suspicions.  He even calls her weak and pathetic like he found her all those years ago.  He also claims Anna made him miserable.  Annalise reveals she’s been sleeping with Nate and taunts Sam about how Nate’s real good at satisfying her while Sam tries to walk away.  She even goes so far as to say that she would think about Nate when they were having sex.  Sam then has his hands around her throat near the door to her office and counters that he thought about Lila while having sex with his wife.  Annalise pushes him to kill her like he killed Lila.  Does it turn him on trying to strangle the life out of her?  He removes his hands from around her throat and looks surprised he went there.   He calls her a monster.  He only wanted her long ago because he knew she would put out and all she was good for was dirty sex.  Annalise thanks him for telling the truth, gets in her car, and drives off.  Rebecca sees her leave from across the street with the flash drive in her hand.

Meanwhile Connor, Wes, and Laurel are on their way to Annalise’s house.  Wes keeps calling Rebecca’s phone but gets voicemail.   Connor suggests that Rebecca may have gotten hungry or scored some drugs.  Wes is sure that she went to the house.  Wes finally spills the beans that he thinks Sam killed Lila and Rebecca is trying to prove it.  Laurel and Connor share a look like “say what!”   Wes then goes on to explain that he blackmailed Annalise into continuing to defend Rebecca when Laurel asked why.  Connor doesn’t believe him considering how Wes was the first day of class.  Wes gives Laurel a pleading look that seemed to ask her to believe him.

Sam Goes Crazy

Sam takes a drink in the kitchen and hears someone come in.  Seriously, no one locks the door?  It’s Michaela with the trophy.  She asks for Annalise.  When Sam tells her that Annalise isn’t there Michaela insists on staying even though Sam asks her to leave.  Michaela tries to explain that she needs to turn in the trophy to get out of exams.  Sam just thinks that leaving the trophy on Annalise’s desk will be enough.  Michaela says that it’s complicated.  She then notices Rebecca near the stairs.  Sam looks between the two of them wondering what is going on.  Michaela still gives him her reason wondering if everything is alright.  Rebecca tells Michaela to call Wes and runs up the stairs, Sam is after her.  She manages to make it to the bedroom and lock the door before Sam gets there.  Rebecca finds Sam’s computer and puts the flash drive in.  It starts downloading information.

Michaela calls Wes telling him Sam’s after Rebecca.  She thinks he’s drunk.  Wes tells her Sam killed Lila and to not leave Rebecca alone with Sam.  They’re on the way.  Sam manages to break down the bedroom door and Rebecca runs into the bathroom with the computer.  Michaela’s panicking telling Wes they need to get there now!

Wes and co rush in.  Michaela is trying to calm Sam down while he is still banging on the bathroom door.  When Wes enters the bedroom, Sam tells them to leave the house.  Sam is wondering what Rebecca is doing with his computer.  Wes claims to not know, just let Rebecca go and they will leave.  Connor and Laurel are also up there near the door to the bedroom at this point.  Sam walks away from the bathroom door.  Wes goes to it to let Rebecca know he’s there.  She still needs another minute.  When the flash drive is done downloading, she removes it from the computer, then opens the door and the drive is in her hand. (I wonder why didn’t she put it in her shirt?) She comes out and Sam is wondering what she did to his computer.  She responds by saying she did nothing and that she didn’t find anything.   Wes gets near Sam and informs them that they are leaving.  Sam tells them he won’t do anything.  As Wes and Rebecca walk past him he tackles them both.  The flash drive drops out of Rebecca’s hands.  Wes yells at Connor, Laurel, and Michaela for one of them to take it while he struggles with Sam who is on top of Rebecca.  Connor tries to take it but gets slapped by Sam.  Laurel grabs it from Sam’s hand and runs.  Sam runs after her.  Micheala tries to stop him from coming after Laurel by pushing him over the railing near the stairs.  He falls and hits one of the banisters on his way down to land face down on the hard wood floor.  Everyone looks down shocked.


KATIE FINDLAY, TOM VERICAAnnalise stops across the street from the police station.  She’s still crying but trying to hold it together.  It looks like she wants to go in.  Back at the house, Wes leads Rebecca into the living room and the rest follow.  They argue about whether or not to call the police.  Wes and Laurel agree that it’s everyone’s fault that Sam is dead. Laurel points out that Annalise can come home at any minute.  Wes suggest they leave and no one has to know that they were there.  Connor argues that his car is there so someone may notice. Wes counters that he’s there all of the time though so it’s not going to matter.  Michaela laments that she just wanted to turn in the trophy.   Rebecca leaves the room.  As the Keating 4 continue to argue they hear a commotion near the hallway. Sam, still alive, is straddling Rebecca choking her.  Laurel and Michaela yell for someone to do something.  Sam is close to choking Rebecca to death when someone whacks him on the head with the trophy.  Blood spatters on Rebecca’s face and shirt and Sam collapses next to her.  We see Rebecca looking around in shock first at Michaela, then Laurel, followed by Connor, before finally falling on Wes, who is holding the trophy.  Wes drops the trophy and we see he has a surprised look on his face.

It All Comes Together

Michaela starts freaking out in the corner.  Connor is pacing saying they need to go.  Laurel is just looking at the body breathing deeply.  Rebecca is away from Sam’s body on the floor looking shocked.  Wes asks her if she’s okay and tells her she needs to get cleaned up.  Wes takes off his coat and tells Connor to get ready to leave.  He then carries Rebecca upstairs to get cleaned up.  Connor is still pacing back and forth, then rushes to the kitchen to vomit in the sink.  Connor then yells at Wes to hurry up just as he’s finishing up cleaning Rebecca.  They both head back downstairs.  Wes suggests he takes Rebecca somewhere else and tells Connor to take Michaela into the woods, he will meet them there.  Asher shows up outside and they hide.  Asher eventually leaves looking frustrated.  He then decides to join in with the college revelers.  Bonnie in the meantime is at a bar talking to a random guy.  She hears on the news about the police running DNA on the males that knew Lila.  The guy she’s having drinks with is glad he didn’t know Lila.  Bonnie wonders if he has secrets to hide.  He replies with “don’t we all?”  Asher is then seen dancing around the bonfire.  Back at the motel we see Rebecca trying to take the blame but Wes convinces her to stay and he will take care of everything.

JACK FALAHEE, KATIE FINDLAY, ALFRED ENOCH, TOM VERICA, KARLA SOUZAWes is walking towards the woods when he remembers the trophy.  He’s in the middle of the road not too far from the house when he thinks of it and gets honked at by someone.  He goes back to the house and picks up the trophy.  He tells Sam he’s sorry while standing over his body.  Wes then runs into the woods to meet Laurel, Michaela, and Connor.   Michaela and Connor are snapping at each other.  Laurel thought that bringing the trophy was smart and they should bury the body.  Another argument breaks out about whether to bury the body since the ground’s frozen or leave it at the house.  Wes does a coin toss and he lies about the results so they can go back for the body.  Laurel suggest that they use the bonfire as their alibi.  They go there before going back to the house to get Sam’s body.

Annalise goes to Nate’s apartment.  She apologizes but she wanted to talk to him since everything is falling apart.  She asks him to go outside but he lets her in after informing her that his wife Nia is back in the hospital.  Anna tells him that Sam knew about Lila’s pregnancy and she now thinks he murdered the girl.  She admits that Nate was right she should’ve listened to him.  Anna regrets doing all those things to try to protect Sam and worries if people find out.  Nate seems very understanding.  He seemed to have gotten over his anger.  Hmmm.

Back at the house Wes and Connor start rolling Sam up in the rug.  Laurel brings in towels and takes the trophy from Wes.  Michaela’s phone rings.  She goes into the kitchen with Laurel following.  She berates Michaela for thinking about calling Aiden or answering his calls.  She understands that Michaela wants to be in control but she needs to follow the plan.  Michaela doesn’t appreciate being talked to like a child.  Laurel proceeds to clean the trophy in the sink.  So this was what Michaela was referring to later when she gets back at Laurel when Frank calls her in the woods.

Annalise gets up to go, she thinks she will stay at a motel for the night because she doesn’t want to go back to the house.  Nate offers his place to crash.  The Keating 4 start carrying the body out of the house in the rug.  Back in a corner of a fancy hotel lobby, Bonnie is making out with the guy she talked to earlier.  She asks if he’s in dental equipment sales.  Why do you need to know that Bonnie?  She doesn’t seem into it that’s for sure.  She calls Asher looking upset and she asks to meet at his place, which he agrees to. He almost gets hit by Connor who has the body in his car.  Asher doesn’t see them though because he’s excited about Bonnie coming over.

Sexy Time!

Anna tries calling Sam but keeps getting voicemail.  She notes the wedding photo of Nate and his wife.  She wonders if Nate and her are terrible people.  Nate doesn’t know.  He pulls Annalise down for a kiss.  Things quickly heat up and they have sex on the wall.  We see Nate’s naked back!  Back at Asher’s place he tries to be a gentleman but Bonnie tells him that she knows what she wants even when she’s drunk.  He gingerly sits beside her.  Bonnie then straddles him and starts kissing him.  Things get a little awkward when he moves her and she hits her head on the armrest of the couch and she’s trying to get his clothes off.  Sigh, Asher!

Sometime later, Annalise leaves and goes back to her place.  She leaves Sam a heartfelt message on his voicemail apologizing for their argument.  They have been together for so long they can’t end it with the harsh words they said to each other.  She hopes he comes back to work things out with her.  While Annalise is leaving a message, the Keating 4 burn the body then cut body pieces to put in trash bags.  I’m assuming that there was some parts that didnt burn all the way so they had to put it in trash bags.  Michaela notices her ring is missing and thinks it’s in one of the bags.  Wes gets outvoted to put the bags in a dumpster (was that near an overpass?) instead of taking it to an incinerator.  He looks concerned about it but still gets in the car with Connor.


It’s the next morning.  Wes initially thinks Rebecca left but she comes in with bagels and coffee.  He asks where the flash drive is. When she tells him he damages it, he reasons that it proves that they were at the house that night.  Rebecca now wonders if it was all for nothing.  Wes wants her not to think about it.  Michaela is back at her apartment and walks toward the Vera Wang dress bag in the corner staring at it.  Connor is at Oliver’s place having a breakdown.  Oliver tells him to come in to talk about it.  Laurel asks for Frank’s help with the trophy. She lies and says that she stole it from Asher.  Laurel doesn’t want Asher to know she took it so she can no longer have it.  Frank agrees to help her.  Speaking of Asher, he’s miffed that the others went to the bonfire. Bonnie asks for discretion.  Asher tells her he can keep secrets.  Annalise calls Bonnie worried about Sam doing something stupid.  Bonnie tells her she will be right over.

We see the trash truck take the contents from the dumpster they put the trash bags in. Michaela stops Ms. Walker as she was leaving.  She gives her the signed pre-nup agreement and apologizes for what happened the night before.  Connor comes out of the shower.  He lies to Oliver and tells him that he has a drug problem. Bonnie texts everyone to come to the office.  Oliver tries to get Connor to explain further but he tells him they will talk later.

ALFRED ENOCH, JACK FALAHEEAt Annalise’s house, Connor is worried that Annalise knows something.  Wes reassures them that she doesn’t. Asher comes in calling them liars about going to the bonfire.  He then goes up to Michaela asking for what is his.  Frank interrupts them, and says that the trophy was left on the porch so it’s back up for grabs.  Bonnie then tells everyone that Annalise wants them to know something has happened.  There’s a knock on the door.  Annalise walks out in her robe without her makeup and wig and thinks it’s the police.  She tells the Keating 5 that the police will ask them questions about Sam.  She reveals that he had an affair with Lila and they had a bad argument.  She thinks he fled, and she asks them to be as honest as possible given they are working on Rebecca’s case.  She then shares a look with Wes. We then flashback when he’s standing over Sam telling him he’s sorry.  Annalise  responded from her desk to not be sorry. WHATT!!!!

Leave it to this show to leave more questions than answers!  What about Sam’s car?  Did Annalise take care of it to make it appear that he drove off somewhere?  Where is Michaela’s ring?  And what’s going to happen to the trash the truck picked up?

As always this shows leaves us with a cliffhanger!  What did you think of the season so far?  What was your reaction when the killer was revealed?  Where do you think the show is going?  Sound off below in the comments!

*Photo courtesy of ABC/Craig Sjodin/Mitch Haaseth

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chrisjozo November 24, 2014 at 2:20 pm

It was good but Wes really should have insisted they incinerate the body. If necessary he should have told them Annalise was in on it. I think disposing of the body was her idea. Police are less likely to focus on how long she knew about Sam and Lila. She can play the shocked clueless wife. This way no one will find out about her planting evidence and changing wall paper to cover for Sam.

After all they had a pretty good self defense argument and it only helps Annalise to cover up Sam’s death. All they had to say was we came to work on Rebecca’s case. Sam got belligerent and attacked us.

I also wondered about Sam’s car but I don’t doubt Annalise took car of that. In her line of work I doubt she doesn’t know of at least one chop shop where that car can “disappear”.

Really intrigued by Bonnie and that secrets line with the dental rep. I think she knows far more about Lila’s death than we know.

TheNerdElement November 24, 2014 at 8:17 pm

Thanks so much for commenting! I agree that Annalise more than likely got rid of Sam’s car and that she told Wes what to do. I think the decision not to incinerate is gonna bite them in the butt. ~ Natty

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