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Thursday, Mar 4, 2021
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Let’s Save Sleepy Hollow

Hello Sleepy Heads,

Join the campaign to have the television show Sleepy Hollow renewed by Fox. We all know Fox’s record when it comes to shows we love…cough..Firefly…cough Terra Nova. Help us prevent this from happening to another great show. Here are some items you can do to help generate some buzz. Thanks to R’Heart Network and Sleepy Hollow Addicts on twitter for putting this list together for us!


*Campaign updates- Sleepy Hollow Finale Weekend Events (get others to watch marathon)


GOAL: increase the ratings for the finale episode by enticing people to check it out; if you know someone not watching because they were upset, please ask them to give it a chance on Monday since changes have been made

-Saturday 2/21: 7:00pET- #SleepySlumberParty w/Aaron Baiers on Twitter, watching marathon of Sleepy Hollow; Sleepy Trivia contest for a prize, other items will be given away as well thanks to Aaron


-Sunday 2/22: Thank Team Sleepy/Renew Sleepy Hollow


-Monday 2/23: Trending event 1 hr during both east/west coast airings of Gotham, using “Sleepy Hollow¬†finale”


During Sleepy Hollow, use #RenewSleepyHollow & use easy tweets to Thank Sleepy Sponsors during the show.  Feel free to do them a little before or after Sleepy Hollow airs.



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