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Korra’s Korner – Episode 4, “The Calling” *SPOILERS!*

In this episode of Korra, we finally see Korra find her and return to being the Avatar!

The episode opens up with Tenzin and Pema saying goodbye to Ikki, Jinora and Meelo as they go off on their search for Korra. Pema even makes Meelo’s favorite sweet buns with smiley faces on them. Meelo insists that they will be living off the land. Pema displays worry over her children, but Ikki reminds her that Aang and the gang were their age when they went on their journey. Tenzin reminds them that Jinora is in charge and Meelo spouts off how that no person is in charge of him. Jinora keeps trying to reach a spiritual connection with Korra but is unable to do so due to constant interruptions from Ikki and Meelo.

Meelo suggests that they go into town to see if they can find any leads on Korra with Meelo’s fantastic hand drawing of Korra. Even though they ask around in different towns, they are unable to find anything about Korra whereabouts. They eventually find a picture of Korra from the fisherman in the previous episode, which leads them sightly closer to Korra. He tells Meelo, that she came around about 6 months and wasn’t looking too well.

Back in the swamp, Korra and Toph argue about what to do for the day. Korra tries to get Toph to regale her with stories of her time with Aang but is frustrated with Toph’s briefness. Toph tells Korra to get some slimy mushrooms for dinner but gives her directions to where she can have vivid flashbacks of what happened to her.

The episode cuts back to the camp where we see Ikki asking where all the food went and Meelo replies that he threw it in the river so they could live off the land. Jinora tells them to keep it down so she can meditate – this starts a fight amongst the three and Ikki runs off into the forest. Ikki complains about everyone in the forest and airbends out of frustration and scares a flying squirrel who drops its breakfast. She chases the squirrel only to crash in a cut down section of the forest and to be captured by Earth Empire soldiers. The Earth Empire soldiers try to interrogate her and capture the other two so they can get a promotion from Kuvira.

Meelo returns to camp with poisoned berries while Jinora is trying to meditate. Jinora asks Meelo where Ikki went, and the two set off to find her. Jinora reminds Meelo that its not only his mission and they are supposed to do it as a family. The two Earth Empire soldiers complain about their problems to Ikki who relates to them by explaining that her family leaves her out of things as well. She mentions that she is searching for the Avatar, and the two pull out the map and explain that the Earth Empire hasn’t see Korra anywhere except for the swamp. At that moment, Jinora and Meeloo bust in, and knock out the two guards with airbending. Ikki explains that she has the food back and an idea where Korra is located.

Korra explains what happened to Toph, and Toph explains that she wanted her to see that. Toph explains that she is out of balance, just like her past enemies and that she needs to find balance if she is going to be whole again. She also explains that Korra has been too far away from her friends and family, facing her fears, and she can’t fight any future enemies if she is concerned about her old ones. Toph takes Korra to the Banyon Grove tree in an attempt to get more connected.

We cut back to Ikki, Jinora and Meelo and see them arguing about whether or not Korra is in the swamp, Meelo and Jinora disagree with Ikki and leave. The swamp in response uses its vines to pull them and their air bison, Pepper, down to the ground. Jinora says she still can’t sense Korra and doesn’t believe that she is in the swamp.

Back at the tree, Korra touches the roots and reconnects for the first time in a long while. She sees Ikki, Meelo, and Jinora in the swamp – Jinora senses Korra and finds them at the tree where everyone has a tearful reunion. The family is back together at last. After realizing that Ikki, Jinora and Meelo all had a part in finding Korra, they make up. After hugs, Toph gets introduced and who Meelo discovers who she is right away. They ask Korra to come home, and Korra explains that she’s not the avatar she used to be.

Korra and the gang retreat to the cave and through much effort and a little assistance from Toph, Korra is able to metal bend the rest of the poison out of her body which instantly activated her Avatar state! Meelo shouts, “the Avatar is back in business!” And Korra thanks Toph for all her help and they finally have that hug. The gang leaves Toph at the swamp and Toph proclaims, “finally some peace and quiet” as the episode rolls to the credits.

In this episode, we all saw what we wanted to see since the end of Book 3, Korra back at full strength. Now being stronger than ever, who knows what she can do? I seriously doubt Kuvira will be any threat to a fully recovered Avatar! But those spirit vines might be a whole other deal…

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