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Marvel’s Daredevil series review

Hey guys Antonio here with another Marvel review for you and this one is for Marvel’s new and first Netflix series Daredevil. Now the timeline of this series takes us to the fallout of Marvel’s Avengers and the destruction that fell upon New York City. The story starts out with Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil as a child losing his sight due to an accident years before everything else which is current in the MCU. Marvel was also true to their word about no more origin stories as Murdock is already going around in the mask and taking down criminals that are using the destruction of NYC to further their agendas. He has also already developed his fighting skills and other powers. The story is also pretty much the beginning story of the Nelson and Murdock law firm. Foggy and Matt have great chemistry as partners and Matt uses his enhanced powers of hearing to tell if their clients are lying or not. The acting is very well done and the storyline of the show as a whole was a great direction. The fight scenes are the best I have ever seen anywhere. I would recommend paying close attention to everything on the show because there are a lot of easter eggs from Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., future movies and upcoming Netflix shows from Marvel. I give the whole series a 10/10. If you haven’t already started watching you should be watching!

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