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Friday, Sep 22, 2023
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“The Imperial Breakfast Club” Pin Set by Dan Goodsell

Special Ed Toys (one of our favorite creators) have teamed up with Allways Holdn’ for a new pin set. This time it’s The Imperial Breakfast Club pin set. More details and pictures below direct from Special Ed Toys.

shaky bacon backer
From the imaginary intergalactic world of “Toast Wars” we bring you “The Imperial Breakfast Club” Pin Set featuring the evil planet destroying Darth Bacon and his minion can’t-hit-the-side-of-the-Death-Star Eggtrooper! This is a collaboration between Jedi Toast Master (www.instagram.com/shakybacon) Dan Goodsell, the Han Solo of the pin game (www.instagram.com/allways_holdn) Allways Holdn’ and the always the Padawan never the Jedi (www.instagram.com/specialedtoys) Special Ed Toys. This set comes with a 1.5″ Darth Bacon and a 1″ Eggtrooper soft enamel pin. Each pin is mounted on it’s own signed, numbered and personalized mini action figure cardback. And if that’s not enough each Darth Bacon speech bubble on the back has been personalized with it’s own hilarious quote by Mr. Toast himself! They are limited to only 200 pieces with only 40 or so sets available for sale in each shop! There are also a handful of single Darth Bacon and Eggtrooper pins available for those of you who can’t handle the full power of the Porkside! So get your fill of the Imperial Breakfast Club Pin Set and nab this adorable little duo before they’re gone forever to another collector’s home far, far away! Available now at www.allwaysholdn.com and www.specialedtoys.com for only $26 a set!

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*the purchasing of this item may lead to immediate buyers remorse and the act of kicking rocks
*designed in a Rebel base somewhere in the U.S.
*made somewhere in China (just like everything else you own)
*the force sold separately

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