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Dirk Gently S1E2 Recap & Review: A Leaf in the Wind

The show had an awesome premiere and now that we are in the 2nd episode, titled “Lost and Found,” the plot thickens while continuing to connect the different pieces together.  Here is a summary of the shenanigans:

Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/BBCA
Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/BBCA

At least one my questions from last week was answered.  We find out how Farah (Jade Eshete) was upstairs handcuffed to the bed.  Two days ago, she was set up by Lydia Spring (Alison Thornton), who was kidnapped by the guy with the corgi.  His name is Gordon Rimmer (Aaron Douglas).  More on him later. Under duress, Lydia told Farah she was at the Ridgely aka Todd’s (Elijah Wood) apartment building.  When Farah arrived there, she was ambushed by the same two bald guys that killed Todd’s ex-boss.  Todd could have rescued Farah but because of the way she demanded to be let in with her gun, he didn’t answer his door.  Unfortunately, in present day the person that found her just as she was reaching for the knife were the same guys that put her there in the first place!  Can she get a break please?!

Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Katie Yu/BBCA
Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Katie Yu/BBCA

Todd meets with Dirk (Samuel Barnett) across the street from Rimmer’s house.  He tells the detective about potentially finding Lydia Spring and the winning lottery ticket. Dirk theorizes that Patrick Spring may have been killed with a hammerhead shark. Detectives Zimmerfield (Richard Schiff) and Estevez (Neil Brown Jr.) confirm with the medical examiner that the bite marks came from the animal.  Whaaat? Back to Dirk and Todd. Dirk takes the ticket and rushes into the house through the garage when Rimmer arrives home.  Todd follows him just as the garage door closes.  Dirk confirms Lydia is there, but she is acting like a dog.  Todd and Dirk hide in the shower and listen to Rimmer talk crazy to someone over the phone. When Lydia brings a toy in, Dirk throws it into another room knocking a candle over.  The candle knocked over near paper starting a fire.  Dirk’s phone goes off which brings Rimmer rushing to the bathroom.  Todd manages to escape through the bathroom window, taking part of the shower curtain with him.  Dirk follows with the corgi after throwing his business cards at Rimmer and closing the bathroom door.  Meanwhile, the house is burning.

Back to Farah.  One of the guys, Ed (Christian Barko) introduces himself as well as Zed (Michael Adamthwaite) and Fred (Jeremy Jones). Okay there were at least two more guys there, why not say their names too?  That seemed rude. Farah is told that Patrick Spring is dead.  She accuses them of killing him but they deny it.  They electrocute her so she’s out like a light and put her in a truck.  Her face is hidden by a welding protective mask.  Two FBI agents, Agents Weedle (David Lews) and Nathan (Kavan Smith) see Ed and the gang put her in the truck. They decide to follow the guys to see where it leads.  Zimmerfield and Estevez met up with the FBI agents earlier accusing them of taking the other bodies that were found with Patrick Spring as told by the young medical examiner.  Weedle and Nathan are not aware of their office taking any bodies.  When Estevez and Zimmerfield go back to the morgue, they realize that the person they talked to before was not the real medical examiner.  So, who took the bodies?

After running long enough, Todd catches his breath at a dumpster near a warehouse.  Dirk also makes it there.  Todd is wondering why Dirk took the dog.  Dirk has a theory that the corgi is Lydia while Lydia is the corgi.  The dog barks in agreement with that assessment.  Dirk recalls Rimmer referring to Lydia as “Rapunzel” which is the corgi’s name.  Todd thinks Lydia wanted to be there since she could walk about freely.  He wasn’t being very observant, was he?  I guess he didn’t think it strange when the girl licked his face?  Dirk gets a text from Rimmer indicating he has his friend Farah and wants them to bring the dog back. Todd recognizes Farah as the woman he refused to let into his apartment.  Guilty much Todd?

Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/BBCA
Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/BBCA

That night they meet with Rimmer, who has Fred, on a bridge.  Dirk threatens to throw the dog over if Rimmer doesn’t let Farah go.  Todd, who has the corgi, goes to the edge and acts like he will drop the dog.  There’s a lot of back and forth because Rimmer wants to keep Farah and waves his gun around.  Lydia’s spirit talks to Todd, telling him no.  Panicked he drops the Corgi. Seeing her opportunity Farah knocks Rimmer down and runs towards Dirk and Todd.  Fred tries to shoot at Todd but misses.  Dirk, Todd, and Farah make it into the car. While the exchange is happening on the bridge, the two FBI agents are watching from a distance.  They try to listen to the conversation but are very confused as to what is being said.  Once all hell breaks loose, Nathan shoots Fred but Ed and the other fellas subdue Agent Weedle and electrocutes Nathan to death.  When Rimmer finds them later, he asks if they have seen the dog but Zed and Ed haven’t seen it.  Zed does show Rimmer the FBI agents and their badges.  Agent Weedle is still alive. Rimmer wants Ed to impersonate one of them.  The corgi/Lydia watches them then runs away.

Back at Dirk’s apartment, Farah wakes up dazed.  Todd goes to get her some water.  Dirk and Todd have a bonding moment until Farah recognizes Dirk.  Todd was under the impression that Dirk didn’t know her and then proceeds to beat up Dirk. Oh, Todd notices the cat.

Other Story Lines

The car Bart’s (Fiona Dourif) driving conks out in the middle of a road in a wooded area.  She believes the car will fix itself.  She forces Ken (Mpho Koaho) to tell her that he’s an electrician that people hire to do illegal stuff. The guy that she killed hired him to create a power converter that will “leech off another larger network.” He was halfway done when she showed up.  Fortunately help comes in the form a guy passing by on a motorcycle.  The “good Samaritan” offers to help fix what’s wrong with the car, which is the carburetor.  Ken manages to hold off Bart from killing the stranger while he’s fixing the car. Once night falls, the guy reveals that he’s going to kill them and take the fixed car to sell the parts.  He implies that he’s working with someone and has killed 10 couples already.  Even though Ken now knows this, he still tries to warn the killer that he’s the one in danger, not them.  The guy doesn’t believe him and gets his gun out.  Ken gives the okay to kill the guy.  Bart manages to dodge bullets and proceeds to beat the guy to death with his own gun.  Bart explains to a shocked Ken that the universe doesn’t want her to die so the bullets dodge her. She demonstrates by shooting at her head and into the woods.  Whenever she shoots at herself, the bullet skips her while the gun goes off each time she shoots away from herself.  Freaky right?! Ken decides to go with her instead of sticking around in the middle of nowhere next to a dead body.

Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/BBCA
Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/BBCA

The Rowdy’s have found Amanda’s (Hannah Marks) house.  She notices them while she’s outside and rushes inside. She calls Todd wondering if he has anyone following him.  She then gets angry enough to go back outside to throw a brick at the van.  She then has an episode where she thinks her hands are freezing and goes back into the house to take some more medication.  The Rowdy 3 then gives her the brick back by throwing it through her window.  The brick has a written message which says “Hi.” She then opens her garage door and plays the drums.  The Rowdy van responds by rocking.  Amanda gives them the finger and continues to play for them. The van responds again by rocking.  I felt like a weird courting ritual started between these two.

Colonel Scot Riggins (Miguel Sandoval), who was monitoring Dirk in last week’s episode and had the partner with the itcy trigger finger, meets up with his new boss Wilson (Fiona Vroom).  Apparently project Black Wing went off the rails with several subjects on the loose. She wants Riggins to contain all the subjects from that project.  If he is unable to, she will make sure that all of them are eliminated, starting with Dirk Gently who they call Icarus.

Thoughts and Theories

Umm who does Wilson think she is? I don’t care if she’s CIA, the man told her that he was working with a limited budget anyway so the only thing he could do was surveillance. Is she willing to provide more money so he is successful in bringing the subjects in?  I noticed that there were several symbols on the screen when Wilson was talking.  My guess is some of those symbols are on the back of the bald guys’ heads. In calling Dirk Icarus, did they go with a Greek mythology theme?

“A leaf in the stream of creation.” Both Dirk Gently and Bart said this while talking with their counterparts Ken and Todd.  I felt like I was hearing poetry when they said that line.  It also reminded me of the movie “Serenity” when Wash says “I’m a leaf in the wind.” I also thought it was interesting the circumstances surrounding them saying it.  Bart was considering killing the guy that was trying to help her and Ken, while Dirk was trying to explain to Todd that while bad things are happening around him, the twisted universe is leading him where he needs to go. Bart also said that the world will lead her where she needs to go.  Again, we are shown parallels between the two relationships.  Dirk needs Todd to help get him out of crazy situations.  My guess is he has had to have someone help him every time.  This may be the universe’s way of keeping him alive until Bart catches up with him.  Dirk better be glad that Todd managed to get the lottery ticket back.  Can you imagine losing that ticket in the fire at Rimmer’s house? I would be soo pissed!

The universe wants Bart to meet Dirk.  Otherwise why would the bullets miss her? We also are shown that maybe the people she meets do need to die when the stranger had nefarious intentions after helping them.  It seemed obvious especially when he didn’t even question why Bart had dried blood on her clothes.  I am hoping that both Bart and Ken find a shower and some real food soon.  She can’t be looking that rough forever. Ken is already influencing Bart a little by getting her to wait until the man at least fixed the car.  The fact that he’s not dead yet seems to make him somehow apart of the grand scheme of things.  Maybe he can help interpret her dream about Dirk.  Maybe she doesn’t need to kill Dirk but save his life. Was I the only one a little sad that no one called Ken yet to make sure he’s okay?  When he mentioned a girlfriend, it made me wonder if it was Farah?  That could explain why she hasn’t called, she has been pre-occupied the last few days.

Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/BBCA
Dirk Gently _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss/BBCA

Speaking of Farah, I’m so glad she is finally free from those crazy guys that held her captive! She was so badass when fighting them before she was captured that I wasn’t surprised that they had to cheat to take her down.  Don’t underestimate her that’s for sure. That was a very well-choreographed fight scene.  Good job!

Dirk Gently 101 & 102, "Horizons" & "Lost & Found", Day 14 of 21, June 10, 2016, Delta, BC, Canada
Dirk Gently 101 & 102, “Horizons” & “Lost & Found”, Day 14 of 21, June 10, 2016, Delta, BC, Canada

I definitely think Dirk was onto something about the switching of souls between the corgi and Lydia Spring.  I figured that was the direction they were going in before he voiced his theory.  It was nice for his theory to be proven when Lydia spoke to Todd through the corgi.  I do recall from the conversation Rimmer had on the phone he mentioned animal transfer.  Could he be referring to the process? And then I started thinking about the kitten and why Rimmer and Ed’s gang are looking for it and why it was in the hotel room.  Could it be that the kitten is either Patrick Spring or even the hammerhead shark that killed the millionaire? I’m also wondering how in the world Lydia’s consciousness will be transferred back into her body? Rimmer would more than likely have the answers to that.  Here’s hoping the corgi finds Dirk and Todd soon before Rimmer catches her again.  My other questions from last week regarding the corgi was answered in this episode.  Since the dog is Lydia, her wandering around at the hotel and around Todd’s bus route makes more sense.  In her own way, she was asking for help.

I’m looking forward to unraveling more mysteries with the show.  What did you think of the episode? What are your theories on the different connections between the characters? Sound off below in the comments!

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