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Saturday, Sep 18, 2021
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The Loyal Subjects announces Attack on Titan “Bloody and Battle Damaged Edition” vinyl figures

The Loyal Subjects today announced a line of Attack on Titan “Bloody and Battle Damaged Edition” vinyl figures. The figures are exclusive to Walmart, and will be blind boxes. More information on the line, as well as pictures courtesy of their press release.
Are you an Attack on Titan Fan?!  If the answer is yes, then this is a series for you! Bloodied and Battle Damaged, The Loyal Subjects brings AOT to life in the form of the best articulated, detailed, nuanced, accessorized miniature collectibles in the market!


Included are RARE chase figures!  Club 28!  Collector Cards!  Hands down, one of the best collectible series to date.  Don’t miss out on what everyone is talking about!  Get your hands on these while supplies last.  True to form, TLS never reprints, a one and done so DON’T MISS OUT!  Check your local Walmart for availability!


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