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Midnight, Texas Sneak Peak “Blinded By Light”


MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Blinded By The Light” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Francois Arnaud as Manfred, Dylan Bruce as Bobo, Parisa Fitz-Henley as Fiji, Yul Vázques as Rev. Sheehan, Arielle Kebbel as Olivia — (Photo by: John Golden Britt/NBC)

Below is a sneak peak of tonight’s episode of NBC’s Midnight, Texas, titled “Blinded by Light”.  As the season progresses the sense of family the characters feel towards one another continues to grow.

I enjoyed this episode, despite the fact that Bobo is still in the doghouse.  However, poor Fiji has more on her plate than trying to forgive Bobo for his secrets. The mystery this week, while predictable, had me feeling sorry for one character by the end.  I’m glad that one character came through in the pinch.  Next week will segue nicely after the events of this episode for sure!

Here is the official synopsis of the episode:

A THREAT RESURFACES THAT COULD JEOPARDIZE THE BALANCE IN MIDNIGHT — When a local girl goes missing, the Midnighters try to find her before law enforcement descends into town. Manfred (François Arnaud) and Creek (Sarah Ramos) discover Aubrey’s murder was not an isolated incident — someone or something is killing young women in Midnight. In the race to find the missing girl, Bobo (Dylan Bruce) resolves to get justice for Aubrey. Lem (Peter Mensah) and Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) join the hunt, not knowing if the killer is human or supernatural. Complicating matters, Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) is haunted by a demonic entity and seeks answers from the Rev (Yul Vázquez) while Joe (Jason Lewis) struggles to maintain the secret that protects his family.

Enjoy the preview!



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