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Tomorrow’s NFL Season Predictions!

So, we all know that the NFL season will be starting tomorrow and on Monday night. There are going to be some teams that are going to be better this year than they were last season. On the other blog, I predicted that the Chiefs were going to win on Thursday against the Texans 42-17, but the actual score was 34-20. So, I was right about the Chiefs winning! I am going to predict some games who I think is going to win in week 1 tomorrow. I’ll start off with Seahawks at the Falcons game. The Seahawks of course are going to be good again as usual. They have some good pieces such as Greg Olsen a tight end from the Panthers and Jamal Adams a safety from the Jets. The Falcons still have Matt Ryan, and Julio Jones, but they lost some pieces such as Austin Hooper a tight end and Deion Jones who was really good at linebacker. I think the Falcons might actually can pull off the win 20-17 over the Seahawks. Next, I will go to the Cardinals at the 49ers which I think it will be a good game. The Cardinals have added some really good pieces such as wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, defensive tackles Jordan Phillips, Leki Fotu, and Rashard Lawrence. Linebackers De’Vondre Campbell, Isaiah Simmons, Jordan Hicks, and Devon Kennard. And they also got the corner back from the Bengals Dre Kirkpatrick along with the motivated Patrick Peterson.The Cardinals are expected to have a really good offense this year. The new offensive tackle Josh Jones is the only cardinal that is going to be out against the 49ers. On the other side, the 49ers do have a really defense along with their defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw, they also have some good wide receivers such as Deebo Samuel and Brandon Ayuk. However, Deebo Samuel and corner back Jason Verrett are going to be out against the 49ers. I think that the Cardinals are going to pull off the win against the 49ers 27-21 to start off 1-0 to start their season. I just think the Cardinals will play aggressive and not let the 49ers sweep them again like they did last year. Go Cardinals!!!! I will predict the Cowboys and the Rams game which is on Sunday Night Football. I think the Cowboys will win over the Rams 30-20. I think that the Cowboys are going to be a team to watch out for this year and the Rams just might get off to a rough start. And last, we have the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans @Denver and the Steelers @Giants on Monday Night Football. I will predict that the Broncos and the Steelers will win. I say the Broncos will win over the Titans 31-17 and the Steelers win 24-21 in a close game. These are my predictions not on the bleacher report information in case you were asking.

What do you guys think of these predictions? I would like to hear some comments or thoughts? Stay tuned for the prediction updates!

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