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Week 14 Prediction Updates and Week 15 Picks!

So last week, I got some of the picks correct and some of them wrong. For instance, I predicted that the Chiefs would beat the Dolphins 32-24, but the actual score was 33-27 Chiefs over the Dolphins in a close game! I was almost on the money on that pick! I predicted that the Titans would beat the Jaguars 35-17, but the actual score was 31-10 Titans over the Jags. I predicted that the Cardinals would beat the Giants 34-17, but the actual score was 26-7 Cardinals over the Giants. The Cardinals offense looked better. Not great, but it was better. The Cardinals defense really stepped up in that game, there were hardly any penalties. They were some, but not a lot of them, and a linebacker Haason Riddick had a season high record with 5 sacks in that game as well. Really impressive!! Now, the Cardinals just need to win out to get into the playoffs. I predicted that the Buccaneers would beat the Vikings 30-24 in a close game, but the actual score was 26-14 Bucs over the Vikings. The Vikings kicker Dan Bailey missed 4 kicks and the Viking offense didn’t get much going after they showed up earlier and the Bucs defense really stepped up in the second half. I predicted that the Colts would beat the Raiders 33-25, but the actual score was not really close. The Colts beat the Raiders 44-27. The Raiders are imploding after they were 6-3 and they only won 1 game and they lost 4 games in a row. The Raiders are now 7-7 after they had a brutal loss to the Chargers who also finds ways to lose. I predicted that the Seahawks would beat the Jets easily 41-24, but the actual score was no where near close. The Seahawks blew out the Jets 40-3. I predicted that the Packers would beat the Lions 38-25, but the actual score was 31-24 Packers over the Lions. I predicted that the Bills would beat the Steelers 38-35 in a shootout, but the actual score was not a high scoring game. The Bills beat the Steelers 26-15. I predicted that the Ravens would beat the Browns 30-27, but the actual score was 45-42 Ravens over the Browns in a really high scoring game. There was almost no defense for both of these teams because these were the divisional rivalries that are fighting for their playoff spots. Also, the Ravens kicker Justin Tucker was a hero for Baltimore on a potential game-winning field goal. I predicted that the 49ers would beat the Washington Football Team 26-20 in a crucial game, but the actual score was 23-15 Washington Team over the 49ers in a close game. I predicted that the Saints would beat the Eagles 34-17, but the actual score was 24-21 Eagles over the Saints in a really close game. The Saints came back from being down 17-0, but they just came up short.

So, I got 8 out of 10 picks correct everyone! That was awesome that I only got 2 picks wrong!

Now, let’s get into week 15 picks, shall we?! The first game I will predict is the Texans @Colts game. I think the Colts will beat the Texans 36-27. The next game I will predict is the Lions @Titans game. I think the Titans will be too hard for the Lions to stop and they will beat the Lions 40-21. The next game I will predict is the Bears @Vikings game in a crucial game. Both of these teams are 6-7. I think the Vikings potentially come out on top of the Bears 26-23 in a close game. The next game I will predict is the Seahawks @Washington Football Team. I think the Seahawks will beat the Football Team 26-17 in a close game. The next game I will predict is the Patriots @Dolphins game. I think the Dolphins will bounce back by beating the Patriots 27-20. The next game I will predict is the Jags @Ravens game. I think the Ravens beat them easily 41-20. The next game I will predict is the Bucs @Falcons game. I think the Bucs win this one over the Falcons 31-10. The next game I will predict is the 49ers @Cowboys game. I think the 49ers will come out on top to try and stay in the playoff race with a win over the Cowboys 24-13. The next game I will predict is the Eagles @Cardinals game. Both of these teams are coming off with the wins. The Eagles rookie quarterback Jalan Hurts had a pretty good game by rushing over 100 yards and their running game really pounded the Saints defense. Like I was saying earlier, the Cardinals offense, defense, and special teams all played pretty well. Not great, but very well. I found something interesting things about these teams. The Eagles without Carson Wentz are 11-3 and the Cardinals are 5-2 when the quarterback of the Cardinals Kyler Murray rushes 50 yards or more. I would like to see Kyler Murray do a little more of running the football, but I understand that the opponent defenses are figuring out how to keep him in the pocket, but I think he should do a little more running at least in the red zone. The Cardinals need to score touchdowns when they are inside the 20-yard line not field goals because when they do that, it feels good about themselves. The Cardinals against the Giants were close to the goal line twice in the red zone had an opportunity to score twice, but they had to settle for field goals. But they later on found a way to get into the end zone twice. The Cardinals just needs to be more aggressive without getting penalties, going three and out quickly, and letting their defense get some rest because the Cardinals defense are going to be tested with the Eagles tight ends Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. They also can’t let Jalan Hurts run all over them like he did against the Saints defense. So, with that being said, I think the Cardinals can win this crucial game over the Eagles 36-20. The next game I will predict is the Jets @Rams game. I think the Rams will beat the Jets easily like Seattle did 40-6. The next game I will predict is the Chiefs @Saints game. This should a really good game. I think the Chiefs will beat the Saints in a really close game 36-33. The next game I will predict is the Browns @Giants game on Sunday night football. I think the Browns will absolutely beat the Giants 36-20. The last game I will predict is the Steelers @Bengals game. I think the Steelers bounce back easily with a win 24-7 over the Bengals.

So, what do you guys think about these week 15 picks?!

I would like to hear some comments, thoughts, opinions, concerns, over questions down below!

Stay tuned for week 15 prediction updates!

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