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Divisional Round Team Pick Updates and Championship Game Picks!

Hi everyone! Today I want to discuss which picks I got correct and which ones I got wrong. So, let’s get started! I predicted that the Rams would beat the Buccaneers 33-30, but the final score was 30-27 Rams over the Buccaneers in a close game. The Rams were up 27-3 in the first half, but in the second half, the Buccaneers started to comeback and tied it at 27 a peace. However, the Rams were still able to go down the field and kick a game-winning field goal. The Rams did everything they could to almost lose the game by turning the ball over, and missing a key field goal. The Rams should not be relying on kicking a game-winning field goal or score a touchdown. They have to finish it. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has announced that he will be retiring after playing for about more than 20 years of his career. I predicted that the Chiefs would beat the Bills 39-36, but the final score was 42-36 Chiefs over the Bills in overtime in a very close game. This game was insane as both teams were going back and forward scoring touchdowns and no defense in the 4th quarter. The Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker missed a couple of key field goals. The Chiefs scored a game-winning touchdown in overtime by a touchdown to the tight end Travis Kelce from Patrick Mahomes. He is electric! My prediction there was so close!!!!

I predicted that the Packers would beat the 49ers 26-24, but the final score was 13-10 49ers over the Packers in an upset and a close game. The 49ers defense was excellent after they have given up an opening drive by the Packers. They gave the 49ers offense a chance to get something going and they finally did. But the big difference of the game was the 49ers special teams play and taking in for a touchdown. The Packers special teams was a problem for them all season long. Now I did not know that until just now. I knew that the 49ers were going to be pretty hard on the Packers, but I was shocked that they actually won the game. The 49ers kicked a game-winning field goal to win the game. I predicted that the Titans would beat the Bengals 36-30, but the final score was 19-16 Bengals over the Titans in a close game. The Bengals and the Titans offense were not playing all that well, but it was a pretty close game. The difference of the game was that Ryan Tannehill threw a key interception to allow the Bengals to go down the field to kick a game-winning field goal to send the Titans home and the Bengals to the AFC Championship. Ryan Tannehill threw 3 picks to which it was costly for the Titans to end their season. Never turn the ball over in the playoffs.

So, I have gotten 2 out of 4 picks correct! Now, let’s get to the Championship game picks, shall we?! The first game I will predict is the Bengals @Chiefs game. I think this game is going to be a pretty good game. Both of these teams are coming off with their wins last week in the Divisional round games. The key players to watch on both teams I think are Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Jamar Chase, Tyler Boyd, Clyde Edwards Helaire, Damien Williams, Mecole Hardman, Tee Higgins, and Joe Mixon. Yes, the Bengals have won in a very close game on the comeback the last time these teams played each other in Cincinnati. This time it is in Arrow head stadium. I think this game will be close again, but I think this time the Chiefs will beat the Bengals 34-31. I just think the Chiefs are just a little too much for the Bengals to handle. The Bengals do not want to get into the shootout because they will not win. Besides, the Bengal’s offense did not play all that well last week against the Titans. I think the Chiefs will go back to the Super Bowl. The next game I will predict is the 49ers @Rams game, the divisional rivalries. This I think is going to be a very good game. Both of these teams are coming off with their wins last week in the divisional round games. The 49ers are a physical team and the Rams picked a good time to play better. Now, the 49ers have had the Rams number. They have beaten the Rams like about 6 times. The last time these teams played is that when the Rams were up 17-0 and the 49ers came back and won the game in overtime. I think this game will be much different. So, who will go to the Super Bowl? Well, I think the 49ers will beat the Rams for a seventh time of the season in a close game 30-24 because they are just so physical and they showed us that last week. The 49ers do need to play better and so do the Rams. I think the Rams just might make a little more mistakes than the 49ers to allow the 49ers to take advantage and win the game.

So, my results in the Super Bowl this season will be the 49ers and Chiefs in a rematch. It is totally possible!!

So, what do you guys think about the Championship game picks?! I would love to hear lots of comments, thoughts, opinions, questions, or concerns down below!

Stay tuned for NFL updates.

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