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NFL Week 1 Pick Updates and Week 2 Predictions!

Good evening, everyone! Today I want to discuss which picks I got right and which ones I got wrong! So, let’s get started, So, I predicted that the Steelers would beat the Bengals 24-21, but the final score was 23-20 Steelers over the Bengals in overtime. The Bengals scored a touchdown with 1 second to go but the Steelers defensive player Dre Kirkpatrick blocked a game-winning extra point to which the Bengals could have won the game. Also, both team’s kickers kick trades with each other by missing key field goals. And then finally, the Steelers won the game with a game-winning field goal. I predicted that the Colts would beat the Texans 27-13, but the final score was actually tied at 20. So, no one was the winner in that game. I predicted that the Chiefs would beat the Cardinals 30-27, but the final score was 44-21 Chiefs over the Cardinals in a blowout. The Chiefs offense was on fire, the Cardinals defense could not even stop the offense, everyone on the Chiefs offense has a catch and got everyone of them involved, Patrick Mahomes threw 5 touchdown passes because the Cardinals defense was thin in the secondary. They could not stop the run and it is possible that they could not stop the run is because the Cardinals did not address the defensive line to get the interior push up the middle and they did not get a sack of Patrick Mahomes. The Cardinals offense barely did anything as Marquis Brown only had a couple catches and Greg Dortch had more catches than Hollywood Brown which is actually a warning sign. As a Cardinals fan, it is pretty disappointing to start off your season. I predicted that the Buccaneers would beat the Cowboys 38-31, but the final score was 19-3 Bucs over the Cowboys. The Bucs defense played very well holding the Cowboys offense to only a field goal. The Cowboys offense may have actually performed worse than the Cardinals offense as they did not even score a touchdown against the Bucs defense.

I predicted that the Packers would beat the Vikings 30-24, but the final score was 23-7 Vikings over the Packers. I’m actually surprised that the Vikings won with not a really close game. Last season, they were playing games with really close games which they won some and lost some. So, the Vikings so far are off to a good start to the season. I predicted that the Patriots would beat the Dolphins 32-29, but the final score was 20-7 Dolphins over the Patriots. I predicted that the 49ers would beat the Bears 31-17, but the final score was 19-10 Bears over the 49ers. I predicted that the Broncos would beat the Seahawks 34-24, but the final score was 17-16 Seahawks over the Broncos in a close game. The reason why the Broncos lost the game is because it was a terrible job coach to send out a kicker who could not even make a long field goal attempt to try and get the lead, but the kicker missed it. The Broncos offense could have gone for it on 4th down and get a first down to get closer to the field goal, but they decided not to do it.

So overall, I have gotten 3 out of 11 picks correct! Well, didn’t do too good there as I got a lot of picks wrong. But at least I got some of them correct. Now, let’s get to the NFL week 2 picks, shall we?! The first game I will predict is the Dolphins @Ravens game. I think this should be a pretty good game. I am actually going to pick the Dolphins to beat the Ravens in a close game 19-13. The Dolphins seem to improve a lot more than some people expected. The next game I will predict is the Jets @Browns game. I think the Browns will easily beat the Jets 31-7. Even though the Jets surprised the Browns last season, they won’t surprise them again this time. The next game I will predict is Colts @Jags game, the divisional rivalries. The Colts have not won in Jacksonville in decades and that has got to change. Although, I do think that the Colts will finally beat the Jaguars in Jacksonville for the first time 25-17. The next game I will predict is the Bucs @Saints game, the divisional rivalries. I think that this should be a really good game. I think that the Saints will beat the Bucs in a close game 34-29. The next game I will predict is the Seahawks @49ers game, the divisional rivalries. The Seahawks are coming off with the win and the 49ers are coming off with a loss last week. I think the 49ers will win their first game over the Seahawks 27-23 in a close game. The next game I will predict is the Patriots @Steelers game. I think the Patriots will beat the Steelers in a close game 29-22. The next game I will predict is the Falcons @Rams game. I think the Rams will beat the Falcons 31-27 because the Falcons always seem to find ways to lose games every time, they have the lead over opponents. The next game I will predict is the Cardinals @Raiders game. Both of these teams are coming off with losses last week. So, can the Cardinals get some players back and be a little healthy and not be banged up too much? We don’t know and if the Cardinals play like they did last week, they will lose the game again and they know that they can’t let that happen again. The Raiders have some pretty good talent on offense and defense as Chandler Jones, Mason Crosby, Taylor Jacobs, Devante Adams, and Darren Waller. The Cardinals may have their hands full and they hope that it does not repeat last week. So, who can win the game? Despite that the Cardinals having some issues right now, I am actually going to give the Cardinals their first win by beating the Raiders in a close game 23-17. So, hopefully the Cardinals offense and defense will play a lot better and play well enough to win the game. Just no stupid play calling on offense and Kyler Murray letting himself get sacked with the blitz and much more. The next game I will predict is the Texans @Broncos game. I think the Broncos will beat the Texans 34-17. The next game I will predict is the Bengals @Cowboys game. I actually think the Cowboys will beat the Bengals 34-31.

The next game I will predict is the Bears @Packers game, the divisional rivalries on Sunday night football. I think the Packers will beat the Bears 30-16. The next game I will predict is the Titans @Bills game on Monday Night Football. I think the Titans will beat the Bills in a close game 26-23. The last game I will predict is the Vikings @Eagles game. I think the Eagles will beat the Vikings 31-20.

So, what do you guys think about the NFL week 2 picks?! I would love to hear lots of comments, thoughts, opinions, questions, or concerns down below!

Stay tuned for NFL updates.

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