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Mickey’s Toon Town Reopening and Genie Plus!

Good afternoon, everyone! Today I want to discuss some information about Mickey’s Toon Town and the Genie plus! So, let’s get started, shall we?! So, Mickey’s Toon Town will be officially reopen starting tomorrow after a long period of time. It will reopen with new details including Mickey and Minnie’s House. The reimagined Mickey’s Toontown includes Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at the El CapiTOON Theater, CenTOONial Park, Café Daisy, and more. Pete will meet with guests for the first time and Mickey will have a new costume. The land is designed to be more inclusive and accessible for all guests. Over in Goofy’s neck of the woods, you’ll find Goofy’s How-To-Play Yard, as shown in this new aerial rendering of the area. Dedicated to all things play, Goofy’s How-To-Play Yard incorporates a whimsical sound garden where kids will discover new ways to make wacky noises, as well as enjoy an all-new, elevated clubhouse. Donald’s Boat will be perched in the duck pond of the Goof homestead. Imagine larger-than-life spinning water lilies, balance beams and rocking toys at Donald’s Duck Pond that will help little ones get the wiggles out. Kids will definitely love making a splash in this space! You also can look into the boat through the portholes to witness bubbles of fun inside the flooded vessel and interact with some familiar ducklings including Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby. For those wanting to get a little “nutty,” you can head over to Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster, where Mickey’s Toontown’s favorite tinkerer, Gadget Hackwrench, has created a one-of-a-kind, fun-sized coaster for the town’s tiniest citizens. And at Mickey’s House and Minnie’s House, you’ll once again be able to step right into their homes and enjoy a self-guided tour as you discover special surprises in every room. You may even be able to visit with Mickey and Minnie while you’re there, should they be home! Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin will also return, where you can board Lenny the Cab and spin through the streets and alleys of Toontown as you follow the adventures of Roger Rabbit. And when you feel a snack attack coming on, you’ll be able to turn to two new places to appease your appetites in the land: Café Daisy, where acclaimed culinary expert, Daisy Duck, serves up diner classics at her sidewalk table eatery; and the Toontown Farmers Market at Good Boy! Grocers, a friendly roadside stand, offering grab-and-go drinks and treats. Also, Mickey Mouse will be having a new costume on him, there will be a picnic to where everyone can eat their snacks and Pete will be making his first ever debut at Toon Town as well. This is all new.

The most things that I’m excited to do is more importantly see Mickey Mouse in his house! I miss doing that, eating some of their snacks they have with drinks, riding Chip and Dale’s Gadget Coaster, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and of course Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. You are going to have 3 rides in total in Toon Town!! I can’t wait to experience all of this!!!!

Now, let’s move on Genie Plus… So, the first thing that you have to do is to sign into your account and type in your information and all that. After that, it will take you to the main menu and you can either click on My day or tip board. You can choose which ride you want to book for and click on it. It will tell you what time your return time will be. Now, you can also go and click on my day and it will ask you which rides do you really want to ride and you are going to pick at least one or two rides with lightning lane. After that, it will tell you what the return times look like. If you don’t like the return time that you like or if you want to try and get a better return time, I would click on modify with the 3 dots on it. Click on it and it will show you your current return time as of now. And then, you are actually going to refresh your screen and keep doing it until you like the return time you want. If you can get a better time, then great. If not, then it is probably bad luck and that is okay. At least you tried. Of course you don’t have to modify and refresh all of that. Now, there is a 2-hour rule in this. This means that you can book your next lightning lane after two hours. So, let’s say that you book your first lightning lane at 9:00am. If it’s a 2-hour rule, that would mean that you can book your next lightning lane at 11:00am. You can also book your next lightning lane attraction after you used your current one you have. If far were you, I would at least try and find something to ride on while waiting for your return time to be called. Now, the other thing that I want to point out is the ride breakdowns. Let’s say that you booked a ride called Indiana Jones and it goes down during your return time. If Indy goes down during your return meaning that your time is not now, then it will give you a multi-experience pass like the one with fast pass that you can use for any other attraction that is available. Or you can wait for Indy to open back up which I would do because that attraction actually runs out of lightning lanes really fast. So, you need to get up and book that ride right around 7:00am and don’t be too late. You can be on the app at 6:58 or 6:59 and start refreshing the screen until it hits 7. Once it hits 7, stop refreshing and be quick because you don’t want other people to snatch your return time spot.   The Multi Experience pass is like a freebie good for another attraction. You will see the list of available attractions to choose from when you go to book it. You can use the multiple experience pass to ride one of the LL attractions you have already used since it’s your choice. However, you cannot use that pass on the individual lightning lane attractions such as Rise of the Resistance, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and Radiator Springs Racers. To buy the individual lightning lanes, you don’t need Genie+, you need to also download the Disney experience on your phone. For the individual lightning lanes, if the ride you have an Individual Lightning Lane purchase for breaks down during your window, your arrival window will be extended until park closing. If the ride does not open back up for the rest of the day, you should be automatically refunded. Getting refunded means that you will have to go to the guest relations. As soon as the ride opens back up or after that, you can go right into the que with the lightning lane. Don’t know what que, but just that simple. You may want to have notifications on in case if a ride breaks down because you never know what can happen in the situation. If I’m smart, I would look at your phone and make sure that there is no notification because you might be thinking as soon as you get there, you would be like what?! It broke down!! Yeah, I would do that first before going and while walking too. Last thing, if you get stuck on the ride and get evacuated off, the cast members will give you pass to re-ride later when it opens back up. I know that is a lot to know, but it is some pretty good information.

So, what’s your thoughts about Mickey’s Toon Town details including rides and stuff and the Genie Plus information in case you don’t know what it is and does?! I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, opinions, questions, or concerns down below!

Stay tuned for Disney updates.

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