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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 3

So, we are on to episode 3 now and I’m still not convinced that I like this show or that it’s worth my time. I know we are establishing the characters, setting, and story but I just don’t feel like there have been enough wow moments to hook me yet. I know, I’ve been told that will change. However, if I was watching this without knowing a little bit about what will happen in future episodes, I may not have turned on the TV for this or set the DVR. I like mystery but it also has to be balanced with some reveals or I’m not going to care that much about what happens. I’m glad they set this episode up as the meeting of the clones because that is what I want to see. Anyway, here we go!


We pick right up where we left off last episode, I can’t wait! Its Sarah’s first meeting with the Clone Club. Alison is still uptight and Cosima seems really laid back but smart as hell. We are in Allison’s basement just outside the craft room and we find out that Sarah, Alison, Cosima, the German, and Beth are clones but nobody knows why they are being hunted and killed. After some conversation we see that Alison is a bit broken up about Beth’s death and apparent suicide and tries hard not to acknowledge that Beth was losing it. By the time Alison has snapped regarding the clones Felix gets tired of hanging in the car and being snooped on by the neighborhood watch lady and decides to go into the house. Felix is surprised by a gun holding Alison and realizes that she is not Sarah and that it is another face-twin! He learns about the clone thing and edgy, stressed out Alison finally puts the gun down. Alison gets slapped across the face by Sarah and she tells her never to point a gun at good ol’ Felix again. This was a little excessive for me but I guess it’s supposed to let the audience know that everyone is worried and freaked out a bit. The directing and the editing are fantastic in this scene so I give applause to the people behind the camera on this show. Excellent!

Now we are back to Sarah pretending to be a cop. She’s finally reinstated and her and Art get going on some sort of lead. I love the little moments that make us remember that Sarah really isn’t Beth. One of these happens here when Sarah is trying to put on the gun and holster and doesn’t really know how to do it correctly. Poor Sarah! I am starting to wonder how long she can keep this whole act up without anyone finding out who she is! In fact, that is the only reason I am engaged in this show so far.
Sarah is freaked out because someone found a body in an active quarry and it turns out to be the German she buried last episode. Oops! This is why you don’t bury people 10 feet off the road! Sarah calls Cosima to ask what she should do because there might be prints. Cosima gives some direction about how long it takes them to run prints and DNA so we are in the clear for a little while. I really liked the awkward calling in of the 10-45 and the issues Sarah had with getting the gun strapped to her in this sequence. It reminds us that she is impersonating someone with the same face. It also reminds us that good acting is occurring in this show!

We have a scene with Sarah and Cosima hanging out in a bar, getting drinks, joking with the bartender and a little with each other. It’s nice if a bit awkward and you see that they are really starting to warm up to each other. Also, wow great editing! Cosima mentions she is a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota in Evolutionary Developmental Biology, that’s Evo Devo for short. Seriously, I just want to say “Evo Devo” like 30 more times because it’s just fun to say! Come on, you know you are saying it in your head right now! We finally find out the back story! The German knew someone was killing her identical in Europe and she tracked down Beth, Alison, and Cosima in the states but no one knows the identity of the killer. We also talk about how the German was sick and that it may be an issue. Sarah finally hands over the briefcase of samples and we get a reminder from Cosima to keep a sense of humor after Sarah makes a joke. She reminds us that it’s something Beth couldn’t do. A bit foreboding there. I’m glad we finally got some answers and back story because I was starting to lose interest! Now it’s a bit more interesting! You also get the feeling that Cosima is the steady in all this. She keeps a level head and keeps everyone focused on the science but also that they really do have lives where they make their own choices.

Back at the police station there is a threatening call and we begin to find out more about the creepy clone killer. Sarah doesn’t know how to get into Beth’s computer and snags the tech guy Raj for help. Hi Sav!! Yes, this is yet another Degrassi alum acting in another show that is filmed in Toronto. Apparently, there are only so many actors in Toronto and they pop up in multiple shows. Lost Girl and Rookie Blue, both filmed in Toronto have had a few former Degrassi actors on and now Orphan Black has Raymond Ablack as the tech guy who helps. Also, Sarah deletes the fingerprint results from the lab guy’s email further delaying the drama.

Sarah finally meets with Mrs. S and sets a meet up with Kira. She also explains that she faked her death to get away from Vic. Then on to a phone call with Cosima who has returned to school to give an update while Art and the police do more detective work. Sarah realizes she needs some help learning how to shoot a gun and Cosima mentions that she knows just the person to give some lessons. Yep, it’s Alison the sharpshooter to the rescue. Felix babysits to hilarious results and Sarah learns how to shoot a gun. Also, that they have Beth to thank for teaching Alison and we see that Alison and Beth did have a bit more of a bond than we previously believed. In this episode we really get to see the differences in all the clones, the way they talk, move their bodies and faces. It’s amazing that one actress can do this all! We also learn that the $75000 is actually an emergency fund for the clones and Sarah begins to feel a little bad about taking it.

Back at Beth’s place Sarah is chatting it up with Felix when Paul suddenly pays a visit. There is some back and forth about being a cop and Beth’s behavior. Paul eventually grabs Beth/Sarah and they are about to have some sexy times but Paul leaves her hanging and jets out the door. We have confirmation through Felix that Sarah is actually falling for Paul (who I still don’t trust one bit!).

Some more detective work goes on and I’m really bored by it. I know it needs to be there to create a bit of conflict and suspense but it just makes me want to fall asleep. They trace the shooter to an abandoned apartment and look through the place after making sure no one is around. They find Bibles with tags and notes written in as well as Bible verses on the walls. Killer has some religious issues as well as other more psycho problems. There is movement in a window and we see that not everyone has left. Shots ring out and Sarah saves Art by pushing him out of the way. He just gets his face grazed by a bullet and Sarah runs off to get the shooter. She is imitating all of the cop shows now and stops a few times to freak out about what she is doing.

She finally catches up to the shooter in an abandoned lot full of junk. The shooter comes out from behind Sarah and knocks her on the ground. As the shooter is about to plunge the creepy fish knife into Sarah/Beth, Sarah shouts that her real name is Sarah. The shooter stops and takes off her hood. We see that it is actually another clone…SHOCKING! CRAZY! Yep, it is Psycho Killer Clone! Frizzy, bleach bottle blond with an accent pauses to creep close to Sarah’s face. Sarah reaches for some rebar close by and shoves it into Killer Clone!  Boom, Killer retreats and both Sarah and Art live to fight crime another day!

After his near death experience, Art finally gives Sarah the $75000. Sarah still plans to take the money and Kira out of town to hide. However, after looking into the windows and seeing Mrs. S and Kira she knows she has to stay, give the money back, and figure out all of this crazy. YES! We have a story now!! Right before the end credits we get a scene of Killer Clone pulling out the rebar and starting to patch herself up in a random bathroom. Wow, she is crazy! Now the show is finally picking up momentum and I want to watch more for the first time so far!  Next episode we have more Killer Clone interaction!

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