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Once Upon A Time: A Rocky Road Indeed

Last week the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) was introduced as the Ice Cream Parlor owner who was able to keep her ice cream frozen despite the power outage.  It appears as though this queen will be a villain this season.  In this week’s episode “Rocky Road” we learn more about her.  As with most villains on this show we find out that they are related to another character. Fortunately in this case the Snow Queen has no familial ties to Regina, Rumple, or the Charmings (as far as we know).  Instead it is revealed that she is Elsa’s and Anna’s aunt.  In flashbacks we can blame Frozen villain Hans (Tyler Jacob Moore) for finding an urn thinking it will trap Elsa but released Auntie Snow Queen instead.  Here are three other tidbits we learned from this episode:

  1. The Snow Queen claims that Anna put Elsa in the urn. While Elsa refuses to believe this, it wouldn’t surprise me if this really happened. Something tells me there was a confrontation between The Snow Queen, Elsa, and Anna.  Anna may have made a move to try to get the Snow Queen into the urn but accidentally trapped Elsa instead. What better way to sow seeds of doubt between sisters than to try to tell your side of the story first.  What’s more interesting about this is that Elsa does not remember first meeting her aunt and how she got in the urn. The Snow Queen has a ice castle in the middle of the forest.  Something tells me that is where both Kristoff and Anna are being held.
  1. Rumple knows the Snow Queen.  The Queen knows Emma.  At the end of the episode, Rumple has a conversation with the Queen about potentially making a deal and he mentions that it’s good right now that Emma doesn’t remember her.  How does Emma know the Snow Queen?  We don’t know much about Emma growing up other than August abandoned her.  I would think that Emma would remember all of that but maybe there is still a piece missing.  Emma is already suspicious as to the Snow Queen’s agenda.
  1. Rumple still possesses the dagger.  We could tell that from the way the dagger reacted when Belle used it.  Emma’s super power must be on the fritz or something if she believed Belle really had the dagger.  I like that Hook confronted him about it later on in the episode.

Other happenings in this episode:

  • Even though I don’t like Marian, I did think it was wrong for the Queen to spoil her first experience with eating ice cream. Regina tries to help by removing Marian’s heart from her body before the ice can get to it.  I’m wondering if Regina is going to give Robin the box containing Marian’s heart or is she going to keep it in her vault.
  • Operation Mongoose is a go with Henry helping Regina find the author of the story book.  I’m glad they get to have their own mission!
  • Emma and Hook have a heart to heart about why she’s keeping her distance.  I’m glad they worked that out.
  • It was nice to see Will Scarlett aka Knave (Michael Socha) be his usual thieving self and help Emma and David find out about the Snow Queen.
  • Mary Margaret’s first town meeting turns into a mob going after Elsa after Marian collapses.  Mary Margaret sure has her work cut out for her.

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Sound off below in the comments.

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