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Better Call Saul, Part II: How Better Call Saul Calls Back to Its Roots on Breaking Bad

(Part II of our coverage of the new season of Better Call Saul)  Click the button for Part I of the conversation. [button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”http://www.thenerdelement.com/2018/08/06/better-call-sauls-fourth-season-and-the-nature-of-grief/” icon=”” target=”true”]Better Call Saul Part I[/button] The following is...
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Once Upon A Time: A Rocky Road Indeed

Natty Willy
Last week the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) was introduced as the Ice Cream Parlor owner who was able to keep her ice cream frozen despite the power outage.  It appears as though this queen will...
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Once Upon A Time S4 Premiere Recap: A Tale of Two Sisters

Natty Willy
*Warning* This recap contains spoilers! Elsa (Georgina Haig) is on a mission in the season 4 premiere “A Tale of Two Sisters” of Once Upon a Time!  I enjoyed the visual effects!  Granted it was...