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Sleepy Hollow S2 E8 Recap: Heartless

Who knew that Ichabod would eventually warm up to Hawley?  We also get some interaction that is both good and bad between Katrina and Abbie in this week’s episode, “Heartless.” On to the recap!

We start with Katrina and Crane again this time bonding over a Bachelor type reality show. They even have their favorite women they are rooting for.  They discuss having trust again with each other. Katrina knows she has to earn it back.  Ichabod also understands that she has had to be secretive since she was a spy and a witch and that it’s a hard habit to break.  Abbie comes in informing them that she has been tracing Henry’s activity through his computer since he was too quiet. She worries that he’s up to something since they were able to thwart his plans from last week’s episode.  Katrina wonders if there are more reality TV programs. Abbie names a few like the Housewives and Duck Dynasty but they have more pressing matters like figuring out Henry’s plan.

Henry walks into a room and places a clay jar on a table. He then pulls out a beating heart from the jar and does a spell while holding the heart which starts to glow. A woman (Caroline Ford) appears who he puts to work at a nearby nightclub.  Her first victim is a nice young man who was crushing on a young woman there.  She managed to snag him by appearing in a similar outfit as his crush.  The woman makes out with him then her face turns a glowy red and nasty. She sucks his life force into her mouth.  I felt bad for him as he will never get the girl that he really wanted.

Crane and Abbie go to the crime scene.  Abbie is about to explain what a nightclub is when he informs her that he went in his day with Katrina to similar establishments.  He even boasts about his abilities in dances like the Allemonde and the Viennese Waltz.    They go to the car and see the body.  The both conclude that it was a supernatural death and that Henry is somehow behind it.  Abbie insists that Henry is beyond redemption and there has to come a point where even if there is good in someone that it ceases to matter. Ichabod points out that he had faith to reunite with Katrina and to get Abbie out of purgatory.  He wants to give Henry the opportunity for redemption.

Abraham tries to convince Henry that he should go after Katrina to bring her back. Henry instructs Abraham not to go after her. Moloch will let them know when they will need her again and Henry dismisses Abraham via mirror message when the woman appears.  The succubus comes back and brings up her victim’s energy putting it into a glowing red glass container.  Henry tells her that their master needs more assistance.  She leaves. Henry sits down near a table where he sets the container.  In it something touches the glass.  Is that what I think it is?

At the archives, Crane and Abbie along with Katrina research what creature could’ve killed the guy at the club.  Katrina asked about the marks on the body from the photos Abbie had on her desk. She thinks that the marks are by where someone’s vitae vis (life force) would be stored.  She thinks that they could narrow down the creature they seek by focusing on those that take life energy.  Katrina then gets a vision of the heart, Henry, a cradle, and a baby crying. She doesn’t tell Crane and Abbie about it because Crane initially thinks it’s fatigue.  Abbie offers an aspirin but Katrina refuses but she does ask for quince tea.  Abbie says she can pick up the tea and order Crane’s favorite Szechuan chicken. He declines and suggests taking Katrina back to the cabin.   When they leave Abbie looks disappointed and alone.


The mystery woman strikes again, this time on a woman who has a crush on the female friend.  The friend finds the body.  Abbie tells Ichabod over the phone there was another victim.  According to Crane, Katrina also suggested looking at artifacts.  He reviewed Franklin’s journals and noticed that several of the potential objects are unaccounted for.  Abbie  thinks they need to consult an expert.  Abbie goes to see Nick Hawley at the bar, where Nick tries to get Abbie to stay for a few drinks.  Abbie reiterates that this is not a date and shows him the photos of the first victim. He doesn’t know of anything in his inventory that could’ve done it.  Hawley tries again to get Abbie to stay for a drink.  She hesitates but turns him down.  He starts heading toward two women nearby that are checking him out.  Abbie leaves. Was it just me or did she look disappointed and slightly hurt before she left?

Abbie comes back to report that Hawley was no help and he was distracted by women.  Crane’s not surprised as he always thought Hawley was selfish. Abbie starts thinking about the first victim and how he was in the back seat of the car. The only reason he would be in the backseat of his own car is if he was getting lucky. Crane calls it macking with a woman.  Katrina chimes that the purpose again would be to steal the vitae vis from the victims. Abbie figures out that the killer is a succubus.  Katrina mentions that the creature is even more attracted to those that have secret desires and mimic certain characteristics of the desired person.  We go back to Hawley at the bar.  The succubus has found her next victim. She is dressed similar to Abbie.  Katrina traces the succubus movements on a map with a candle, which stops at the harbor.  Abbie knows that location.  Hawley has brought back the creature to his place.

Ichabod and Abbie arrive in time to stop the succubus from killing him. Hawley had the semblance of mind to use a maelstrom crystal which jolted the creature enough to get off of him. Crane whacked it once with a rod and Abbie shoots her.  The creature runs away.  Abbie tells Hawley what almost killed him. She calls Katrina to see if she can locate the creature again.  Ichabod helps Nick up and mentions that the creature preyed on him because of a secret desire.  He then notices how Hawley looks at Abbie.  Hawley denies it by saying she saved his life.  Ichabod points out that they are even now but Hawley explains that he doesn’t just care about making things even. Abbie reports that Katrina can no longer trace the succubus and thinks it went to a place that is shielded from her magic. Ichabod and Abbie leave.  She suggests that Hawley stay in and read a book.

Crane and Abbie try to figure out Henry’s angle for summoning a succubus but can’t see the pattern yet. Crane admits that he has been distracted.  Abbie advises that his relationship with Katrina needs to evolve since they both have changed as individuals.  Ichabod wants to give Hawley a chance and would not interfere if Abbie wanted to explore a relationship with him. Abbie thinks she doesn’t have time for complications right now.


Katrina is asleep and continues to see Henry at a cradle hearing a crying baby.  She wakes up to find Ichabod and then tells him what she sees.  He thinks that she is having nightmares and also grappling with losing the baby, especially when she mentions that she still feels a connection.  Abbie did some digging and noted that the succubus usually feeds at monthly intervals.  They try to figure out why it has killed several times in one night.  Katrina starts seeing the woman, the cradle, Henry and the glass container.  She is able to look in the cradle and see a demon.  Abbie realizes that Katrina’s visions are what’s happening now.  Crane asks Katrina to focus.  She realizes that the succubus is feeding the demon.  Somehow Henry managed to bring baby Moloch!  Ichabod figures that Henry brought the succubus to complete the process that started with Katrina being pregnant.  Abbie and Katrina start arguing about Henry and his intentions.   Crane points out that division is what Moloch wants and that working together they can be a formidable team.  Both women call a truce by getting to work. Through their research we learn the succubus is also called the Incordata aka the Heartless.  It’s heart is kept separate from its body and in order to defeat it they must destroy the heart first before striking the body.  Katrina says that the heart would be kept on consecrated ground like a church.  Abbie adds cemetery to the list of potential places when she looks at Henry’s internet history.  He purchased a permit to use grounds at Shady Hills cemetery a few days ago. Good place to hide a demon heart. Katrina thinks that an immolation spell would destroy it.  Crane suggests Abbie protect Katrina when they find the heart and she performs the spell.  He will look for the demon and destroy it when the time is right.  Abbie tells him to take Hawley since he’s the only one that has seen what she looks like.

208SH_Ep208HeartlessScn8PT_20_6357_f_previewHawley and Crane go hunting for the succubus at the same club where she made her first kill. Club Twerk, seriously?  Ichabod agrees to give Hawley a lock of her hair when it’s over.  Crane asks what were Hawley’s intentions towards Abbie. Initially Hawley evades but when Crane walks away he asks if she said something.  The “heartless” enters the club looking for prey.  Meanwhile Katrina and Abbie manage to find the crypt that Henry used to store the heart.  At the club Hawley tries to describe her but mostly remembers dark hair and a feeling. He manages to spot her though and they are both in pursuit. Nick gives Ichabod an enchanted Nordic blade that is supposed to work on most demons but hasn’t been tested. Crane sees her go into a storage room.  Katrina and Abbie find the container where the heart is kept but are leery of reaching into it because there is a perception spell that makes them see their worse fear. For Abbie it’s maggots; Katrina’s is rats. Ewwww. Abbie braves it and pulls out the heart.  Katrina starts the immolation spell.  The succubus, dressed as Katrina (sorry Icabbie shippers), tries to lure Ichabod. He stabs her with the blade.  The blow knocks out Katrina as she is performing the spell.  Abbie shoots at the jar since it had some kind of hex on it.  Back at the storage room the succubus managed to snag Ichabod and proceed to start sucking his life force.  Hawley finds him and distracts the creature by shooting at it. It then turns to land on top of Hawley.  A struggle ensues. Abbie is able to complete the spell, which burns the heart extra crispy.  Ichabod groggily takes the knife and hits the creature with it then shoots it with Nick’s gun. She turns to ash.

Abbie admits that Katrina is an asset to the Sleepy gang. Katrina knows that Henry is devising a new plan. Abbie thinks that she now realizes that Henry must be stopped. Katrina thinks that she needs to stop the evil, mainly Moloch before he grows stronger. She will convince Abraham to take her back by telling him that Ichabod moved on with Abbie. She will get close to Henry and then she will kill Moloch.  Katrina wants Abbie to tell Crane the plan. She thinks it will be better coming from Abbie instead of her. Abbie notes how Katrina is banking on the fact that both men love her. Katrina responds with, “Love can be a dangerous weapon.”


Abbie goes to the cabin, finds Hawley outside. She helps put on his bandages.  Ichabod is looking for poultices inside to help with Hawley’s injury.  She gives him the burned succubus heart thinking he would know someone who would want it.  Hawley, surprised, thanks her. When Abbie tells Ichabod Katrina’s plan to go back to Abraham, he takes it very well.  He has to remind himself that she is a good spy. If she succeeds it would be a major win for the witnesses.  He has to trust in her skills. Back at Frederick’s Manor, Abraham brings Katrina telling Henry that she has come around to their way of thinking. Henry tells him to bring her into the room to view baby Moloch.  He asks Abraham if Katrina still has the necklace he gave her. He responds yes.  When Katrina walks in she looks inside the cradle, and sees a human baby instead of a demon.  The necklace is glowing. Whaat! It’s hard to know for sure what Katrina is thinking, but it looks like she is pleased to see the baby.

I’m so looking forward to this Jenny/Abbie centric episode with a sprinkle of Irving next week! What did you think of the episode? Do you see Hawley with Jenny or Abbie? Can we trust Katrina?  Sound off below in the comments.

*Photos courtesy of Fox/Fred Norris

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