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Korra’s Korner – Day of the Colossus and The Last Stand SERIES FINALE *SPOILERS*

This will be the last Korra’s Korner. The Legend of Korra ended today. But fear not, life isn’t over. You can now share the love of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra with all those who haven’t seen and enjoy it again with those who’ve seen it! That’s what life is now.

Day of the Colossus

The episode opens with Bolin earthbending a giant wall freeing everyone from the prior spirit weapon attack. Kuvira and her forces march on the city and Bolin advises that they just leave and come back with some way to defeat her. Korra says the world isn’t safe until Kuvira and her giant mech suit is defeated. The rest of the gang goes to fight Kuvira while Asami goes to set up the prototype hummingbird suits.

Prince Wu saves the day again by using his awful singing to summon some badger moles from the local Republic City Zoo. Penma watches over the crowd as he runs off to the park.

Back with Team Avatar, Meelo figures out a way to stop the giant mech. He gathers paint and ballons and the airbenders tag the viewports of the giant mech preventing Kuvira from being able to see. Simultaneously, the earthbenders tie up the giant mechs legs with cable and Bolin gives the robot a giant hot foot with some lavabending. The giant mech starts to slip back as the airbenderes and Korra try to knock it over with airbending! Unfortunately, Kuvira matches to get the giant mech’s footing again and the plan fails.

Back at Varrick’s office, Asami and Varrick are attempting to fix the hummingbirds but to no avail. An airbender comes in and says there a whole platoon of mech suits coming! Varrick and Zhu Lee run off to create an EMP device that will cause the mech suits to fail while Asami stays behind and fixes the hummingbird mechs. Su is with Bataar Jr. and he apologizes for his actions, now seeing what Kuvira truly is.

Varrick explains to Zhu Lee that a giant EMPĀ can take out the mech suits and notably the giant mech suit. He tries to explain to Zhu Lee that he loves her but Kuvira and her troops interrupt. The EMP knocks out all of the suits but the giant mech suit is functioning. Varrick tells Zhu Lee to “do the thing” and she replies “there are no more things to do.” Kuvira orders the rest of the mech suits into the city and capture any survivors.

Lin brings Asami’s father to the battle, because of his genius. He explains that they must get inside the mech suit, he recommends plasma saws to cut through the platinum to get inside Kuvira’s giant mech suit.

Penma tries to calm the crowd with songs, as Prince Wu walks in with badger moles and leads the survivors to safety. His singing is awful but the badger moles seem to love it.

Kuvira finds the location of the EMP, future industries tower – Team Avatar distracts Kuvira long enough for Varrick and Asami to fix the hummingbird mechs with flying suits. With some clever bending moves Team Avatar manages to slow down Kuvira’s giant mech long enough to get the hummingbird mechs operational. With Zhu Lee and Varrick piloting one and Asami and her dad piloting the other, Varrick proposes to Zhu Lee before they take off and she says yes! They both make attempts to cut holes open in the mecha giant but Kuvira keeps managing to smack them away. Varrick and Zhu Lee are forced to eject, and Korra with some grand bending ingenuity, manages to use the river to freeze most of the mecha giant stopping it in its tracks. Asami and her dad take advantage of the situation and manage to cut a hole in the suit’s leg only at a great cost. Asami’s dad ejects Asami and sacrifices himself to make sure the hole is cutting is completed.

Team Avatar takes advantage of the situation and jumps into the suit! The first part of the plan is a success. Kuvira manages to escape out of the ice containment. Korra splits up the teams, she’ll go after Kuvira, Su and Lin to stop the weapon and Mako and Bolin to shut down the engine. After some intense fighting, Mako and Bolin manage to stop the two guards in the engine room. They can’t figure out how to shut down the engine, so Mako decides to use his lightning to stop it. It almost kills him but Bolin manages to save him at the last second. Su and Lin destroy the inside of the arm and as a result Kuvira rips off her own mech’s arm and flings it away! The arm goes one way and the cannon goes into the spirit vine forest. Korra breaks into Kuvira’s command center and they procede to go at it. During their fight, Mako manages to explode the engine ripping the giant mech in two. Korra pulls Kuvira from the wreckage and explains to her to surrender, Kuvira fires a cheap shot at Korra and runs off into the spirit vine forest. Kuvira reufsing to give up, finds the cannon in the forest and connects the entire forest to it. Kuvira is unable to turn it off and falls from the canon, as the cannon swings towards her, Korra steps in front of her and energy bends the spirit energy into and glorious purple explosion that encompasses Republic City. After the smoke clears a new spirit portal has formed!

Korra awakes with Kuvira in the spirit world, and Kuvira is shocked to be in the spirit world. Korra has a heart to heart with Kuvira and understands how they are similar in terms of personality and what it means to be afraid. Afterwards the spirits return to Republic City and Kuvira and Korra exit the portal. Kuvira orders her troops to stand down and accepts whatever punishment that is coming towards her. Team Avatar WINS! Everything is safe again.

A little later, Bolin presidesĀ over Varrick and Zhu Lee’s wedding and Zhu Lee grabs Varrick and kisses him passionately. Varrick starts to cry because Zhu Lee makes him so dang happy. At the wedding party, Mako and Korra speak to Prince Wu who resigns his power as king to setup a democratic government like United Republic. Korra thanks Mako for his help and Mako explains he’ll always follow Korra into battle no matter how crazy things get. Korra is alone away from the party, Tenzin approaches Korra and explains to Korra that she’s changed the world more than most Avatars do in their lifetimes. Tenzin says he’s really proud of Korra and Korra explains she had to fall so that she could rise and be a true avatar. Asami drags Tenzin away and the two apologize to each other and hug. Asami wishes to go on a vacation and suggest the spirit world, and the show closes with them hand in hand entering the spirit world.


Korra is over, the producers of Korra have said they won’t be doing anything Avatar related for a long time and they are moving to new projects. We can still spread the joy of the Avatar saga with our friends and family. Recommend the series and enjoy the look on their faces as they go through the same feelz you did.


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