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Dark Matter S2E6 Recap: We Should Have Seen This Coming

DARK MATTER -- "We Should Have Seen This Coming" Episode 206 -- Pictured: Melanie Liburd as Nyx -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Episode 206 — Pictured: Melanie Liburd as Nyx — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

This week it’s all about Nyx (Melanie Liburd)! It made my day to see Mpho Koaho who play’s Nyx’s brother Milo since I loved his character on Falling Skies!  On to the recap!

We start the episode with Four (Alex Mallari Jr) and Nyx practicing.  He wants her to use the same moves but she prefers to go by instinct.  She feels that she will not be as effective using similar moves.  She asks if he’s satisfied about getting revenge against Corso.  There’s more than one person Four needs to get revenge on.  Corso was just a start.  She wonders why and would he consider just letting it go, and he asks the same of her.  Since we don’t know her past, could she do the same thing?  Nope.

Back in her room, Nyx has a flashback to when she escaped from a ship before it went into FTL. She was initially in a room when a group of men came to get her.  One of them, who we later find out is named Hansmeed (Daniel Fathers), tells her it’s time to go back in.  Back where? The other men escort her out.  Hansmeed believes that they have to use their gifts for the overall good.  As they are walking in the hallways she predicts how she is going to escape seconds before it happens.  As she puts Hansmeed to sleep, he vows that they will find her, “he” will find her.  Who is he?  She gets into a pod to get off the ship.  She’s been running ever since.

Two (Melissa O’Neil) agrees to meet Android (Zoie Palmer) in the bridge.  Android has found that Arax (Mike Dopund) used the sub-space link that brief time he had control.  While the communications got deleted, Android was able to tell when he called.  Two looks at Android’s new outfit.  Android figures that’s what she would wear while on the ship and act more androidy.  She has kept her other outfit just in case she needs to go on missions to pass as human.  While they were not able to hear the conversation, they do have a picture of who Arax was talking to.  They now know who Alicia Reynaud (Inga Cadranel) is by facial recognition.

DARK MATTER -- "We Should Have Seen This Coming" Episode 206 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa O'Neil as Two, Melanie Liburd as Nyx -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Episode 206 — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa O’Neil as Two, Melanie Liburd as Nyx — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Two gives everyone a briefing about Alicia in the eating area.  Alicia sits on the board of several companies that are partially owned by Ferrous Corp.  That explains why the rep got on her case when she didn’t produce the card a few episodes back. There is a definite possibility that she was behind getting Five’s (Jodelle Ferland) friends killed.  Before they make their move against Alicia, they will need to resupply on money and fuel.  The easiest way to get some quick dough is by doing a heist.  Two is open to suggestions.  Nyx speaks up about a ship that makes regular stops at a nearby system.  She was on the ship once before so knows what valuable cargo they hold; a popular party drug called Shadow or Protase 130, which Devon (Shawun Sipos) is familiar with.  It’s a synthetic hallucinogen.  Nyx thinks it will be an easy score, which is what they need right now.

DARK MATTER -- "We Should Have Seen This Coming" Episode 206 -- Pictured: Mpho Koaho as Milo
DARK MATTER — “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Episode 206 — Pictured: Mpho Koaho as Milo

Two updates Kal (Roger Cross) about the upcoming heist.  She wants to make sure that if they do the job he’s not going to turn them in.  He will be staying on the ship only if he’s okay with the job.  Kal reluctantly agrees. The Raza comes out of FTL guns blazing at a ship that looks eerily similar to the one Nyx escaped from.  Android has disabled the ship’s defenses while Two, Nyx, Four and Three (Anthony Lemke) take the Marauder onto the ship.  Three is proud of himself for piloting the cruiser with the help of a post-it note.  The gang makes it onto the ship and takes out some guards.  Two advises they take the guards’ stun weapons so they don’t have to kill people.  The group splits up.  Two and Nyx go to the infirmary, and Three and Four go to storage for the Shadow.   However, Nyx doesn’t go to an infirmary.  Instead it’s a room where several people are stored in some pods.  Nyx opens one of them.  When Two is like what the hell Nyx introduces her to Milo, her brother.  So Nyx did go back to the ship she escaped from!  Nyx was way too familiar with the ship despite having said she cased the place.

Four and Three easily find the drug supply.  They start loading up the Marauder.  Nyx tries to explain herself to Two, who isn’t too happy about the latest development.  Two decides to let Nyx bring her brother with them.  Milo is out of it so Nyx and Two help walk him back to the cruiser.  The gang manages to escape back onto the Raza, which FTL’s out of there. Hansmeed looks at Milo’s pod.  One of the men informs him that the Raza escaped.  Nyx was with them.  He’s wondering why they didn’t see this coming.

Back on the Raza, Nyx finally tells the crew her background.  Nyx and her brother along with several others were taken from their home planet.  They were drugged and experimented on initially by a company called Electus.  They were put in pods where they were mentally linked with other people.  The purpose was to see if a group of humans through their consciousness could solve problems better than a computer.  Hansmeed led a group of them to rebel against the Electus crew and won.  However, Hansmeed wanted to continue the experiment, the supposed difference being they would be in control.  Nyx wasn’t with the plan so decided to bounce, knowing that she would eventually come back for her brother.

In the medical wing, Devon tells Two that Milo’s been hooked on the drug for maybe years and will need to cautiously be weaned from it.  He’s going to start with an IV and fluids.  Milo wakes up saying he needs to go back. Nyx thinks he just needs the drug out of his system so he can think more clearly.

Three isn’t too thrilled about Nyx’s brother being on board.  Two explains there wasn’t really any time to think since they needed to go.  Besides, it’s a family member.  It’s not like they also don’t have issues with their past.  Three still isn’t fine with the fact that Nyx lied.  Four wonders what they should do with Nyx and their latest guest.  If they want they can sell the drugs and then drop Nyx, with her cut, and Milo off at the next station.  Three is fine with that except for giving Nyx her share because she lied.  Two and Four walk away from him but not before making a dig about him not getting his share.   Three can’t talk about lying.

Devon takes a small container of Shadow from the supply room.  Five runs into him on her way to check the Marauder for any damage.  His excuse for taking the drug is to help Milo wean off.    Five seems suspicious but is more concerned with what she needs to do for the time being so ignores Devon’s awkward rambling.

Two with Kal go to Three’s room. They are approaching the rendezvous where they will trade with some dealers from Devon’s contacts.  She wants Kal to fly the Marauder to drop off the drugs with Three as backup.  She thinks Kal is a better pilot.  With that order Three mopes out of his room.  Kal thinks she wants to make sure he’s complicit with the deal.  Three doesn’t care.

Nyx brings Milo something to drink.  He seems to feel a little better.  He insists that he needs to go back to Hansmeed.  She doesn’t realize how powerful they have grown since she left.  She feels that one of the reasons is because of his abilities.  That’s the main reason Hansmeed won’t let him go.

Speaking of the man, his ship found them at their meeting place and just opened fire at their buyers, scaring them away.  Kal decides he will take the Marauder into the planet, which is highly toxic and wait there until it’s safe for the Raza to come get them.  Two agrees since the Raza still hasn’t recovered from their last fight.  They FTL out.  Meanwhile, on the stormy planet hiding, Three is having a hissy fit about being stuck with Kal.  He felt they could’ve made it back onto the Raza.  Kal tries to stay positive that their crew will get back to them in time.  Just then the power goes out. Just great.

DARK MATTER -- "We Should Have Seen This Coming" Episode 206 -- Pictured l-r: Mpho Koaho as Milo and Melanie Liburd as Nyx
DARK MATTER — “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Episode 206 — Pictured l-r: Mpho Koaho as Milo and Melanie Liburd as Nyx

Two, with Four, go to Nyx to find out how that ship found them.  Electus found that the people on Nyx’s planet had a genetic mutation giving them the enhanced ability of CPA or cognitive predictive ability.  Nyx and her brother further explain that everyone has it to some degree but most call it intuition.  The reason that Hansmeed was able to find them was because of the machine.  The room where Nyx found her brother is used to connect all of the minds into a collective consciousness.  The Shadow drug helped cope being connected with so many other minds.   This also helped the “Seers” go into the machine and process tons of data. It’s all about probability!  Devon realizes that because he was on the ship, they calculated based on his past and his associations where the meet up would be.   Milo knew that Nyx was coming so manipulated the data within the collective so the other “Seers” wouldn’t know.

Now that Two helped Nyx and Milo, this effects the module and the Seers will probably predict that they would go back for Three and Kal.  This of course frustrates Two because she doesn’t even know what she will decide yet.  Android warns that Kal and Three only have 24 hrs to survive on the planet so a decision needs to be made soon.

DARK MATTER -- "We Should Have Seen This Coming" Episode 206 -- Pictured: Daniel Fathers as Hansmeed
DARK MATTER — “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Episode 206 — Pictured: Daniel Fathers as Hansmeed

In the gym, Nyx apologizes to Four about lying to him and the others.  He understands but Milo can’t stay.  Nyx doesn’t want to be on the run with Milo.  She wants Four to get to know him for the limited time they have.  She’s hoping that Four can convince the others to let Milo stay.  He may be very useful with his abilities, even if he’s not as physical as her. With the help of the Raza, maybe the Seers will think twice about coming after them. Hansmeed has connected himself to the machine.  He lets some of his men know that the next decision of the Raza has been determined.  They FTL out.

Two doesn’t want to be predictable. It’s like she’s in a no win situation because the Seers will be able to figure out what she will do.  Android tries to make her feel a little better by telling her she’s “anything but predictable.” On the blacked out Marauder, Kal is hoping that the power can be fixed from inside the ship.  Three blames Kal for their issues. Devon stares at the Shadow drug and succumbs to using it.

Four talks with Milo.  He offers him an apple with a knife to cut it with.  Four tells him that Nyx wants them to fight the Seers.  Milo thinks that is unwise because of how powerful the Seers are.  Four wonders about his home planet.  With enough data Milo could probably foresee what could happen.  As Four leaves he asks about what will happen on board the ship.  Milo predicts Two will go back for Three and Kal.  Four already thinks that but what else?  Another betrayal will happen in the near future.  Again?! Why did he tell Four this in particular and not another prediction?

Kiss and Make Up

DARK MATTER -- "We Should Have Seen This Coming" Episode 206 -- Pictured: (l-r), Anthony Lemke as Three and Roger Cross as Six/Kal Varrick
DARK MATTER — “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Episode 206 — Pictured: (l-r), Anthony Lemke as Three and Roger Cross as Six/Kal Varrick

Kal manages to fix the power.  Three still has an attitude about the whole situation.  Kal calls him on his BS.  He thinks that if Three was piloting, he would’ve made the same decision.  Three just wants an excuse to be mad at him.  Then Kal brings up the elephant in the room.  He apologizes again to Three for turning them in.  When the power turns back on Kal lets Three decide if they stay or fly off the planet and take their chances in space.  Three wants to leave.

The Future

Nyx brings Five to visit with Milo. Five is curious as to what the Raza crew should do next and if they will make a difference.  They are kind of at a crossroads.  Five doesn’t even think that they get along sometimes.  Milo looks at Nyx and says that might not be the case.  According to the predictive model there will be a major paradigm shift coming soon.  Milo also guesses there will be an all corporate war within 6 months.  “It’s times like these that longstanding patterns are disrupted, that things become more fluid.”  When that happens “a small group or even a single individual, can change the course of history.”  Two calls Five and since Nyx and Milo are already with her asks them to meet her at the bridge.

The Marauder is flying around the planet when the Raza comes out of FTL.  That was very timely!  Kal hales Two who wants them back on board pronto! Three is not going to forgive Kal anytime soon, but wants to give him a chance to prove he’s part of the crew.  Kal wasn’t expecting anything more than that.  Glad that things are at least on a tentative keel between Three and Kal.  Two probably knew they needed to talk otherwise why else put them together.

DARK MATTER -- "We Should Have Seen This Coming" Episode 206 -- Pictured: Mpho Koaho as Milo
DARK MATTER — “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Episode 206 — Pictured: Mpho Koaho as Milo

The Seer ship FTLs not long after and blasts the Raza.  Two decides to hale the Seer ship. Hansmeed answers demanding they turn over Milo, who he refers to as cargo.  Two refuses and puts a gun to Milo threatening to shoot him.  Hansmeed calls her bluff.  He wants Milo and the drugs.  Nyx tries to have a chat with Milo but he’s not budging.  He’s going back.  It is futile to fight the Seers because the Raza has a part to play in what’s coming and they can’t do that worrying about him.   Milo’s seeing the bigger picture here Nyx.  I know it hurts love.  Milo tries to make her feel better by saying that he can potentially start another rebellion.  Nyx isn’t buying it though.  Four tells them it’s time to go.  Nyx and Milo share a hug goodbye.

Two, Three, and Kal are loading the drugs.  They are shortchanging the Seers but don’t care.  They figure Milo was the most important thing they wanted back so no worries.   Kal said something interesting.  He suggests that maybe they go rescue Milo at another time when they are good and ready.  Even though the Seers predict they are coming, doesn’t mean that The Raza wouldn’t win the encounter.  Hmmm.

Four and Milo chat about Four’s planet.  He didn’t have enough time to study enough data.  However, he does tell Four what the Seer’s plans are.  They will enquire about more ships, kidnap more folk, try to build a fleet.  If that happens, they will be unstoppable.  Four doesn’t believe what Milo told Nyx about starting a rebellion.  While Milo doensn’t think it likely, he still wants to try.  He thinks that’s his only choice.  Four suggests there’s another one.

After the drop-off is complete, the Raza FTL’s out.  Nyx is in her room crying. I just want to give her a hug.  On the Seer ship, Hansmeed tells Milo he knows he manipulated the data. He lets Milo know that he will be watching so don’t try it again.  The man really believes that they are the future, so this is for the best.  He leaves Milo but before he gets too far, he goes back.  Milo killed himself with the knife we saw Four with earlier with the apple.  Hansmeed sits next to Milo’s dead body, trying to figure out how this changes things.

To distract herself, Nyx works out with Four again.  She thanks him for meeting Milo and helping him.  Two is in her room getting a drink of water when her hand starts shaking enough she drops her cup.  The episode ends when the shaking stops with Two looking worried.  What now?!

More Thoughts

Okay what is going on with Two? Why is it all of a sudden hitting now? She needs to figure that out soon and quick.  The question is will she tell anyone or keep it to herself?

I will always be grateful for Dark Matter for bringing Mpho Koaho back onto my TV screen.  However, I am very disappointed that he dies.  I really believed the brother/sister bond between Nyx and Milo.  Good job there Koaho and Liburd!  It was good to finally get some idea of how her intuition works. I was hoping that what Kal said about still potentially winning would still hold true and they would go back to get Milo at a later time.

I still find it interesting based on the questions he’s asked what Milo told Four and Five.  It’s like they needed to hear those particular predictions.  I’m wondering if next week’s episode will have some answers.  I’m also wondering if Nyx had spent more time on the ship if she would’ve been just as powerful as Milo with the predictability.

Based on what Milo told Four, Hansmeed needs to be stopped before he’s able to develop that fleet.  How the Raza will do that is anyone’s guess?  I’m sure this isn’t the last we have seen of the Seer ship.

On another note can I give a shot out to the wardrobe department because I was really feeling those coats that both Nyx and Kal were wearing! From the colors to the fit both Cross and Liburd rocked those outfits!

Until next week guys! Tell us what you thought of the episode in the comments below!

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Fiery Little One August 10, 2016 at 11:10 am

If Two handles what’s going on now like she did when she found out she had healed from that bite from last season, it might be a couple of episodes before it becomes something she can’t hide from the others.

TheNerdElement August 23, 2016 at 9:26 am

Completely agree! Although you would think she would’ve learned her lesson from last time. At least we are not waiting too long before it gets addressed this time! ~Natty

Fiery Little One August 23, 2016 at 12:10 pm

Very true.

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