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Dark Matter S2E10 Recap: Take the Shot

Well now we know where Android (Zoie Palmer) was! On to the recap!


While recharging, Android was having a serious dream of her and loverboy Victor (Brendan Murray) the droid that kissed her in episode 4.  Things were getting hot and heavy between the two.  Clothes were coming off when Android woke up!  The weird thing about the dream was how domesticated it seemed. Victor coming home while she looks outside. Victor trying to invite some people over.  She told Two (Melissa O’Neil) about it in general terms wondering what it could mean.  She even downplayed how good it was.

SyFy’s Dark Matter S2E10: Zoie Palmer as Android

Android confesses something to the crew.  She activates the hologram of herself, Simulation Android (Simu Droid), based on her factory settings.  Simu Droid is of the opinion there is something wrong with Android’s programming.  Unfortunately, the simulation which had a lot of data with Android’s activities was deleted.  Simu Droid initially accuses Android of deleting the files to protect herself but Five confesses she was the one that did it when the GA showed up.  Android admits to the time she didn’t land properly on the planet where Two killed Jace Corso (Marc Bendavid) as further evidence of a potential malfunction.  Android and Simu Droid kept arguing that it was getting exhausting to everyone.  Simu Droid recommends Android is reset.  Five walks out upset because she thinks everyone will vote for Android to go back to her default settings.  Two tries to get her to understand but Five is not hearing it. She argues the hypocrisy of Two considering she didn’t let anyone know that something was wrong with her.  Like Android, she was scared.  Two feels that taking Android offline, which she volunteered to do, is temporary until they can figure things out.  Five believes that resetting Android is the same as killing her.



Android goes to her charging pad again to recharge to see if she dreams again.  Nyx (Melanie Liburd) tries to stay positive in that if there’s a glitch it’s fixable.  Android does request that if they decide that she’s no longer the ship’s Android to let her go her own way.  Three (Anthony Lemke) points out that she wouldn’t be able to survive long on her own plus Nyx brings up if she gets caught she would be defaulted anyway.   Nowhere for her to go really.  However, Android points out that Nyx is wrong in that assumption.  I wonder if she was thinking about Victor right before she went to her charging pad?

DARK MATTER -- "Take the Shot" Episode 210 -- Pictured: Alex Mallari Jr. as Four -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)DARK MATTER -- "Take the Shot" Episode 210 -- Pictured: Ellen Wong as Misaki Han-Shireikan -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Four (Alex Mallari Jr) is sharpening his sword when the lights blink.  Someone walks past the door.  He senses them so he goes out to investigate.  The lights continue to blink. The next time they come on it’s Misaki (Ellen Wong)! How did she get on the ship?  She tells him it’s time to stop running.  They fight.  Four hits a coolant pipe and Misaki disappears.  Two notices the pipe leak.  She will go check it out while Five seals the area so it doesn’t get worst.  In the cargo hold, Four finds Misaki and they go at it again. She talks about him being a coward again and the fact that the country is losing the war.  He’s trying to explain that he will go back to Zairon but without his memories he doesn’t know who to trust.  Why is he Mr. Confession all of a sudden?  They fight some more, with Misaki gaining the upper hand to the point she stabs Four with one of her swords.  Four falls to his knees bleeding from his midsection when Misaki disappears and he looks down again and sees no wound.  What the hell?

Two makes it to the same area.  The comms go wacky when she’s talking to Five.  The lights are blinking for her as well.  When the lights come back on again she is surrounded by men in black robes with weird gold armor like masks.  One of the men mention how Mr. Rook is very disappointed in her.  Instead of fighting them she’s uncharacteristically scared and letting one of the men hold her in a vise-like grip.  They lead her to a chair that all of a sudden appeared.

DARK MATTER -- "Take the Shot" Episode 210 -- Pictured: Melissa O'Neil as Two -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Take the Shot” Episode 210 — Pictured: Melissa O’Neil as Two — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Five is worried so she contacts Six (Roger Cross) and Nyx to go check on Two.  When they get there they see Two by herself standing very still.  So she must be having a hallucination.  Six and Nyx approach her and she starts choking on Six thinking he’s one of Rook’s men.  Nyx has to punch her a few times before she snaps out of it. She mentions Rooks men and Nyx and Six are looking at her like she’s crazy.  They tell her there were no men.

DARK MATTER -- "Take the Shot" Episode 210 -- Pictured: Melissa O'Neil as Two -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Take the Shot” Episode 210 — Pictured: Melissa O’Neil as Two — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Good grief, what is Three going to dream up? He’s in his room cleaning one of his guns. Light’s blinking, the comms go wacky. Six talks with Five to see if there was anything weird going on. Five hasn’t noticed anything other than not being able to reach Two through the comms. At this point Six is trying to reach Three after talking with both Two and Four, who admitted that Misaki disappeared right in front him.  Six is going to check in on Three and has Four and Two go to the med wing and get some scans.  He has Four hand him his sword.  Nyx goes with them.

Lights blink again.  Three just put his now clean gun away.   He turns around and sees Sara (Natalie Brown), who is supposed to be dead.  He thinks he’s seeing things but Sara insists she’s real enough. Oh boy.  While Sara is feeding Three some major BS Two and Four has some scans done.  Nyx doesn’t understand what she’s seeing. Four mentions that Android could tell them the diagnosis.  Two comes up with the next best thing and summons Simu Droid.  Back in Three’s room Sara manages to convince Three that no one can know he sees her or she will disappear, especially when Six calls him outside of his door.  Sarah is laying it on thick when she gives him the gun and points it to his head so “they can be together.”  Five hacks into the camera in Three’s room so she could see what’s going on.  When she does she tells Six that Three is pointing his gun to his head! Six manages to get in there just in time right when Three pulls the trigger.  He is initially upset but realizes what almost went down when Six explains what happened to Four and Two.  Six saves his butt again.  Isn’t that three times already?

Android starts dreaming again that she is back at a house with Victor.  She tells him that she knows this is a dream. He asks her to walk with him outside.  Meanwhile Two and everyone else is in the dining area.  Simu Droid comes back with her analysis.  Droid reports that Three, Two, and Four were targeted based on the neuro imprints saved into the system.  They were targeted by Android.  Even though she is offline, her higher functions are still active. Two doesn’t want to believe that Android did it.  Simu Droid mentions that Android may not have control although her charge pad does give her control of the ship.  A virus was uploaded messing with multiple systems so no one from the crew can manually override functionality.  The hallucinations were the result of the virus attacking the neuro imprints.  Five thinks it’s BS that Android would want to hurt them.  Simu Droid thinks it was an act of self-preservation.  Five leaves wanting to see the virus for herself.  Two is wondering what they should do if the story checks out.  After shutting down other options Simu Android suggests shooting Android in the head a few times. That seems drastic!

Two doesn’t want anyone to do anything until she gets confirmation.  Six is wondering if having Three around is a good idea but Two thinks they will need all the help they can get.  Six, Nyx, and Three leave his room.  Two sent Four to delete their neural imprints from the database so the link doesn’t find them.  Four looks up his neural imprint, hesitant in deleting it.  Five is busy typing away in her room getting to the bottom of this virus.  Meanwhile Three, Nyx, and Six are at Android’s charging platform.  Nyx is wondering if Android is capable of being dangerous.  Three, reminded of his first encounter with Android, doesn’t want to take any chances.

Android is outside with Victor.  When she shuts down the possibility of the Raza being an illusion, Victor tries a different tack in being vague about reality being subjective.  She’s trying to figure out what’s happening to her.  Victor wonders if she will go to the real Victor, where she could be safe.  He doesn’t believe that the crew of the Raza will have her back.  He’s a voice inside her head voicing these concerns.

Two is on the bridge with Simu Droid, who is showing her on the screen the virus which has progressed into taking over various systems after initially disguising itself.  Simu Droid claims that the personality of Android has been taken over by a new directive.  Two is still having doubts but as the Droid keeps reporting of more systems being compromised she calls Three and tells him to take out Android.  Three has the gun pointing at Android but hesitates.  He has to sike himself up to think she is just a machine.

It’s a good thing Three doesn’t take the shot.  Five comes in and tells Two that the virus wasn’t because of Android.  Two tells Three to hold off.  Good grief!  Five then tells Two that they shouldn’t believe anything the Simu Droid says because she may be infected.  The original simulation program can’t be found so Five thinks it was overwritten. Simu Droid has a ready answer by saying she moved the program to a safer place because of the virus.  Five needs more time to prove her theory.  Simu Droid reports there’s no time and disappears.  She does appear to Three and the others ordering them to take the shot.  Fortunately, Three wants confirmation from Two.  She’s not sure.  Frustrated, Three goes to the bridge for some answers.

DARK MATTER -- "Take the Shot" Episode 210 -- Pictured: Jodelle Ferland as Five -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Take the Shot” Episode 210 — Pictured: Jodelle Ferland as Five — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Five has the answers she needs now.  She put a worm in the virus trying to trace it back to when it first started. It wasn’t when Android went on her charging platform. Someone must have changed the program having the virus dormant until the simulation was activated.  Before they can figure out how to deal with it, toxic gases start leaking into the ship.  The Marauder hasn’t been infected yet, so the crew heads there. Two will stay behind to shut down the computer core.  Her nanites will give her more time.

Android is dreaming a get together at the house. She’s dressed all fancy.  She’s walking around the living area when she hears a news report saying that the Raza is under attack by the Mikkei Combine. Two has a space suit on and is heading toward the computer core when Simu Droid tries to stop her by telling her the ship can’t be navigated without the computer and that it will drift for a very long time.  Two asks about the Android, if she could turn the core off.  Simu Droid says no. Two figures out she can because otherwise Simu Droid would not have been so hell bent on trying to kill her earlier.  Simu Droid takes control over Two’s space suit by magnetizing the boots and screwing with the oxygen.

dm-victor-giphy  dm-android-giphy

In dreamland, the news report that the Raza crew will not surrender which will force the Mikkei Combine to destroy the ship.  Victor looks up from the sofa and sees Android looking at the TV.  Android is wondering why she’s dreaming it and she feels like the crew is in danger.  Victor asks if she’s sure that the crew are her friends.  Android’s got to go save her friends! She wakes up.  She finds Two struggling talking with Simu Droid.  Two orders her to shut down the computer core.  Android goes to do so.  Just as she is starting to take out the computer core the Simu Droid threatens to use a static charge to kill Two. Android tells her of the threat.  Two doesn’t hesitate and tells her to keep going.  Simu Droid tries one last time before disappearing to stop Android when she tells her that the crew was ready to destroy her.  The static charge does hit Two and she collapses.  The last part of the core is taken out.  The ship goes silent.


Two wakes up in the infirmary with Five.  Five updates her that her upgraded nanites helped her survive a fatality.  While the crew is okay and the virus is gone, the ship is in bad shape.  They think that alternate universe Truffault (Tori Higginson) when she had control of the ship left them the virus when Two forced her to give the Raza back.  Ship repairs will go faster if Android reestablishes her neural link.  Android wasn’t sure if Two wanted her to do that.  Two creates an open channel and tells everyone what she wants Android to do and if anyone had objections to voice them now.  Android even threw in that she can’t guarantee that she won’t make another mistake.  No one objects, not even Three.  Two tells Android that she is needed as they consider her their Android.  Awww!

Four is in his room when he asks Android if he could use his computer.  Android says it’s okay but he won’t be able to access the ship’s systems.  Four is fine with it.  He puts a flash drive in that shows the neural imprint of Ryo. Oh boy!

More Thoughts

I can see why alternate Portia Lin hates alternate Commander Truffault! You don’t want her for an enemy that’s for sure.  I thought it was really odd that she quietly folded with Two a few episodes ago.  Now I know why.

Zoie Palmer killed it again in this episode! She did an excellent job trying to play both Simu Droid and Android.  It really helps you appreciate her unique personality even more compared to the Simu Droid. I thought it was a clever way for us to see a potential relationship between Victor and Android through the dream.  So now that the virus is gone, does that mean that Android can no longer dream?  Could the dreaming come back as she develops a little more?

Thank goodness for Five again saving the day!  Five and Android were like the MVPs of this episode.  In typical Five fashion she had absolute faith in Android and proved her case to everyone else.  I feel like the Raza would be in worse shape if it wasn’t for Five.

I’m wondering if despite the hallucinations Three, Four, and Two experienced, if there was any foreshadowing to them?  With Four the fact that the hallucination was of Misaki and no one else makes me think that some part of his subconscious is telling him to trust her, despite her hatred of him at the moment. I’m not surprised that Four kept his neural imprint.  What makes it so bad is that we don’t know for sure if Four kept a file of Three and Two’s imprints as well or just his?  Does this mean that other than the alternate universe we will never see Portia Lin and Marcus Boone again? There has to be a way to reconcile both their past and present selves.  Maybe Four will be the test.

Can Three catch a break please?  His was the most emotional hallucination from Two and Four’s.  What makes it so interesting with it is his feelings toward Sarah, even though he doesn’t remember her much.  Is this the last time that Six is going to save his life?  Will Three be able to return the favor at some point?  That would be nice.

Another excellent episode by everyone from the cast and crew.  I’m glad Android now has confirmation that she is one of them.

With the possibility of Two’s nanites causing a problem in becoming loyal to Rook, could the static charge reset that part of her nanites?  It really makes you wonder.

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