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Dark Matter S2E11 Recap: Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance

There were so many feels in this episode! Shout out to Anthony Lemke and Jodelle Ferland for killing those scenes between Three and Five! Three was so badass in this episode and I’m so glad that he is still alive! On to the recap!

Four (Alex Mallari Jr) meets up with Two (Melissa O’Neil) and Nyx (Melanie Liburd) at a restaurant comparing shopping items.  I shouldn’t be surprised that Two would get ammunition and knives along with lotion.  Three and Five are on the other side of the station at a market area.  They decide to meet each other in 20 minutes.  Five has Three try some very sour fruit.  His face is hilarious! Five then tells Three she will meet him in 10 minutes.  At first he acts like he doesn’t like it, but then when the fruit merchant tells him how much they are he goes ahead and gets some more.  A guy bumps into him and tries to distract him while another guy steals something from Five, making her go after him.  He then sprays something in Five’s face that knocks her out.  I guess that’s the future’s version of chloroform.  They drive off with Five in a truck, but a guy (Dalmar Abuzeid) sees them take her. Meanwhile Three is looking for Five.  They kidnapped the wrong girl!

DARK MATTER -- "Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance" Episode 211 -- Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance” Episode 211 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Nyx guesses the right card that Two and Four hide under a cup. Four is wondering how she keeps guessing right.  She says that his unpredictability makes him predictable.  They just seem so happy and relaxed!  A woman sees them and then leaves the area.  She’s totally about to start some ish when she reports them to the Galactic Authority (GA).  Darn it! The officer then presses a button.  Three is asking around if anyone has seen Five.  The guy that saw the kidnapping finds Three to tell him someone took her and they rush outside.  Three tries to get Two and the others but the comms don’t work.  The witness recognizes who took Five as the Danker brothers.  He thinks they took her to their cabin.  Three wants the guy to drive there.  He’s reluctant at first but Three is persuasive. Okay sidenote:  Maybe Two or someone should’ve gotten some new comms that don’t go wacky during a serious crisis.





On the ship, Android (Zoie Palmer) has a chat with Six (Roger Cross) about how he’s more relaxed since he’s healed.  So relaxed that he’s gained a few pounds according to her scanalysis.  He also needs to watch his sodium intake and eat more soluble fiber.  Six can’t worry about things he can’t change, like having access to the ship but not being able to go down to stations with the others.  He feels that if it wasn’t for Two he wouldn’t be there right now.  Android stays positive in believing the others will eventually forgive him.  Android gets a message that the Raza picked up a silent lockdown alarm from the space station with GA central being notified.


On Dankers property, Three gets the 411 on the brothers.  There are five brothers in all and they are bad news.  Smuggling, theft, you name it.  Some of the brothers may be out hunting.  Three still tries to reach Two and the others but doesn’t want to wait for them because Five is alone and defenseless.  Speaking of Five, she manages to stab a spoon into the ear of Temal Danker (Billy MacLellan) and beats him up a little bit until she’s held by another brother while the third one ups her spray dosage.  The witness thinks Three is going to get himself killed but Three asks him to stay put.  The jerk drives away anyway.  No faith.


Some GA officers come out of transfer transit pods.  When everyone is dressed, they are led by GA Inspector Kierken (Kris Holden-Reid).  He wants to take the Raza crew alive.  That man just doesn’t give up does he? Four almost guesses right on the card Nyx picks, but doesn’t go with his first answer.  Two tries to reach Three and Five but gets no response.  A waitress tips them off that the comms won’t work because the station is on lock down but the GA is on it.  Time to go! They find the transfer transit room and kill the transfers to stop more GA clones from arriving.  Nyx wants to head to the Marauder but Two doesn’t want to leave anyone behind.  Nyx reasons that if the GA secures the shuttle, they won’t be able to escape the station.  Two looks at some GA gear.



Three manages to avoid a trip wire and a claw trap and even uses the trap against one of the brothers and hits him with a big rock. One down, four to go. Temal, salty about getting stabbed with a spoon boasts about how once they are done with her he will get her skin for a coat and her head put on a wall.  Three busts in with the shotgun and kills two of the other brothers before hitting Temal several times with the butt of the shotgun. Five wakes up after the bloodbath.  She sees the carnage and wonders where the others were.  Three tries to reach them again back on the station.  The Dankers must have taken Five’s comm because it’s not with her. Four, Two, and Nyx almost make it past the GA officers but when one of them asks Two to turn around she uses her knives to dust them.  Did Two, Four, and Nyx leave their other supplies behind? It didn’t look like they had them on them as they were in their GA gear.


Back at the Danker abode, Three finds another gun he can use and some keys to a truck.  Five is still feeling a little dizzy so she sits down while Three gets the truck. Just when he opens the door, the fifth Danker brother looks up in surprise.  A close range shoot out occurs.  Who won?

Back on the Raza, Six wants to use transfer transit himself to help the others.  Android has orders not to let him off the ship but Six would still technically be on the ship but the clone will be at the station.  Android was going to let him go when she gets word that the Marauder is on its way back.  She even threatened Six with a weakness she detected if her faith was misplaced.  Back at the Danker house, the result of the shootout is the last brother is dead but Three was shot in the left chest area.  Good thing there was an exit wound but he’s bleeding pretty bad.  Five disinfects the wound with liquor and burns the wound to hopefully stop the bleeding.


Officer Kierken asks the fruit merchant about Five and Three.  The merchant tells him about the stare down Three had with Temal Danker.  The guy that left Three finds Kierken, thinking he’s found some help.  Idiot! On the Raza, Two and the others try to figure out a way to find Five and Three so they can get out.  Their initial plan was to take control of the space station command center to draw them out.  Six asks to tag along and Two was hoping he would drive the Marauder.  Before they leave Android informs them that the GA managed to locate Three and Five and she will send the coordinates.  So both the GA and the Shuttle are heading to the same place.  This should be interesting.


Three insists on driving even though Five notices how sweaty and pale he looks and the struggle he has with moving around.  Unfortunately, the two will have to escape on foot because the GA has arrived.  Kierken is able to accurately figure out what happened and the direction Three and Five are heading.  They will intercept them in the woods. Three and Five take a brief rest when Three seems to be slowing down.  Three recognized Kierken, who he describes as a determined SOB.  Five wants to get help by going back to the station but Three doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Android updates the Marauder about the GA still pursuing Five and Three.  Because the lockdown is jamming the electronics Two wants to fly around to see if she can spot them on the ground.



Three, bleeding again, stops again at a large rock. He wants to take Five’s suggestion about splitting up.  Five doesn’t want to leave him so he tries to hurt her feelings.  Five sees right through what he’s trying to do though.  He pleads with her and she goes.  It was so touching and the music was not helping the water in my eye! Kierken and his men find Three.  He tries to convince Three to tell him the events leading up to the Iriden-3 incident.  Kierken even threatens Five’s future if he doesn’t come clean.  He just wants to stop the corporate war before it starts and take down two major companies at the same time.  Three tries to deflect by saying Five is on the ship but Kierken doesn’t believe him.

Five finds a GA truck and rewires their missile gun.  The Marauder is seen flying around.  They decide to do one more sweep before landing somewhere further away.  Kierken threatens to shoot down the shuttle. Three grudgingly confesses that Mikkei hired them to steal the device from Traugott.  He worked alone though with another crew which was lead by Wexler.  The rest of the Raza crew wasn’t involved at all.  A droid is recording the conversation. Kierken orders them to shoot at The Marauder anyway the bastard. Because of Five’s tampering, the missile hits the truck instead of the shuttle!  Hearing the explosion, the Marauder now has a landing area.  Fallen down from the blast, Kierken now has a gun in his face.  Three threatens to shoot him and wants the other officers to lower their weapons.  Two and the rest of the gang arrive to disarm the officers.  Thank goodness! Three shoots the drone down as something to remember them by but for some reason doesn’t want to kill Kierken’s clone even though by doing so he won’t remember what happened.  From the encounters with Kierken, Raza crew: 2, Kierken: 0.


Back on the Raza, Three is finally in a bed recovering from his gunshot wound. He receives a visit from Five, who brought something with her.  Three wants Five to thank him again for saving her life which she does.  Three is hoping that Five doesn’t get all soft and sweet on him because of their experience.  Five reassures him that won’t happen. She gives him oatmeal containing the sour fruit he picked up from the market.  Like earlier Five leaves with a smile on her face.  Yep, things aren’t changing on that front!

In the eating area Two walks in while Six is watching the news Android downloaded from the station they just came from.  There’s a lot of unrest in the outer colonies.  With all of the changes looming, Two thinks things will get interesting for a while, but then the universe resets itself.  Six disagrees.  He wants to take advantage of the chaos with the blink drive.  Become the new peacekeepers by getting rid of the corporations and the GA. Let the people rule themselves and they can step in only when necessary.  If the others aren’t on board, Two can convince them. Being peacekeepers could have major perks.  Might as well if change is coming right? Six has been doing some major thinking on this. I’m definitely thinking of Milo’s predictions as Six is talking.

It’s late at night and Four is in bed with Nyx dreaming.  He has several flashbacks with the last one when he killed his mentor.  Four wakes up worried and looks at Nyx.  He goes to Android asking her to help him regain his memories as Ishido Ryo.

Fortunately for us we immediately segue into the next episode to find out the aftermath of that decision.  Check out my recap of the next episode!

What did you think of this one?  Sound off below in the comments!

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Natty Willy


Fiery Little One September 13, 2016 at 4:48 pm

I loved the pranks. Seeing them with some down time was an interesting change of pace. After this, I’m not going to underestimate Kierken after seeing him walk himself through what happened in the house. That… Scene… in the woods… I didn’t cry, but I did feel that tug. I’d say Six’s idea of acting as a police force on their own is… naive. Yes, they may have the blink drive, but they can’t be everywhere.

TheNerdElement September 14, 2016 at 6:15 am

Six has good intentions but the fact that that tech will only be theirs forever is naive. Yeah I don’t underestimate Kierken either but he has to take into consideration that he wasn’t killed both times he encountered the crew of the Raza. That has to earn some kind of points. I didn’t cry but I teared up a little bit at the scene in the woods. The cast just has great chemistry! Thanks for commenting! – Natty

Fiery Little One September 14, 2016 at 12:21 pm

Yeah, these people work very well together.

(If it’s got Disqus and I have something to say, plus I don’t have to wait for comment approval, I’ll usually make a comment unless where it is I want to say something slips my mind.)

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