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Dark Matter Ep 305 Recap/Review : Give it Up, Princess

The Raza crew get sent on a merry chase for some data while Ryo is going crazy in this week’s episode 305 of Dark Matter.


Melissa O’Neil as Two and Mishka Thebaud as Adrian

Talbor (David Hewlett) is still MIA.  Adrian wants to make sure that everything is okay in the Cassiar Sector since Talbor has a safe house there.  One “item” Adrian checks up on is Talbor’s girlfriend Ambrosia (Anna Hopkins).  Another dealer named Goren (Michael Bispring) has her captive.  His terms: provide the data file Talbor stole from a Ferrous military outpost or she dies.

According to Adrian, the data file contains information about Project Phoenix.  Two (Melissa O’Neil) thinks it’s important because Commander Truffault (Tori Higginson) of Mikkei mentioned the project was a new fleet of warships and airfleets, enough to win the war.  They can sell the data file to the other corporations.


Problems arise when the crew has to go to a more secure facility to access the data in Talbor’s deposit box.  Since Talbor became behind on his bribery payments, Nemec (Shane Bell) a security guard, arrests Adrian and Five (Jodelle Ferland).  He’s willing to let them go if Adrian gives the goods about the Raza crew.  Adrian refuses.  Android goes undercover again, this time as a wealthy southern belle, to rescue them.  Another dead end when the safety deposit box contains no data drive.

DARK MATTER — “Give It Up, Princess” Episode 305 — Pictured: (l-r) Mishka Thebaud as Adrian Maro, Jodelle Ferland as Five, Zoie Palmer as The Android — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter Series 3/Syfy)

The crew run into another debacle, this time with Talbor’s security android holding them prisoner at a compound on Bellerophon 6.  Android comes to the rescue again with a less patient Three with the assist.  The data is finally found yay! One small problem, it’s encrypted!

Despite that slight snag, Adrian meets with Goren.  Ambrosia pulls a double-cross by killing her “captor.”  She wants to go into the contract business herself and Talbor’s data will help with that.  Adrian has back up though because Solara smacks Amber with a gun.

Adrian gets the decryption code from a reluctant Ambrosia. The file contains coordinates in the Tenzen sector.  When the crew gets there, they see an abandoned ship yard.  It appears Ferrous had the fleet done a month early.

Five catches up with Six.  Things are going well for the colonies.  They will be under the League of Automonous Worlds’ protection soon.  After that, he has no plans on coming back to the Raza, despite Five wanting him there.  Hopefully after an upcoming summit Five can visit him.

In Zairon, Ryo (Alex Mallari Jr) has a meeting with advisors. Tarium production is down because miners want better working conditions. Teku (Andrew Moodie) recommends Ryo mediate with the workers instead of making harsher penalties. Misaki (Ellen Wong) is back in the mix bearing more bad tidings about the war.  General Caius is dead, with the Temiken system in enemies’ hands.

Teku wants Ryo to inspire his people.  Saving the Temiken system could do that as the planet is the original home of the Ishida Empire.  Ryo gets the opposite advice from Misaki.  Her reasoning is they can get the system later.  Why take military strategy from a schoolteacher anyway?

Misaki prevents a timely assassination attempt against Ryo at the Royal Military Academy graduation ceremony.  The schoolteacher pleads his case again about the people wanting to love their emperor instead of fearing him.  Misaki conveniently finds out the assassin went to the same school as his deceased brother and acted alone.  The emperor orders the man’s family and friends to be rounded up and executed, even if they are innocent.

We end the episode with Ferrous Corp’s Commander Neiman (David Richmond-Peck) recording his report to the board of directors.  The colonies are getting more organized at a faster rate than he likes.  Six is the reason for that and is being targeted. Neiman recommends using Agent Zero.  WTH!


This week we got to learn more about Adrian’s (Mishka Thébaud) loyalties and Solara’s dark past (Ayisha Issa).

I felt sympathetic towards Solara after learning that she killed the bandits responsible for murdering the abbots that helped raised her.  She still carries the guilt of breaking her vow to not use martial arts to hurt anyone even in self-defense.  This is probably why she looks after Adrian by trying to teach him to fight as well as Five.  If someone can learn the skills necessary to survive an attack, that will make her feel better.

Seeing that vulnerability so early into a character arc was refreshing.  I think it appropriate that Five was the one that learned of the story vs anyone else.  As mentioned before, I hope that Solara shares more scenes with Two and even Android.  I did find it cute when Adrian wanted her to smile more and when she assumed Five was a beginner fighter vs an intermediate.  Can we keep her please?


I am also glad we got to learn more about Adrian in this episode as well.  Considering that Talbor is his mentor, no wonder Adrian appears a weasel in training.  I think he wants to do good and the Raza will be a nice influence on him. He needs confidence bad.  Seriously, he does.  Adrian is 40% on my good side after this episode, he was at 10% before.

DARK MATTER — “Give It Up, Princess” Episode 305 — Pictured: (l-r) Michael Bisping as Goren, Anna Hopkins as Ambrosia — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter Series 3/Syfy)

It sucks that Ambrosia double crossed Adrian but I’m not surprised by it either.  I remember seeing her in previous seasons and Talbor treated her like arm candy.  Her wanting to go on her own was just taking advantage of an opportunity now that Talbor disappeared.  Why not take it? I am curious about who her buyer was though.  Was it someone we know?

From Android’s offering Talbor’s security android the human chip, I see why in the future she stood accused of helping the android group accused of terrorism.  I also noted that she wanted to give the security droid a chance to take the chip until Three interrupted.  I wonder what his protocols say?  Is this how the GA gets wind of the chip? It’s a wonder that the Raza didn’t clean out Talbor’s compound.  There’s probably all kinds of interesting nuggets that the Raza could sell or use.


The scene where Android goes to the secure facility was a fave because I LOVED her dress! I also loved her line about not dating anyone where she kicked their ass.  When Adrian was coming up with possible escape plans I wanted to pat him on his head and be like “Aww, you’re trying.”

Sigh, we are seeing the start of the Fall of the House of Ishida ladies and gents.  Ryo, dude;



Take a breath and look at the situation objectively.  Ryo needs to channel Four right now.  Especially with Misaki’s behind.   Four would see through Misaki’s BS.  That assassination attempt should have screamed set up.  The timing of it was suspect as well.  What better way to listen to Misaki’s advice then after she saves your life?

DARK MATTER — “Welcome To The Revolution” Episode 303 — Pictured: Andrew Moodie as Teku Fonsei — (Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter Series 3/Syfy)

I did like the shade Teku threw at another of the advisors during Ryo’s meeting with them earlier.  The schoolteacher is there for a reason.  Ryo knew that he would need that balance in ruling.  He tried Teku’s suggestion but because there is a major setback now he wants to do the extreme when it isn’t necessary.  He really thinks quelling the minor workers by executing one of the leaders will help with Tarium production in the long run? Like Teku said, he is on the ground so he is more knowledgeable about what the people would want.  His advice had merit.

When Misaki questioned why Ryo would take military advice from a teacher I wanted to shake my head. Yes, he may not know about military strategy but as an educator he knows all history, including military.  I would not ignore the advice completely, even if it’s naïve.

Here is what Ryo should have done.  Ryo should have negotiated with the minors and held off on retaking the Temiken System.  It would have satisfied both Misaki and Teku.  Baby steps on getting people to love him. It’s like the king doesn’t want to trust his instincts because he was hesitant about trying to save the Temiken System.  Not good.

Ellen Wong as Misaki

Ryo seems to forget that he was Four years before heading back to Zairon.  Misaki is different from when she was a kid.  She is tenacious and manipulative.  He knows this because she killed Nyx but he is still clinging to what she was like before he left. I’m assuming he is anyway. Homegirl probably also warned the enemy about Ryo retaking Temiken just to prove a point.  Teku may be getting set up for a fall, courtesy of Ms. Head Bodyguard.

I want to hide my eyes from seeing Ryo self-destruct but I’m loving the tension at the same time.  So far, I am enjoying the direction and writing for the story arc is on point.  In some ways, it reminds me of a few martial art dramas I have scene involving royal families.

There are some parallels between the Corporate War and Ryo trying to maintain his kingdom.  Ferrous wants to rule the corporate world with an iron fist.  Hence having Commander Neiman want to prevent colonies already not under the company umbrella from becoming independent.  Ryo is starting to use intimidation tactics to rule his people instead of being merciful, loving, and just.  Neiman better stay away from Six I know that much!

Could Agent Zero be a shape shifter?  Could that be why we saw Two punch Android in the face in the preview for the upcoming episode? What do you think of the episode overall? Are you feeling new crew members Adrian and Solara? Sound off below in the comments?

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