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MLB New Updates

I have some interesting information about the MLB season. There are some rumors that the MLB possibly might be talking about expanding the playoffs to 16-team 2020 playoffs with a selection show which it has to be agreed on before opening day (today and tomorrow). The expanded playoffs would give more teams an opportunity to compete for a World Series, perhaps evening the field in a shortened season. The expanded MLB playoff system would allow top seeds to pick opponent. A new change to Major League Baseball’s postseason could create some new rivalries and added tension across the sport this fall. The league is considering an option where division winners pick their first-round opponents in 16-team playoffs. The picks would be made based on seeding and unveiled during a selection show. It’s unclear just how the selection process would play out in real time, but MLB and the union broached this idea back in February with a slightly convoluted scenario. The risks and rewards of choosing a playoff opponent are certainly fascinating and would lead to a number of strategic options. There are a couple of questions about this expansion. Would a front office allow its roster to decide which team it wants to face in an elimination series? Or would teams rely on analytics to pick the most favorable opponent? Could selecting a team with a lesser record become a motivating factor for an opponent? Would teams be more weary of playing a club that just snuck into the postseason or would that prove the best option? Well, we will just have to find out and see what happens. From an entertainment standpoint, there are a number of ways the proposal could engage fans at a time many are still upset with the league and union’s bitter negotiations during a global pandemic. However though, time is running out to implement such a change for 2020, but the idea appears to be one both sides are at least comfortable discussing. All of this information came from the MLB bleacher report.

In other news…. Later today, the four teams will be playing tonight. The four teams that are playing today are the New York Yankees, Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, and the Los Angles Dodgers. The first game will be the Yankees at the Nationals at 4:08pm and Giants and Dodgers game will start at 7:08pm and tomorrow pretty much all the teams will be playing on opening day. So, if you are baseball fans, you should very excited about the opening season after we have to wait for months.


The MLB just announced that every first and second place team will make the playoffs this year after owners ratify expanded playoffs.

Stau tuned for MLB updates.

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