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Week 8 Prediction Updates and Week 9 Picks!

So last week, I got some of the predictions correct and some of them wrong. I predicted that the Dolphins would actually beat the Rams 31-23 but the actual score was 28-17 Dolphins over the Rams. I predicted that the Eagles would beat the Cowboys 20-13 but the actual score was 23-9 Eagles over the Cowboys. The Cowboys offense continued to struggle and did not even score a touchdown. I also predicted that the Buccaneers would beat the Giants 38-17, but the actual score was 25-23 Bucs over the Giants. The Bucs defense was able to make a play to stop the 2-point conversion which it would have been a tie. I predicted that the 49ers would beat the Seahawks 26-19, but the actual score was 37-27 Seahawks over the 49ers. I predicted that the Packers would win over the Vikings 36-24, but the actual score was 28-22 Vikings over the Packers. I also predicted that the Ravens would beat the Steelers in a shootout 39-31, but the actual score was 28-24 Steelers over the Ravens. So, I got 3 out of 6 picks correctly!

Now let’s move on to week 9 picks, shall we?! The first game I will predict is the Seahawks @Bills game. I think the Bills will beat the Seahawks 30-21. The Bills are trying to win the division this season and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks quarterback can still play really well, but it just won’t be enough to slow the Bills defense down. The next game I will predict is the Broncos @Falcons game. I think the Broncos will beat the Falcons 24-21. The Falcons will probably blow another game to the Broncos if they get to an early lead in the 4th quarter. The next game I will predict is the Dolphins @Cardinals game. The Dolphins defense really played well last week against the Rams by forcing 4 turnovers. The Cardinals on the other hand are coming off the bye week. I think the Cardinals will beat the Dolphins 31-16 because I don’t think the Dolphins defense will force a bunch of turnovers like they did last week and Kyler Murray and the offense will use the no huddle to keep the defense gashed. The next game I will predict is the Steelers @Cowboys game. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to say that the Steelers will come away with the win easily 41-17 over the Cowboys. The next game I will predict is the Saints @Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football. This is going to be a great game between Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the Bucs quarterback Tom Brady with his new weapon Antonio Brown a wide receiver. I would say the Saints will come away with a victory barely over the Bucs 29-27 in a close game. The last game I will predict is the Patriots @winless Jets game. I definitely think the Patriots can take care of business over the Jets 28-10.

So, what do you guys think about these predictions?!

I would like to hear some comments, thoughts, or opinions down below!

Stay tuned for week 9 prediction updates!

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