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Week 17 Prediction Updates, and Tomorrow’s NFC and AFC Wild Card Game Predictions!

So last week, I got some of the picks correct and some of them wrong. For instance, I predicted that the Bucs would beat the Falcons 31-21, but the final score was 44-27 Bucs over the Falcons. I predicted that the Bills would beat the Dolphins 38-24, but the final score was not a close. The score was 56-26 Bills over the Dolphins. The Dolphins defense really got obliterated by the Bills offense! Wow! I predicted that the Browns would beat Steelers 32-25, but the final score was 24-22 Browns over the Steelers in a really close game. I predicted that the Colts would beat the Jags 24-7, but the final score was 28-14 Colts over the Jags. I predicted that the Titans would beat the Texans 31-17, but the final score was 41-38 Titans over the Texans in a really high scoring game. What a game that was!! I predicted that the Saints would beat the Panthers 35-17, but the final score was 33-7 Saints over the Panthers. The Saints defense shut the door on the Panthers offense by allowing them to only score 7 points. I predicted that the Packers would beat the Bears 39-20, but the final score was 35-16 Packers over the Bears. I predicted that the Seahawks would beat the 49ers 32-15, but the final score was 26-23 Seahawks over the 49ers in a really close game. I predicted that the Chargers would beat the Chiefs 41-10, but the final score was 38-21 Chargers over the Chiefs. I predicted that the Ravens would beat the Bengals 40-26, but the final score was 38-3 Ravens over the Bengals in a blowout win.

I predicted that the Cowboys would beat the Giants 38-23, but the final score was 23-19 Giants over the Cowboys. I predicted that the Cardinals would beat the Rams 27-20, but the final score unfortunately was 18-7 Rams over the Cardinals. The Cardinals offense once again failed for the second straight game. Head coach of the Cardinals Kliff Kingsbury decided to start a quarterback who was inexperienced Chris Streveler. He should have started the actual backup quarterback Brett Hundley. The Cardinals starting quarterback Kyler Murray started off the game on the first series, but had to come out the most of the game because his leg was bothering him after his leg was hit on a loss to the 49ers. I’m pretty sure the whole Cardinals staff, coaches, and players are very frustrated because they needed to win last week’s game against the Rams to get into the playoffs, but they lost instead. They lost to a Rams team that did not score on offense and their defensive pick 6 was the difference of that game because we had no idea where Chris Streveler was trying to throw to, or maybe he thought he had a free play. I predicted that the Eagles would beat the Football Team 32-29, but the final score was 20-14 Washington Team over the Eagles. So, I got 10 out of 13 picks correct!

And now!  It is a playoff game starting off with the Wild card games starting tomorrow and Sunday. I am going to predict the Wild card games. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?! For tomorrow’s game, the first game I will predict is the Colts @Bills game. I think the Bills will beat the Colts and win their first playoff game in decades in a close game 38-30. The next game I will predict is the Rams @Seahawks game, a rematch. I still think the Seahawks can beat the Rams because the Seahawk defense held the Rams offense to no touchdowns, but my prediction is that the Seahawks win 27-10 over the Rams. The last game tomorrow is the Buccaneers @Washington Football Team. I think the Bucs can take down the Football team 31-16 because the Football team’s offense has not really been all that good despite their win over the Eagles and the Bucs have a really good defense and it will be tough for the Football Team to score some points down the field. Moving on to Sunday’s Wild Card games. The first game I will predict is the Ravens @Titans game. The Titans have beaten the Ravens in overtime in Baltimore and last year as well. Will the Ravens get some revenge on the Titans. Well, the Ravens did not like how the Titans spoiled their chances of winning the game because they have been frustrated lately against the Titans. I do think the Titans will beat the Ravens again in another upset win 35-17. The next game I will predict is the Bears @Saints game. The Saints have been frustrated in some playoff games lately as well because their referees seem to be screwing up the Saints chances of moving on by calling penalties that they should not be calling and they should have been called like the game against the Rams 2 years ago and last year against the Vikings. But I don’t think it won’t be a problem for the Saints as they will beat the Bears 41-23 even though the Bears defense is pretty good, but the question is will the Bears offense keep up with Drew Brees and company. I think the answer is no. The last game I will predict is the Browns @Steelers game on Sunday night football. I think this game will be a close game, but I still think the Steelers will beat the Browns 33-24. That is my Wild Card game picks!

So, what do you guys think about the Wild Card game picks?!

I would like to hear some comments, thoughts, or opinions down below!

Stay tuned for Wild Card game prediction updates.

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