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Week 8 Team Pick Updates and Week 9 NFL Picks!

Hi everyone! Today I want to go over which game team picks I got correct and wrong. I predicted that the Titans would beat the Colts 30-24, but the final score was 34-31 Titans over the Colts in overtime. The Titans came back from being down 14-0. The Titans were able to come away with the win on a game-winning field goal after the defense got the interception. I predicted that the Bills would beat the Dolphins 34-19, but the final score was 26-11 Bills over the Dolphins. I predicted that the Eagles would beat the Lions 26-17, but the final score was 44-6 Eagles over the Lions in a blowout win. I predicted that the Rams would beat the Texans 40-10, but the final score was 38-22 Rams over the Texans. The Texans late in the 4th quarter made it a little bit interesting, but it was not enough to beat the Rams. I predicted that the Seahawks would beat the Jaguars 24-13, but the final score was 31-7 Seahawks over the Jags. I predicted that the Broncos would beat the Football Team 33-17, but the final score was 17-10 Broncos over the Football Team. I predicted that the Cowboys would beat the Vikings 32-27, but the final score was 20-16 Cowboys over the Vikings. I predicted that the Chiefs would beat the Giants 36-24, but the final score was 20-17 Chiefs over the Giants in a close game.

I predicted that the Bengals would beat the Jets easily 40-10, but the final score was 34-31 Jets over the Bengals. I was pretty shocked to see the Bengals losing to a team that is not very good. That was the game the Bengals should have won. Or maybe the Jets just came to play, who knows! I predicted that the Browns would beat the Steelers 27-24, but the final score was 15-10 Steelers over the Browns. I predicted that the Bears would beat the 49ers 23-20, but the final score was 33-22 49ers over the Bears. I predicted that the Chargers would beat the Patriots 38-21, but the final score was 27-24 Patriots over the Chargers. I predicted that the Buccaneers would beat the Saints 31-23, but the final score was 36-27 Saints over the Buccaneers.

So, I have gotten 8 out of 13 picks correct! Now let’s get to the week 9 NFL picks, shall we?! The first game I will predict is the Raiders @Giants game. I think the Raiders will beat the Giants 34-20. The next game I will predict is the Falcons @Saints game, the divisional rivalries. I think the Saints come out on top of the Falcons 36-17. I just think the Falcons are not talented enough to beat the Saints and besides, the Saints are rolling right now after they got off to a little bit of a bumpy start to the season. The next game I will predict is the Bills @Jags game. I do expect the Bills to beat the Jags 38-21. The Bills are just a dangerous team and the Jags can’t really win games. The next game I will predict is the Browns @Bengals game, the divisional rivalries. I think this is going to be a good game. I think I will give this game to the Bengals because I think that they know that they should have won the game last week. So, the final score I will say is 31-28 Bengals over the Browns in a very close game. The next game I will predict is the Patriots @Panthers game. I might actually think the Patriots can beat the Panthers 32-26 because I think that they might be starting to play a little bit better. But you never know! The next game I will predict is the Broncos @Cowboys game. I think this is going to be a really good game. The last time these 2 teams play was in 2013 when the Denver Broncos beat the Dallas Cowboys in a big shootout 51-48!! This time I don’t think it will be a shootout like that again. I think I am going to get the edge to the Cowboys over the Broncos 44-31 because I think the Cowboys are playing a little bit better than the Broncos are right now. The next game I will predict is the Vikings @Ravens game. I think this might actually be a great game here. However, I think the Ravens will do enough to beat the Vikings 27-23. The Ravens may make things hard for the Vikings to try and come back and win. The next game I will predict is the Chargers @Eagles game. I think the Chargers will bounce back with a win over the Eagles 24-16. The next game I will predict is the Packers @Chiefs game. I think this game will be a great game. Aaron Rodgers however will not play tomorrow because tested positive for Covid-19. He basically lied about the Covid-19 vaccines in an interview. He was trying to defend himself by saying he did not lie, but he did. If you are a Packers fan, then you would have to be disappointed in him. It possibly could end his career in Green Bay if he keeps acting like this. I was going to pick the Packers to win this game, but since the quarterback is going to be out, I actually think the Chiefs can pull off the win over the Packers in a close game 36-31.

The next game I will predict is the Cardinals @49ers game, the divisional rivalries. The Cardinals are coming off with their first loss of the season against the Packers and the 49ers are coming off with the win over the Bears. The 49ers are feeling it as they come back to Santa Clara and it is not really a good look for the Cardinals. The Cardinals are going to be without a wide receiver A.J. Green because he apparently tested positive and if D-Hop can’t go, then it will be very hard for the offense to try and win the game. You also got Kyler Murray who is trying to deal with his injury and if he can’t go, then a backup quarterback Colt McCoy will be starting. The good news is that some offensive linemen is going on the right track to play such as Rodney Hudson and Justin Murray. The Cardinals have to protect the quarterback cleanly so that Kyler Murray does not have to go backwards and getting sack for a big loss. The 49ers may be without their top safeties, but they will have the quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and a tight end George Kittle back. These 2 players did not play last time. The Cardinals need to run the ball more, pressure the quarterback, stop the run, and get off to a good start. The run defense of the Cardinals are struggling to stop the run. I think this will be a very close game. I think I’m going to give the Cardinals an edge barely over the 49ers 27-20. Again, don’t overestimate the Cardinals too much though because you never know what could happen and they cannot lose 2 straight. It does have to be a sweep tomorrow. The next game I will predict is the Titans @Rams game on Sunday Night Football. The Titans will be without their starting running back Derrick Henry for the remainder of the season. I think that this should be a really good game here. I might be wrong in this game, nut I actually think the Titans can beat the Rams in a very close game 31-27. The Rams offense may be a bit better than the Titans offense, but I just think the Titans may pull off an upset. I won’t be surprised if the Rams win tomorrow though. The last game I will predict is the Bears @Steelers game on Monday Night Football. I think the Steelers will come away with the win over the Bears 34-24.

So, what do you guys think about the NFL week 9 picks?! I would love to hear lots of comments, thoughts, opinions, questions, or concerns down below!

Stay tuned for NFL updates.

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