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Week 18 Team Pick Updates and Wild Card Game Picks!

Hi everyone! Today I want to discuss which picks I got correct and which ones I got wrong. So, let’s get started! I predicted that the Chiefs would beat the Broncos 35-16, but the final score was 28-24 Chiefs over the Broncos in a close game. The Broncos were trying to play spoiler on the Chiefs clinching the number one seed in the AFC, but it was just not enough to stop them. The Broncos may have won the game had they not fumbled the ball while having a 21-20 lead. I predicted that the Browns would beat the Bengals 31-17, but the final score was 21-16 Browns over the Bengals. I predicted that the Steelers would beat the Ravens 25-17, but the final score was 16-13 Steelers over the Ravens in overtime. The Steelers won the game in overtime with a game-winning field goal. I predicted that the Titans would beat the Texans 30-17, but the final score was 28-25 Titans over the Texans in a close game. The Texans were putting up a fight to stop the Titans, but it was just not enough to beat the Titans. And the Titans have clinched the number one seed in the AFC because they have won even though the Chiefs won the day before the Titans played. I predicted that the Bills would beat the Jets 39-16, but the final score was 27-10 Bills over the Jets. The Bills have won their division. I predicted that the Buccaneers would beat the Panthers 31-18, but the final score was 41-17 Buccaneers over the Panthers in a blowout. I predicted that the 49ers would beat the Rams 31-27, but the final score was 27-24 49ers over the Rams in overtime. The 49ers came back from being down 17-0 and kicked a potential field goal, but it was a game-winning interception by the niner’s defense. Sure, looked like the Rams were going to win this game, but it all of the sudden came into a collapse. I predicted that the Raiders would beat the Chargers 34-30, but the final score was 35-32 Raiders over the Chargers in overtime. That game was absolutely crazy because both of these teams were trying to get into the playoffs, but someone had to lose and that was the Chargers. The Chargers head coach made some mistakes that cost them to lose the game. The Raiders meanwhile are now in the playoffs which they will play the Bengals in Cincinnati.

I predicted that the Eagles will beat the Cowboys 24-20, but the final score was 51-26 Cowboys over the Eagles in a huge blowout. The Cowboys offense and defense played exceptionally well. Scoring more than 50 points for a second time this season. I predicted that the Packers would beat the Lions 48-23, but the final score was 37-30 Lions over the Packers. I predicted that the Colts would beat the Jaguars 38-20, but the final score was 26-11 Jaguars over the Colts in an upset. That loss for the Colts was embarrassing because they were getting red hot towards the end of the season and they needed to win that game to make the playoffs, and you failed?! Come on now, you should not have lost this game!! The Jags have been actually played good against the Colts as they have not won there in a long time. No wonder why they played so horribly against the Jags. I predicted that the Cardinals would beat the Seahawks 27-21, but the final score was 38-30 Seahawks over the Cardinals. The Cardinals just didn’t play well enough and continuing to struggle at home going 3-5 at home. That’s got to be disappointing for the Cardinals fans because they wanted the Cardinals to win the last game. The Cardinals defense allowed 38 points including a long run in the fourth quarter by Rashad Penny, wide open receiver to tie the game at 24, kicking field goals, handling a bad kick to where he had to run it, but fumbled it, throwing the ball on 3rd down and 1 and throwing an incomplete pass, and not scoring touchdowns even with long drives inside the red zone. The Cardinals got off to a 7-0 lead with a turnover for a touchdown by a Chandler Jones strip sack and Josh Allen with a scoop and score. The Cardinals offense was playing okay and were able to put up 30 points on the board, but it was not enough to win the game. The Cardinals missed their opportunity to win the division because the 49ers have beaten the Rams to help out the Cardinals. Probably should have won the division. They are better on the road. I predicted that the Patriots would beat the Dolphins 34-24, but the final score was 33-24 Dolphins over the Patriots.

So, I have gotten 8 out of 13 picks correct! Now, let’s get to the Wild Card Game Picks, shall we?! The first game I will predict is the Raiders @Bengals tomorrow. I think this should be a pretty good game. I think the Bengals will barely beat the Raiders in a close game 32-29. I think the Bengals offense will do just enough to beat the Raiders even though the Raiders run game will be hard to stop. The Bengals offense are pretty good as well. The next game tomorrow I will predict is the Patriots @Bills game, the divisional rivalries. I think this should be a pretty close game. I actually think the Patriots might beat the Bills, but it will be a close game 30-23. The Sunday game I will predict first is the Eagles @Buccaneers game. I think the Buccaneers will beat the Eagles 26-17. I don’t think the Eagles can beat a team who has been playing pretty good at home. The Bucs may have some key players back on the field to make it tough on the Eagles to beat them. The next game I will predict is the 49ers @Cowboys game. I think this should be a very close game. I think the 49ers will barely beat the Cowboys in a very close game 37-33 because I think the 49ers are a bit more of a physical team than the Cowboys. The Cowboys will make this game really close, but I think the 49ers eventually will come out on top of Dallas. The next game I will predict is the Steelers @Chiefs game on Sunday Night Football. The Chiefs steamrolled the Steelers 36-10 the last time these 2 teams played. I think it will be a lot closer than the last one. The Steelers will do way better this time, however, I still think the Chiefs will win this game and beat the Steelers 31-25. The last game I will predict is the Cardinals @Rams game, the divisional rivalries on Monday Night Football super wild card! Everyone is going to be fired up for this game! Both of these teams are coming off with their losses last week. The Cardinals won in Sofi stadium last time, but did not beat the Rams at their stadium because they could not stop the Rams star wide receiver Cooper Kupp and possibly Odell Beckham Jr. They got to contain these wide receivers because it will be a long day for the Cardinals defense. The Cardinals cannot play from behind early in the game, they have to get off to a great start, please do not kick field goals because that is not going to help you beat the Rams, score as many touchdowns as you can, pressure Matthew Stafford right up the middle, don’t beat yourselves, Kliff Kingsbury cannot get cute with his play calling especially in the red zone, keep running the ball and not abandon it to set up good play action, stop the run, contain Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr, make the Rams one-dimensional, don’t let Aaron Donald and Von Miller ruin your gameplan, get easy first downs, Kyler Murray cannot go backwards and take sacks if there is pressure. Just throw the ball away if there is too much pressure, and not allowing too many chunk plays. The Cardinals are getting some key players back including Marco Wilson, JJ Watt, wide receiver Rondale Moore and possibly James Conner. The good thing is for the Cardinals is that they are way better on the road and been the best road team in the NFL this season! I wish that it would be a home game for the Cardinals, but it will be better off playing on the road. I think the Cardinals are going to barely beat the Rams in a close game 30-28. I just believe that the Cardinals can do this, but they must show me that they can be a Super Bowl team and that starts with Kyler Murray. If you fail to win, then you are out of the playoffs. You get one chance to keep your season alive so do it! Don’t fail the Cardinals fans!

So, what do you guys think about the Wild Card game picks?! I would love to hear lots of comments, thoughts, opinions, questions, or concerns down below!

Stay tuned for Wild Card updates.

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