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Everybody Scares, Sometimes

Halloween is nigh upon us, and all around—besides the candy and the costumes and the decorations—are recommendations for scary films to watch on Halloween.  The Nerd Element did a similar thing last year with our 31...
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Chrissy’s Corner: Director James Cullen Bressack Chats ‘Pernicious’, Horror Films & Wes Craven

Chrissy Piccolo
It’s that time of year again, when the air gets crisper, leaves change color and the smell of wood burning fireplaces fills the air. October is my favorite time of the year. The only time...
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31 Days of Halloween – Days 22 – 31

Time for October 22 through 31, a mix of psychologically scarring scares and some fun scares to lighten the mood! Remember: They aren’t ranked and it’s not a countdown, but a list of suggestions I think will...
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