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TV Interviews

Killjoys: The Jaqobi Brothers Push Through

Natty Willy
Brothers John and D’avin Jaqobi have been through the ringer this season.  From Khlyen trying to put green goo into D’avin, to John getting in serious trouble in the name of Old Town, this is...
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Killjoys S2E8 Recap: Full Metal Monk

Natty Willy
Sooo much happened in this episode! Let’s get to it! Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) now knows about John’s (Aaron Ashmore) extracurricular activities.  We start the episode with her visiting his electro cell at Spring Hill.  She’s...
TV Recaps/Reviews

Killjoys S2E7 Recap: Heart Shaped Box

Natty Willy
At least we sort of pick up where we left off last week! I was a little miffed that we didn’t see D’Avin (Luke MacFarlane) first thing.  As usual, this episode provided several great scenes...
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