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Killjoys S2E8 Recap: Full Metal Monk

Sooo much happened in this episode! Let’s get to it!

KILLJOYS -- "Full Metal Monk" Episode 208 -- Pictured: Aaron Ashmore as John -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)
KILLJOYS — “Full Metal Monk” Episode 208 — Pictured: Aaron Ashmore as John — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)

Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) now knows about John’s (Aaron Ashmore) extracurricular activities.  We start the episode with her visiting his electro cell at Spring Hill.  She’s really disappointed in him.  He nearly got their RAC license revoked.  He explains himself by saying that he wanted to figure out what was going on with Westerly and Old Town with Pawter (Sarah Power) (who he loves by the way), while she was dealing with Level 6, Khlyen (Rob Stewart), the green goo, and Sabine (Tori Anderson). Dutch tells him that she killed Sabine and Khlyen gave her a red box. She doesn’t know what she wants to do.  She wasn’t expecting his issues too.  She calls Pawter to see if she can help him get out.  Dutch makes a dig saying that Pawter seems to be the only one he trusts now.  John is wondering why she even came if she was going to dip and not help him.  Because old habits dearie.

Davin (Luke MacFarlane) and Turin (Patrick Gallow) meet in an alley.  Davin gives the man the list of L6s they know that are in Old Town.  High five for Team Awesome Force! No, oh alright Turin.  Party pooper.  One of them, Hoolian Ducat (Patrick Gerton) is someone that saved Turin’s butt a few times.  He wants to confront the man face to face.  Well Hoolian’s version of talking is trying to kill both Turin and Davin.  Hoolian is choking Davin when Davin stares at him.  The guy starts screaming and his eyes explode.  Some of the goo got in Davin’s mouth.  Ewwww. Like Davin said, “that’s new!”

Davin is describing the experience in the shower to Dutch.  Yes some of it got in his mouth and no it didn’t taste like chicken.  Again, ew. Dutch advises him working on his concentration to master this new ability.  Davin thought that Dutch would bail Johnny out but Dutch tells him that Pawter will instead.  Since she’s royalty, she has a better chance of helping John.  Dutch asks Lucy for an update.  Lucy reports that Pawter has arrived in Spring Hill.  Dutch and Davin need to talk.

KILLJOYS -- "Full Metal Monk" Episode 208 -- Pictured: Sarah Power as Pawter -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)
KILLJOYS — “Full Metal Monk” Episode 208 — Pictured: Sarah Power as Pawter — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)

At Spring Hill, Pawter is blaming herself for Johnny’s predicament.  Jelco (Pascal Langdale) interrupts the reunion.  Pawter and Jelco trade barbs but Pawter has the upper hand when she goes Royal on him and demand he let her boo go.  Johnny and Pawter leave.  Jelco has one of his men get Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen).  Just great!

Dutch kind of sort of gives Davin an option of helping her with trying to find Aneela or helping his brother John.  She does tell him that they have dissolved their partnership temporarily based on the latest events.  Davin decides to go with Dutch considering John lied to him as well.

Speaking of Johnny, he thanks Pawter for bailing him out.  She is there on a mission.  To find proof that The Company has devious plans for the people of Old Town.  She thinks from what Senbek told John that this would be another version of Execution Eugenics.  Pawter explains that during the old colony days with animals, the Company would introduce a biological contaminant to contained animals that would only leave the strong stock. This time they are doing it with people.  Um, brutal!  Pawter thinks the contaminant is already in Old Town, they just have to find it first.  They will start by taking the blood sample off of a random drunk.

Meanwhile, in Spring Hill, Ms. Delle Seyah Kendry via hologram doesn’t understand why Pawter is so stubborn about wanting to know stuff.  She wants Jelco to move up the time table and show Pawter what the wall can do and wants Jelco to handle them.  Jelco is like “alrighty then.”  He initiates the “Boundary Wall Protocol” and cranks up the level.  This is sooo not good!

Davin That's creepy giphy

On Leith at the Scarback monastery, Dutch tries to talk to Olan (Ricardo Hoyos), who recently tried to kill his brother who he thought for some reason was a Level 6.  Those visions broke him according to Alvis (Morgan Kelly).  When Dutch mention the name Aneela, he starts getting upset calling her “Prat-tal” aka devil, starts getting flashes of who I’m assuming is Aneela and starts writing on the wall behind him using burned out charcoal.  It’s in the similar script that is on the skin strip that Alvis is using as a bookmark.  Again, I’m with Davin when he said that was creepy.  Alvis is only able to recognize a few of the words like Arykn and plague.  Olan expands on that by saying it’s a map.  He has flashes of a river and people dying in green goo.  Olan begs them not to go there.  Alvis adds that rivers used to be on the planet several hundred years ago. That was also around the time that the monks went there to fight the devil.  Interesting.  Here we go with another field trip to Arkyn!

Pree giphy

At the Royale in Old Town.  John and Pawter are not having any luck finding anything.  John thinks that maybe it hasn’t happened yet. Pawter needs proof sooner rather than later to show her ally in the council Arune Hiponia.  He’s supposed to meet her there for evidence to use against the Company.   Pree (Thom Allison) gives them another potential clue when he mentions smuggled contraband after Pawter notices that he hasn’t lost any weight.  People have been trading for food after they ran out of rat and cat to eat.  Pawter almost got smacked by Pree but thankfully that got cleared up quick.  Pawter and John can now check the food.

On Lucy, Alvis is meditating when Davin interrupts. He starts off awkwardly by mentioning the barrier that’s no longer on Arkyn.  Alvis knows he wants to talk so he lets him.  Davin regurgitates what happened earlier when he made Hoolian’s eyes explode.  Alvis asks some pointed questions to see where Davin may have gone wrong.  Baby steps would be trying to not wish someone dead, even when they are choking you.  It’s a start.  Davin leaves.

On Arkyn, Lucy lands near the area were the river Olan mentions in his dream is located.  They find a similar mirrored 3D cube.  Like before, Dutch is the only one that can access it.  Dutch, Davin, and Alvis enter and the room is different from before.  There are no clues, just a closed off room.  Suddenly the lights turn off and they start to go down.  Fast.  Dutch is the only one that can stop it.  Fortunately, she stops it just in time.  The bad news is they can no longer reach Lucy.  They land in an abandoned underground facility. Alvis complains when Dutch hands him a small gun, because of size and all that.

Hey Carl!

Back in Old Town, Pree’s supplier turns out to be none other than Carl (Jameson Kraemer).  John doesn’t recognize him at first but Carl reminds him that he was the one at the prison that survived that deadly chemical gas.  It eventually clicks for John.  Carl decided to use his company connections to score some respect from the Old Towners.  Pawter starts testing the food. When she mentions she hasn’t found anything again but vegetables, rat, and gluten, Carl pukes at the thought of gluten.  Carl does mention that soon there will be a different shipment of food that should be better than the last few batches. Pawter is hoping that shipment is soon so she has proof for Arune.

Back on Arkyn, Dutch and the boys search several empty rooms with Alvis and Davin doing their own version of flirting.  Davin and Dutch eventually find decayed bodies strapped to gurneys.  The bodies look preserved though because one of the bodies feels warm to Dutch.  Davin finds the stent that they put on him at Red 17 to transfer the green plasma.  They keep searching the room.  Davin finds what looks like plans.  Dutch misses John at that moment since he would be able to interpret the plans. This could be the first Red 17.  Alvis scores by finding an ancient scarback monk (Julian Richings) in a dazed state behind a wall that looks uncanny to the one surrounding Old Town, only purple instead of blue.  This could be an original version of the wall as well.  In fact, this facility predates the Company.  Alvis makes an interesting observation.  The bodies that they found, plus the one in the mossipede mines and now this live one is 12.  This guy is one of the ancient monks that went to fight the devil!  Oh snap! Dutch shoots a machine nearby causing the wall to collapse.  Old school baby! It’s time for that monk to be free.

In Old Town, Pree is in a really happy mood and starts singing.  Pawter and John go up to her old office, which has been turned into a sex room.  Pawter changes into one of the sexy outfits while John tries to figure out how to intercept the food convoy from SpringHill.  He takes one look at her and wants to get all lovey-dovey.  She really wants to help as a way to make up for the fact that John is now on the outs with Dutch and Davin.  For some reason Pawter is feeling really happy despite the obstacles still in their way.  She seems optimistic about getting what they need.  John even says I love you.  Pawter says it right back and even includes “I could die.” Why did she say that?! As they kiss we see the wall looking all juiced up with slight sparks.

At Arkyn, Alvis tries to communicate with the ancient monk.  He doesn’t say much until he sees Dutch.  He calls out prat-tal and runs away.  Dutch wants to catch him and using the fact he thinks she’s Aneela could come in handy.  Dutch guesses that the monks came to fight Aneela, who is like the devil.  The monk comes after Dutch and Davin tries to hold him using his mind trick.  Alvis tries to get him to think about when he was a sniper to get him to concentrate.  It almost works but Dutch has to knock out monk.

Special Cameo!

2016-08-22 (1)
KILLJOYS — “Full Metal Monk” Episode 208 — Pictured: Shamier Anderson as Arune Hiponia

Back to Old Town, Pawter is practicing her aim by shooting something from on top of John’s head.  There’s giggling.  Arune shows up and guess who it is?! It’s Shamier Anderson from the other SyFy show Wynonna Earp making a cameo! I squeeled with happiness as soon as I saw him! I definitely saw a little bit of Dolls in Arune.  He immediately noticed that both Pawter and John seem to be high.  He initially thinks that Pawter is using again but it’s not that.  John reports that the poison is in the rations but they haven’t gotten the sample yet. Arune tells Pawter that his family got almost wiped out because they questioned Kendry so he’s taking a huge risk. Dang!  Jelco shows up. Ugh, go away! He gloats that both Pawter and John are like helpless babes.


The ancient monk is tied down to one of the gurneys facing up.  Davin is able to control him this time.  Dutch hates her new nickname.  I’m with you on that Dutch.  The monk still thinks that Dutch is Aneela so Alvis interprets in the Old Word to try to convince him otherwise.  Dutch winds up cutting herself in the hand as proof that she’s not healing.  Satisfied, the monk asks who sent Dutch.  She shows him Khlyen.  The monk knows him but he reveals that Aneela called Khlyen father. Say what now?

cat Oh Snap giphy

Dutch understandably freaks out a little bit!  Khlyen may have wanted to mention that he wanted to kill his daughter that happens to be a dead ringer for Dutch.  Davin tries to calm her down to decide on the next step.  She wants to torch the place.  She wants to let the monk go but he asks her to kill him.  Irony, even though Dutch is the one killing him, Aneela still won because they didn’t stop her and she killed the other monks. Dutch agrees, even though she’s reluctant to do so.  Davin reminds her that it should be the monk’s decision considering he’s been tortured for decades. Alvis gives last rites. Dutch does the deed.

Darn you Jelco!

KILLJOYS — “Full Metal Monk” Episode 208 — Pictured: Pascal Langdale as Jelco

Arune wants to bounce but Jelco got rid of his guard.  Jelco pulls a gun on Arune and has him get rid of his.  High, Johnny reveals the gun.  Jelco explains that all of Old Town is high, not just Pawter and John.  Since they were suspicious Jelco had to crank it up.  Jelco protects himself from the effects with a small patch to his neck.  Since Arune hasn’t been there long, he can’t feel the effects of it.  Jelco wants to test Pawter and John’s complacency.  He shoots Arune in the gut.  He bleeds out.  As he’s bleeding Pawter and John slowly reach him and barely help him.  She just apologizes and says don’t be sad.  Jelco wipes his prints using Arune’s cloth and puts the gun in Pawter’s hands.  Gosh darn it.  He claims it’s just business.  I’m sure there’s a little personal ish in that reasoning Jelco.  Johnny seems to fight it a little bit.  The bastard Jelco even licks Pawter’s neck! John tells Jelco what they found out and they will stop him. Jelco laughs.  He even takes a picture of them near Arune’s body, smiling a little bit as he announces he’s sending it to the other families.  He leaves telling John that it wasn’t just the food that was poisoned even though they were right about that. Jelco leaves.  They hear Pree singing downstairs.  John feels like they should leave but Pawter says later.

On Lucy, Dutch tells Davin that Alvis is laying the other bodies to rest. She puts the dreadnought away.  Davin offers her an ear if she wants to talk, but she says she’s good.  She’s worried though that in some way, she is Aneela.  Davin tries to reassure her that she is Yala who became Dutch and they will find Aneela.  Dav has more bad news.  Lucy reports Davin’s tech findings.  The wall can dispel fear and create a state of euphoria making the people of Old Town into biddable drones.  The purpose is still unknown though.  Worried Dutch has Lucy contact John on Qresh but Lucy says he’s not there.  Now Dutch is starting to panic again.  Where’s Johnny?

Back in Old Town, Johnny (without pants) and Pawter make it outside still high.  They find a guy on the ground with his leg bloodied and broken and don’t help him.  He tells them he flew from the top of the building.  Oh no. Johnny hears his BDD go off but throws it away nearby outside of the Royale.  There are people frolicking barefoot on glass.  Pree is still singing in a lovely voice.  Jelco makes an announcement about the rations coming. Pawter and John kiss and look outside the wall.

And that’s how the episode ends ladies and gents.  They totally leave us hanging as usual.

More Thoughts!

Every time Davin reveals something new he can do with the goo I’m like….

Chris Pratt Oh Snap giphy

What was cool about this one is it totally reminded me of the movie Scanner (good movie, worth checking out).

Johnny and Pawter are in trouble y’all.  I don’t know how Dutch and Davin can get them out of this jam without potentially succumbing to the same effects from the wall.  Are they going to be able to find that patch that Jelco had to protect themselves?  We will have to see next week.  By the end of the episode with Jelco gloating I was like:

Martin Damn giphy

I felt so sorry for Dutch in the episode.  I also felt bad about that last monk.  He was there for YEARS on that high.  I’m wondering though if Aneela was just the tip of the iceberg.  Khylen left Dutch clues to get to Arkyn so I’m wondering if he also expected her to kill the last monk as well.  That would be the last piece of evidence of the 12 monks if you think about it and the original green goo factory.  That would be convenient.

I knew that the goo and the Wall would be connected and I really wish that Johnny had stayed with Dutch and Davin.  See what happens when you are split up?! I do have to give it to Pawter at the beginning though. She was looking fierce in her outfit and she told off Jelco which made me happy.

Shout out to Pascal Langdale who is killing it as Jelco. I want to hate his character so much!  Jelco is like a jerk personified.  I wanted to smack the smug look he gave as Pawter and Johnny was high!  I’m really hoping that John kicks his butt soon!

Kendry, Kendry, Kendry.  Why do you always got to be stirring up trouble?  Why are the other families afraid of her? It probably doesn’t help that she had that tech that could take out a whole generation from last season.  I loved the cameo by Shamier while at the same time disappointed because he’s now dead! Unless he plays a clone, twin, doppelgänger, what have you, he can’t make more cameos. Why couldn’t he have called via holiphone, it would’ve been safer darn it!

Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments!

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