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Korra’s Corner – Season 3 Episode 1-3 Recap *Spoilers*

The Legend of Korra Season 3 premiered last night with three brand new episodes! Titled “A Breath of Fresh Air,” “Rebirth,” and “The Earth Queen.” The new season deals directly with the results of the Harmonic Convergence – Republic City is covered in spirit vines and spirits AND Airbenders have been discovered across the world! We see a bit more mature Korra in these episodes, we have seen that she has a greater control over the Avatar state and her airbending abilities showing that she now uses a glider.

The first episode, “A Breath of Fresh Air,” deals with the fact that now Bumi can air bend indicating that the Harmonic Convergence has given the ability of airbending to others! While Tenzin and the gang deals with Bumi’s new abilities, Korra has to deal with the problems plaguing Republic City – spirit vines have taken over parts of the city and she is unable to remove them. On top of that the people of Republic City are disappointed with the Avatar for letting spirits into their world. Korra attempts to knock out the vines with Unalaq’s Spirit Calming Spell which seemingly works only to have the vines grow with a vengeance, destroying a nearby building.

This segues into Korra and the Gang dealing with a new Airbender in Republic City who has no control over his abilities and is wreaking havoc – it culminates into Korra saving this new bender who needs a change of underwear. The President of Republic City approaches Korra and kicks her out of Republic City which leads Korra to search for new Airbenders with Tenzin to rebuild the Air Nation.

The episode ends with the introduction of a new baddie, Zaheer, who had been locked up in a special prison by the White Lotus – unbeknownst to the White Lotus, Zaheer has gained the ability to airbend and breaks out of his prison in the style of a master Airbender. Zaheer then declares that the White Lotus and the Avatar are coming to an end.

It looks like Zaheer will be the big bad in the upcoming season of Korra, a “super bender” like Sparky Boom Boom Man in Avatar: The Last Airbender. It also appears that Zuko and the White Lotus have been locking away these super benders without the knowledge of the public or the Avatar, herself. The Order of the White Lotus has been working behind the scenes since Aang’s day to protect the Avatar and people with questionable ethics.


The second episode, “Rebirth,” sets off with Korra and the gang search for Airbenders as they make their way to Ba Sing Se. Even with their best attempts at recruiting, no one wants to leave their current life to become an Air Nomad and rebuild the Air Nation. Eventually the show introduces, Kai, a young airbender who is their very first recruit – only to discover that he has been using his airbending to steal valuables and such. While the gang is busy dealing with Kai, Zaheer crashes the party and breaks out Gazon from another White Lotus prison, an earthbender with the apparent ability to melt rock into some sort of lava star weapon. Gazon and Zaheer, then break out Ming Wa – a waterbender with incredible control over her water limbs. Then we have Zuko! Zuko is bad in all his glory, having grown into quite the old man. He speaks with a White Lotus guard about Zaheer, Gazon and Ming Wa – benders with incredible abilities – he also mentions the last bender they will attempt to break out of prison is a firebender who can create explosions with her mind like Sparky Boom Boom Man! Zuko takes off on his dragon to the Northern Water Tribe to make sure no such breakout will occur.

We all know that Zuko will fail in some sense, breaking out that last Super Bender.  It’ll definitely lead to a confrontation between the Super Benders and Korra + the Gang. Expect awesome bending battles to ensue!


In episode 3, “The Earth Queen,” the gang arrives at Ba Sing Se. Korra meets the Earth Queen, an unlikeable women who is only concerned about her appearance and her tax money. She sends Korra off on a mission to steal the gold – only to discover she’s fighting against the people – the Earth Queen informs her that there are no Airbenders in Ba Sing Se. Kai quickly resorts to stealing in the Inner Circle ditching Mako and Bolin in the outer circle – only for the two to discover their extended family! Mako even gives up his scarf to his grandmother who he has meet for the first time. It turns over to Zuko, who has reached the North Pole to check on Spark Boom Boom Lady – who is still in prison for now… Kai continues his stealing like a young Toph only to be easily captured by the Dai Li – who are taking all the airbenders in Ba Sing Se to create an Airbending Army!

From what I’ve seen here, we have a good build up to what will be an epic confrontation between the Avatar and the Super Benders and possibly the Earth Kingdom and the Order of the White Lotus. We still don’t know why the Super Benders want to destroy the Avatar and the White Lotus – it could be because they’re just evil or that the White Lotus just locked them up for being too powerful and now they just want revenge!

The introduction of random people becoming airbenders really follows with the title of Season 3, “Change.” Tenzin explains to Korra that the allowance of the Harmonic Convergence to occur has allowed the Avatar to restore balance to the world which is why airbenders are appearing out of nowhere again. This also brings up a good point about airbending – no one aside from a few has used airbending for nearly 200 years… which means there is no defense against it. We saw Korra whoop on Amon with airbending like he was a child – not to mention Zaheer easily taking out the White Lotus guards. It shows that people aren’t really prepared to defend themselves against airbending and maybe that is why the Earth Queen and the Dai Li are creating an Airbending Army?

What are your thoughts? Post in the comments below and I’ll join you on the conversation!

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