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Korra’s Korner – Episodes 6-7, SPOILERS!

The Legend of Korra once again graced us with its wonderful presence giving, us two brand new episodes – Old Wounds and The Original Airbenders. In these two episodes, we see a lot of character development across the board – seeing our favorite characters grow into those big shoes they have to fill.

‘Old Wounds’

This episode begins with Suyin discovering that Korra doesn’t know how to metalbend and offers to instruct while simultaneously making a jab at Lin for being a poor teacher. Suyin shows Korra the basics of metalbending whilst Bolin watches, who is frustrated that he is one of the 99 in 100 that cannot airbend. Suyin informs him to not believe everything you hear, the only thing that limits you, is yourself. What a great quote! Going back to Lin, she is under extreme stress and goes to an acupuncturist for healing. After the metal needles are placed throughout her body, the acupuncturist explains t’hat her chi is messed up and needs more needles, after a needle is placed where Amon stole her bending, she has a flashback to when Suyin and herself were children. Suyin is obviously hanging out with the wrong crowd, hanging with punks who are stealing jewelry.┬áLin looks at Suyin with disgust and warns her of the trouble she is getting into – only for Lin to receive a police call to chase down some robbers – surprise surprise, Suyin is the getaway driver! Lin chases down Suyin and demands that she comes in, only for a fight to ensue! Lin wraps a metal cable around Suyin’s wrist only for Suyin to slash it off – causing the cable to snap back across Lin’s face giving Lin those infamous scars. Back in Republic City Zaheer and the Super Benders are planning their escape and get away in a delivery truck. We see them again working as a team and easily devastate the Republic City Metal Bender Police Force… Zaheer has mastered meditation and can apparently contact with the spirits to discover that the location of the Avatar is with the Metal Clan. Back in Zao Fu, Lin and Suyin get into that epic fight that has been 30 years in the making – Lin unfortunately gets her ass kicked by Suyin and passes out in the Avatar’s arms. After waking, Lin is at peace and makes up with Suyin and they are both glad that Opal will be joining the Airbender Nation.

In this episode, we see a lot of a character development, characters stepping out of their comfort zones to learn new things such as metalbending and forgiveness. We’ll probably see Korra’s greater mastery over metalbending and that Bolin will probably soon join her.

‘The Original Airbenders’

Tenzin, it seems, always has difficulty living up to his father’s legacy. He has trouble training the new Airbender recruits. They are bored with his constant stories of ancient Airbenders and their mediations. Korra suggests to trick Bumi into helping and with Bumi’s suggestion, Tenzin turns his training into a boot camp and the Airbenders start to drop like flies. Bumi quits in disgust and runs off. Meanwhile Kai and Jinora, go play with the baby bison only to almost get eaten by the mommy bison. Some raiders then kidnap Kai and Jinora and the baby bison, Kai asks Jinora to enter the spirit world but due to the constrictions of the cage, Kai is only able to send another spirit to Bum-ju which speaks to Bumi. Bumi rallies the troops and attacks the raider camp, they had some difficulty dealing with their earthbending at first, but with the help of Tenzin and his children, they kick butt! Kai demonstrates some tremendous airbending, almost killing the leader of the raiders but at the last moment, Tenzin stops him. Tenzin then reminds Kai that Airbenders only attack in defense, not out of anger. After that Tenzin congratulates Kai on his kicking butt. Afterwards, the bison come to Tenzin’s camp and Tenzin explains that the bison are the original Airbenders.

In this episode, we don’t see a lot of Korra and the gang, just much development between Tenzin and Bumi and their family. We see Tenzin coming into his own as a leader and being able to train new Airbenders. With Bumi back to being an officer he is leading troops into battle. Since the season is halfway over, I expect things to culminate into a large battle soon – we still don’t know the real reason behind Zaheer’s obsession with the Avatar and I hope we learn soon!

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