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Korra’s Korner – “Beyond the Wilds” *SPOILERS*

This week on Korra’s Korner – we finally finally and for sure see Korra get her mojo back!

The episode opens with Ryu – the hipster airbender – being a tour guide for the spirit vines that were created in the battle between giant spirit Korra and Unavaatu (Unalaq + Vaatu). A spirit vine comes russhing out of the forest and one of the tourists gets snatched up by the spirit vine after poking it with a stick. The spirit vines then pick up Ryu and the rest of the tourists as the show switches to Korra playing with Naga via earthbending.

Opal talks to Korra about the capture of her family and she reassures Opal that she will get her family back. Jinora comes explaining that she felt a disturbance in the spirit wilds – Korra gets a reading by touching the vines and sees Kuvira harvesting vines in the swamp. The gang splits up as Korra and Opal go to talk to Raiko about dealing with Kuvira and Jinora entering the spirit wilds to find the lost tour group. Back with Raiko, Prince Wu, Tenzin, Lin, and Fire Lord Izumi¬†– talking how to deal with Kuvira. Korra finds out that she wasn’t invited to the discussion with Tenzin explaining that they felt they called the Avatar back into action too soon. They explain to Korra they she just can’t barge while Bolin and Varrick rush in. They explain Kuvira’s new superweapon devised from spirit vines. Raiko demands a pre-emptive strike and the Fire Lord and Tenzin decline until there is no other choice. They agree to fortify security on the borders. Bolin explains to Opal that he is sorry for everything that he caused – Lin interrupts and explains to Opal that they have a top secret mission to rescue her family. Korra and Mako greet Bolin with happiness and Bolin apologizes for his actions.

Jinora is in the spirit wilds being attacked by vines and is unable to escape – only to warn Korra and Mako through her spirit form. Lin evacuates the spirit wilds while Korra and Mako search for Jinora. After being attacked by vines they discover the taken people in some sort of egg sacs trapping their spirits in the spirit world. Korra tries the calming technique that she learned from Unalaq but fails – Korra attempts to free them from the spirit world but is met with Zaheer. She relives her fight with Zaheer and exits her mediation. She determines that Zaheer is blocking her from mediatating in the spirit world and decides to face him once for all.

Bolin uses Pabu to treat Opal into thinking that he is injured and he surprises her with a picnic. Opal goes into a rage and chastises Bolin for harming her family. Raiko meets with Varrick and Asami and they agree to work together again to solve the spirit vine issue. Korra meets with Zaheer and he decides to guide her through mediation after feeling much guilt over his contribution to the rise of Kuvira. As Korra is led by Zaheer into the Spirit World she gets past her experiences with Zaheer and reconnects with Raava. Raava directs Korra to Jinora and she finds the other trapped spirits as well. Raava explains that she must use energy bending to realize them and she is able to free Jinora and the others. Back in the spirit wilds we them return to their bodies and their families.

Mako asks Korra how she is doing and Korra explains that she feels whole again and is able to accept what happened to her and that will make her stronger. Opal chats with Bolin and Bolin professes his love for her and Opal asks him to help her rescue her family and the episode ends.

In this episode, after all of Korra’s trials and misadventures we finally finally finally see her return to her badass self. It’s been a long time coming (over a season and a half!) Nobody said being the Avatar would be easy and it definitely has not for Korra!

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