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Killjoys S2E2 Recap: Wild, Wild Westerly

I loved the music! Several songs fit well in the scenes chosen in the episode. Here we go with the recap!

Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) starts the episode off by looking at herself in the mirror.  When she bends down to look at something her mirror image is still standing looking smug. That’s weird.  Dutch stands back up and she touches the mirror like there are actually two of her.  D’avin (Luke MacFarlane) comes to her door wondering if she’s okay. She’s fine but she questions if what he saw in the memory was really her killing Scarbacks.  He’s sure because he knows her face.  D’avin suggests they talk to Alvis (Morgan Kelly) about Scarback history when they get to Old Town.  Dutch is glad that he’s back and they’re a team again.  From D’avin’s expression and what he said it seemed like he wanted to potentially discuss them getting back together.

Team Awesome Force

The gang heads to the RAC to get D’avin reinstated.  When Turin (Patrick Garrow) walks in, they are surprised that he survived getting stabbed by Khlyen (Rob Stewart).  The reunion doesn’t go well because they initially think that Turin became Level 6 but he hasn’t recovered from his wound so he’s clear. Team Awesome Force in effect! Turin forgives them by simply reinstating D’avin.  They ask for a warrant at Old Town so they have an in.  Turin gives it to them.

They arrive at Old Town and it’s surrounded by a computerized wall.  Shocker that John (Aaron Ashmore) gets aroused by it. Dutch requests to be let in to see Officer Liam Jelco (Pascal Langdale) for the warrant. The wall scans them.  The three Killjoys are cleared but Pree (Thom Allison), who was a warlord at some point in his criminal history, sets off alarms.  They don’t make it back onto Lucy (voiced by Tamsen McDonough). On a side note, there goes another alias, Prima Dezz! Seriously I applaud the writers for coming up with these names for Pree’s aliases!

Dutch and the others wake up hanging by their arms in a room with a very nice background.  Officer Jelco welcomes them to the bio-dome he had set up called Spring Hill, which is just outside of Old Town.  Dutch demands that Jelco let them down so they could discuss his warrant.  When he mentions that Pree could be an anti-Company terrorist Dutch promises that Pree won’t cause any trouble, they were just escorting him home.  After Dutch is able to get herself out of the hanging cuffs Jelco releases the others.  The Killjoys follow Jelco to his office, but Pree is still on guard.  I’m with John, not a fan of Jelco.

The warrant is to capture escapees from Westhole prison.  Tension is high between the Old Towners and the Company since the city got bombed. Since Killjoys are neutral, they shouldn’t have too much trouble completing their warrant. The main warrant Jelco wants them to focus on is Tarron Tighmon (Kedar Brown).  Tighmon was leader of the miners’ union but killed Company reps during negotiations several years ago.  The criminal has gone underground and no one knows where.

Old Town is looking rough.  The plan is to get Pree back to his bar The Royale and then look for the prisoners. They arrive to find that a jerk named Gared (Gavin Fox) has taken over calling it “Gared’s Place.” Dutch creates a distraction while John scans for some of their targets and D’avin goes upstairs to look for Pawter (Sarah Power) or some kind of note indicating where she went.  The distraction is winning the bar back for Pree by kicking the crap out of Gared. Dutch plays with him until John confirms that one of the prisoners is there.  Dutch then breaks his leg.  Stay down Gared! John and Dutch try to arrest Buck Welnar (Tyler McMaster) but he kills himself.  He wasn’t willing to give Tighmon up and he didn’t want to end up like the rest of their targets at Westhole. D’avin runs from the top of the stairs after hearing the gunshot and reports that Pawter isn’t upstairs.  Pree offers to locate Alvis and Pawter for them.

KILLJOYS -- Episode 202 -- Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as “Dutch” -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)
KILLJOYS — Episode 202 — Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as “Dutch” — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)

D’avin and Dutch think they are heading into a trap at Westhole but when they get there the targets except for Tighmon are there dead.  The bodies looked mummified.  Guard Carl (Jameson Kraemer) in a hazmat suit is thankful that the Killjoys are there.  He tells Dutch what happened.  Some of the prisoners escaped when the company jet crashed into the prison so Carl followed the handbook which said to press the red button.  That button emitted a gas that killed everyone in the entire block.  Tighmon made it out before the gas hit, then came back taking weapons and an extra tank of the mummy gas.

Jelco isn’t too happy to hear that news.  Now he wants Tighmon dead. Dutch is like hold up, no changing the warrant like that mid-stream. John confirms that they are bringing Tighmon in alive and then they’re done.  Jelco wants them to make him happy or they may not make it out of Old Town alive. Ugh! John said it perfectly again. “That guy is the dickiest dick who ever dicked!”


Well, at least Pawter is found! She’s at a makeshift hospital treating patients. She’s at least happy to see the gang.  They show her one of the bodies they found at the prison. She is able to tell what caused the body to mummify, severe dehydration.  Someone would have to swallow a lake to reverse the effects.  They ask Company officer Hills Oonan (Frank Moore), who is in hiding from Old Towners trying to kill him, what it is exactly. The chemical is called the Aridity solution and when you breathe it in, you dry up, and that’s all she wrote.  We also get more intel about Jelco.  It just pretty much confirms what a jerk he is.  He got a promotion when he used to be an expert in extraction and torture. Just great! John tries to persuade Pawter to get the Qresh involved by contacting her mother.  She thinks it’s not that simple.  Since Alvis and Tighmon know each other, the next step is to find Alvis so he can help locate their target. Pawter warns that Alvis is in a dark place mentally since the Company is trying to turn Old Town against him so the city does their dirty work for them.

KILLJOYS -- Episode 202 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Power as Pawter, Hannah John-Kamen as “Dutch” -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)
KILLJOYS — Episode 202 — Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Power as Pawter, Hannah John-Kamen as “Dutch” — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)

Alvis is using himself as bait to get medicine and jakk for Pawter.  Dutch and the others find him as he beats up his would-be assailant. When she tells Alvis they are looking for Tarren, he offers to help.

Gared just couldn’t leave well enough alone.   He goes to Pawter for some meds to help with his leg.  He gets greedy and attempts to rob her of the entire bottle she had.  Idiot.  She makes his injury worse to the point where he may need surgery.  Meanwhile Alvis brings D’avin, John, and Dutch to Tarren’s hideout.  There are guards at the place.  Tarren requests to see only Alvis and Dutch when she identifies herself as a Killjoy.  Tarren has been housing the minors and their families since their old leader died in the bombings.  According to Alvis, the minors feel like he’s the only one that can help them.  Tighmon wants to make a deal with Dutch when she mentions about his warrant.  He’ll turn himself in and the gas if the minors and their families get to leave Old Town. Even as a Killjoy, Tighmon wants Dutch to try to speak on their behalf.  Before they could move further into their conversation, a Company drone kills Tighmon.  While his guards are distracted with shooting the thing down, Dutch, Alvis, and the others leave with the tank containing the mummy gas.  Dutch figures that they must’ve been followed.

Pawter is still contemplating calling her mother.  Hills decides to assist her by going to Spring Hill so he can use the phone.  He figures the worst Jelco will do is send him to Westhole.  He thinks that Pawter’s mom would be able to bail him out.  Oh how naïve.  Dutch has Jelco on the phone as they are trying to avoid people.  Jelco complains that he felt he had to do her job because she was taking too long talking.  He demands the tank.  He can’t move his soldiers inside until he has it.  Dutch really wonders what he wants with it.  The way she sees it, the warrant is complete, if he doesn’t let them leave, then the RAC will become involved.  Jelco calls her bluff and has Old Towners turn against them by offering passes out of the planet. Bastard!

They go to the Royale.  John goes to get Pawter and Hills while the others head into the tunnels to get to the bio-dome.  Before they do that they find the trackers Jelco put on them when they got knocked out and have Pree flush them.  Pree decides to stay instead of going with them.

Pawter aka Ilenore Seyah Sims and Hill arrive at the Spring Hill Compound. Jelco politely greets them but refuses Sims request to call her mother and for a ship to leave Old Town.  He feels that he is protecting her.  He also blasts Hill for warning Old Town about the bombing.  Hill’s excuse was he didn’t feel the Company should blast an entire city to quell a rebellion.  In Jelco’s eyes, Hill abandoned his post.  As a consequence, he shoots him right between the eyes.  Damn him!

Alvis WTH!

KILLJOYS -- "Wild, Wild Westerly" Episode 202 -- Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)
KILLJOYS — “Wild, Wild Westerly” Episode 202 — Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)

Alvis, Dutch, and D’avin reach the water and ventilation system under Spring Hill. Alvis locks Dutch and D’avin out while he sends the gas into the air vents.  He feels like Tighmon was right earlier when he berated him about not helping the cause.  John comes rushing down and tells Dutch that Pawter and Hill are in the compound. Dutch lets Alvis know through the door.  Alvis is like, “Oh, crap!” just when he released the gas but then he quickly reverses it an inhales some of it himself. Noooo!

John manages to unlock the door.  D’avin has the mask Carl had earlier and goes in to save Alvis.  Thankfully there’s a tank full of water in the room that he throws Alvis in and forces him to drink the water. When he says the room is clear of gas John and Dutch rush in to help D’avin hold Alvis down.  It was touch and go there for a minute because John and Dutch gave him CPR.  After Dutch gave some more breaths, Alvis finally coughed up some water. Geez!  Dutch smacks him and I don’t blame her.

Dicky Dick

Back to Jelco’s office.  Dutch gives him an empty tank.  She tells him that the warrant is done and the rest of the gas was sent to the sewer.  So why does the Company have a wall around Old Town?  Jelco casually explains.  The rebels within the city attacked Qresh (it was really someone else) so the Nine (families) are setting an example with Old Town. Until they tell the Quad that they need the Company, the wall stays up. Can someone just smack Jelco in the face please? He seems to enjoy people suffering.

Jelco asks them to leave.  John doesn’t want to leave without Hills and Pawter.  Pawter comes out of a room and reassures them that she wants to stay.  She thinks she can do more good from there.  John goes up to her, holds the back of her neck, and kisses her. Ummm, okay, does John all of a sudden have feelings for Pawter?  She seemed surprised by the kiss.  The Killjoys leave.  At first Dutch is like WTH but then he starts talking with Pawter.  He had put a comm link where he touched her on the neck. So now they can communicate with her and she can call for help if she needs it. Oh, that makes more sense then. Although I don’t know….

Back at the Royale, Gared limps back in demanding the place back from Pree and to fix him a drink now that the others have gone.  Pree answers by stabbing him in the hand with his own knife. Pree understands what the Royale means to Old Town way better than Gared every could.  Go home Gared!

Back on the ship, Dutch talks with Alvis. She wants him to go with them back to Arkyn to find answers.  Scarbacks were there at some point. What happened? Since his schedule is free, Alvis is in. All of a sudden alarms go off. Lucy isn’t responding.  Who the hell stopped Lucy from talking? Someone’s controlling her.  Jelco? Khlyen? They head to Westerly.  When they land they find Turin.  What the heck man? Turin explains that the RAC is compromised. It’s been taken over by the Level 6 program.  He had to bring them somewhere where someone wouldn’t be listening in.  Turin offers them unofficial assignments, like finding out what the heck is L6’s agenda? What the hell is going on with the RAC? What’s the endgame? He already knows they’ve been to Red 17 already.  Khlyen’s cleansed the place so they may not find anything there. Dutch and crew seem to take Turin’s offer of helping each other out.

That’s the end of this week’s episode of Killjoys!  Next week seem to go on a potentially legend/myth route.  What will the gang find out about Level 6 and Khylen?  What about exposing the Company and their BS?  I really hope the screw Jelco at some point too.  Sound off below your thoughts about the episode!

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