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Dark Matter S2 Ep 2 Recap: Kill Them All

The prison break is on and popping in this episode! On to the recap!


The episode jumps off with a business woman (Inga Cadranel) talking on the phone looking at graphs sounding real threatening.  A guy named Hughes (Lindsay Owen Pierre) interrupts with news about the GA’s capture of the Raza.  He shows her Emily’s picture and she says, “Hello pumpkin.”  Okay, didn’t we find out last week that Emily was an orphan?  Soooo who is this chick?


Lt Kal (Roger Cross) meets with Chief Inspector Shaddick (Franka Potente).  He explains why he lost contact with his boss when he was undercover on the Raza.  He got made and Five saved his life by creating a program to originally wipe two of the crew’s memories but wound up wiping everyone’s memories instead.  Shaddick is wondering why Kal waited to turn the crew in after finding out from Lt Anders (Jeff Teravainen) who he was. Kal wanted to wait until the right moment.  Shaddick doesn’t seem to believe him because he appears to developed a bond with the Raza crew.  She’s also trying to prove that the Raza was the third party that sold a device to the Mikkei corporation that when tested blew up the planet Iriden-3.  Shaddick is getting on my nerves already.


The Warden Treihan (Carlo Rota) isn’t too happy about Shaddick being there because this means he has to move up his timetable to kill Two (Melissa O’Neil), Three (Anthony Lemke) and Four (Alex Mallari Jr).  Shaddick next interviews Emily (Jodelle Ferland), who still wants to refer to herself as Five. The Inspector is obviously on a fishing expedition because she brings up the planet that got blown up again.  She thinks that Five could face charges as an accomplice since she helped out on the ship.  The GA agent also mentions that Kal is perjuring himself to help Five so she needs to cooperate.  In her own way Five tells her FU, especially when Shaddick starts threatening her and calling her a “little sh**t.”  Trust I wanted to slap the woman right then!  The Warden with Durand (Tom Barnett) watches the interview from his office.  He wants to eliminate his prisoners before Shaddick interviews them.  Traugott Corp who wants it done scares the Warden more than the GA does.  That is some kind of clout man!

Hot in Herre

Hot in Herre giphy

Speaking of the gang, they are all sitting down in the common area enjoying their meal, especially Three.  Nyx invites herself to join them to ask how their escape plan coming. They deny that they want to escape, acting like they want to follow the rules. She calls BS and tells them that she knows the supply run for the month.  The only way to effectively escape is by doing it when the supply shuttle is there.  In return for that info Nyx wants to go with them.  Of course.  Durand comes to take the trio to their new work detail, the waste disposal area.  What is it about people interrupting their meal?  The plan to kill the gang almost works when they are locked in the trash incinerator.  Fortunately, Arax Nero (Mike Dopund) saves the day!

We see Android again when Shaddick and Kal visit her.  Did Shaddick really think Kal was going to be able to convince Android to give up the files? Android says nope.  Her loyalty is to the Raza crew. Kal is no longer considered part of that crew.  Major Burn.  However, she gets connected to some strange head clasp that seems to be forcing the information out of her. Darn it!

Fishing Part II

Fishing II giphy

Inspector now questions Two, Three, and Four.  They are also tight lipped. She tries to tempt them with things like immunity.  For Four she offers not giving him to the Ishida clan who is in orbit right now.  The Warden is slightly panicking because of the failed kill attempt.  Durand is trying to stay positive thinking they can get them next time.  Warden is right to be worried when Three gets a visitor.  It’s the rep from the Mikkei company from S1E1.  She tries to cut a deal with Three but Three says no go.  The crew isn’t going to implicate themselves because other parties will also be blamed.  The rep does warn them that their lives are in danger.  Since Three wasn’t going to take any deal, the rep gets up to shake Three’s hand when she dares him to stare into her eyes.  When he does her right eye lights up green then his right eye does the same thing.  It’s like something transmitted from the woman to Three.  He still has issues with his eye when he gets back to his cell.  It looks like blueprints scrolling.  He gets red lipstick from Nyx and proceeds to draw under his bed pad.

DARK MATTER -- "Welcome To Your New Home" Episode 201 -- Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Jan Thijs/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Welcome To Your New Home” Episode 201 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Jan Thijs/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

The drawing is the layout, including restricted areas, of the entire prison.  Three shows Two and Four.  Looks like this prison break is shaping up. They get summoned by Arax.  For his help, Arax also wants in on the escape. What a surprise.  He is able to offer help on the outside.  Two requests that his crew instigate a riot.  Nyx waltzes right in wanting in on the conversation.  However there have been some new developments.  The supply shuttle has been suspended, so that plan is out.  Three, who was eating grapes, lost his appetite.  Four has an idea.

He sees Shaddick, who walks in thinking she’s finally getting somewhere. Nope. He’s passing on her deal and looks forward to going back to his home world Zairon, even if it’s brief.  At least there’s a ship that’s picking him up, which is what they need to escape.

See the Light Kal!

DARK MATTER -- "Kill Them All" Episode 202 -- Pictured: Roger Cross as Six -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Kill Them All” Episode 202 — Pictured: Roger Cross as Six — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Lt Anders, who somehow keeps getting the 411, strongly advises Kal, who is about to turn his report in to Shaddick, to remove info about the planet Iriden-3. Anders tells Kal that the Warden’s been paid off to kill the Raza Crew. Kal thinks he should tell Shaddick but Anders tells him that she is more concerned with building her case against Traugott (yep the same company that wants the Raza crew dead) and isn’t going to do anything. Anders tries to get Kal to see the bigger picture.  While Ferrous and Mikkei are trying to go after each other, other Corps are trying to make some moves so they will be at the advantage.  Anders thinks that Derrick Moss’s death is connected because of his company. Dang, that puts a new spin on things as far as motivation.  Kal is shocked since this is the first he’s hearing about Moss aka One’s death.  Anders doesn’t want Kal to suffer the same fate.

Five is tinkering with the door when Kal walks in.  He apologizes and admits that he was wrong.  He thought the GA stood for something but that’s not the case.  Five wants him to prove he’s sorry by helping them.  He starts to by talking with Two in the sim yard.  She is initially confused when Durand tells her she’s going into solitary when she didn’t do anything.  When Two sees Kal she is of course angry (although I thought for sure she would punch him).  He tells her sorry, ya’ll in danger and he wants to help.  She knows that someone’s trying to kill them and that he betrayed them but she doesn’t trust his about face.

Four goes to Three’s cell (Arax is there too) with an update that the Ishida clan is coming to pick him up.  When they get there they can start breaking out.  When he asks about Two, Three communicates that she was taken to solitary since he was with her when Durand picked her up. Arax offered to find out what happened using his contacts.  Three wants to delay but Four thinks there’s no time.  Three suggests Four injures himself to get sent to the infirmary.  That could buy them some time.  Four doesn’t want to lose any honor by hurting himself.   Arax knocks him out from behind when Three distracts him. At least he doesn’t dishonor himself.

The Ishida crew arrives.  They go to the infirmary where Four wakes up.  Misaki (Ellen Wong), an old female “friend” greets him.  She is now the Han-Shireikan of the Royal Imperial Guards of the Ishida since Four killed his mentor, who had that position, last season.  She doesn’t understand what happened to Four that made him a murderer and a coward.  The delay won’t work, Misaki is taking Four home.  Devon (Shaun Sipos) tries to stop them but Misaki tells him that the Warden made an exception.  He follows them out.

Prison Break!

Two is back from solitary. Nyx, Three, and Arax near an upper level cell see her come in the common room. “It’s on!” says Three. Arax gives one of his men the signal, and a riot breaks out.  Nyx and the others make their way down to the common area.

DARK MATTER -- "Kill Them All" Episode 202 -- Pictured: Jodelle Ferland as Five -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Kill Them All” Episode 202 — Pictured: Jodelle Ferland as Five — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Five, with Shaddick and some guards go to see Android.  Five lied to Shaddick about having a change of heart, she wanted to see Android one last time.  Shaddick has the nerve to smack her and pulls a gun on her threatening to shoot Five if she doesn’t order Android to give them the files.  Kal meanwhile messes with some wires. The lights go out.  When they come back on, Five gives the order, “Kill them all.” Android happily obliges and kills the guards and Shaddick.  I’m assuming a part of her was happy to do that for Five.  They leave to make their escape.

Surveillance asks the Warden for orders while viewing the riot. “Code Black” for all blocks. Things are going according to plan.  Two wakes up as she’s getting put in her cell by Durand coincidentally.  She knocks him out, takes his card and taser gun.  She makes it to the surveillance room tasers the guard there and changes the signal so the guards are effected.  Treihan sees this and goes to emergency power.  Three and Arax fight their way to the front where the door is located.  The Warden is panicking and sending all available staff to stop the riot.  His priorities are on point though when he asks for a guard to his office.  Meanwhile Android and Five almost passes the weapons room.  Five makes a brief stop looking for a decent gun when she sees “Bubba.” Come to mama! You’re going to be reunited with Three soon! Five uses the gun on some guards too! I’m so proud of her!

DARK MATTER -- "Kill Them All" Episode 202 -- Pictured:  (l-r) Shaun Sipos as Devon, Alex Mallari, Jr. as Four -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)DARK MATTER -- "Kill Them All" Episode 202 -- Pictured: Ellen Wong as Misaki -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Four and Devon are up and make their way to the airlock when Misaki and her guards try to stop them.  Four and Misaki go at it when Five shoots her with Bubba.  Misaki’s injured but still alive.  Two picks up Three and Arax and they make a go for it.  Nyx barely makes it when the door closes.  They get to the airlock first where Kal is guarding it.  Five and the others follow soon after.  Kal wants to stay behind to cover them but Two, despite everything wants him to go with them.  Three wants to leave him but Two is adamant.  They are interrupted by Lt Anders.  Kal tries to convince him to let them go but it doesn’t fly.  They wind up shooting each other several times.  Two asks Three to help her with Kal. The shuttle makes it out of the prison and evades gunfire.  Everyone is back on the Raza and they fly away to FTL.

Devon works on Kal but he’s lost a lot of blood. Kal won’t last 24 hours.  It doesn’t help that Devon doesn’t have medical equipment to properly treat him.  Fortunately, Five thinks of a way to keep him alive until they can get him help.  They use a stasis pod that will put him to sleep.  Later on Three, Four, and Two find out about Moss’s death from the news.

The woman from the beginning of the episode is back and on the phone again.  It sounds like she wasn’t expecting a company to have that particular reaction to something.  She also tells someone to send her condolences and let her know when the company goes on receivership.  Could she be referring to Derrick and the company?  Hughes walks in and she gets off her call. He informs her that the Raza crew escaped and Five is on board.  The woman refers to Five as an asset and wants to pick her up.  WTH! Does this woman work for Traugott or another company we haven’t heard of yet?

More Thoughts

I guess I can forgive Kal for now since he contributed on the escape. My question is what took him so long to see the light?  Why wasn’t he more observant with his ear on the ground, especially after he found out about the GA shady dealings last week?  Was he still in denial? Anders had to enlighten him twice! I actually liked Anders, too bad he was still a yes boy at the end when he tried to stop the crew from escaping. Now I’m wondering how long they are going to keep him out of commission.

When Arax suggested to Two, Three, and Four that he wanted to escape with them, I’m surprised his men didn’t invite themselves too. Were they really hoping to sneak away with them, or were they content to stay in prison?

Also when I watched this live, I noticed that the actress that plays Shaddick, Franka Potente, looked like she has a baby bump. I saw it near the end when she came in to see the Android with Five. If she is, congrats!  The actress did a really good job playing a jerk.

Miss Misaki, how are you doing?  She was seriously butt hurt about Four being a murderer and a coward.  She talked about them being friends back in the day.  I’m wondering did it ever get past friendship where she was his girlfriend or fiancee’ or was it something that she wanted to happen but the whole accused patricide thing occurred before things could jump off between them?  Four seemed to like sparring with her but does he remember her at all? Would he have killed her if Five hadn’t blasted her with Bubba? Hmmm I want to find out more about this situation, and soon!

Now that the crew has escaped will some of the new passengers try to band together and take over the ship? Or will everyone get along hunky dory?  And what about Arax, he’s use to being kingpin in the prison, is that going to bleed over onto the Raza?

Next week’s episode looks crazy! I can’t wait!  What are your thoughts on the episode?  What questions do you have? Sound off below in the comments!

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