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The Arizona Cardinals Preseason Game Schedule, and Regular Season Schedules for Teams!

Hi there everyone! Today the NFL has released the schedule for each team who they will play first, but I am only going to pick a couple of teams to go over. So, let’s get started, shall we?! So, for the Arizona Cardinals preseason game schedule:

Preseason game 1: Dallas Cowboys (State Farm Stadium)

Game 1: Dallas Cowboys (TBD)

Game 2: Aug. 20 vs. Kansas City Chiefs on ESPN, 5 p.m.

Game 3: New Orleans Saints (TBD)

TBD means that they have figure out what date are they are expecting to play.

The Arizona Cardinals regular season schedule: The

Week 1

Sept. 12

at Tennessee Titans

10 a.m. CBS

Week 2

Sept. 19

Minnesota Vikings

1:05 p.m. FOX

Week 3

Sept. 26

at Jacksonville Jaguars

10 a.m. FOX

Week 4

Oct. 3

at Los Angeles Rams

1:05 p.m. FOX

Week 6

Oct. 17

at Cleveland Browns

1:05 p.m. FOX

Week 7

Oct. 24

Houston Texans

1:25 p.m. CBS

Week 8

Oct. 28 (Thursday)

Green Bay Packers

5:20 p.m. FOX/NFLN/Amazon

Week 9

Nov. 7

at San Francisco 49ers

2:25 p.m. FOX

Week 10

Nov. 14

Carolina Panthers

2:05 p.m. FOX

Week 11

Nov. 21

at Seattle Seahawks

2:25 p.m. FOX

Week 12

Nov. 28


Week 13

Dec. 5

at Chicago Bears

11 a.m. FOX

Week 14

Dec. 13 (Monday)

Los Angeles Rams

6:15 p.m. ESPN

Week 15

Dec. 19

at Detroit Lions

11 a.m. FOX

Week 16

Dec. 25 (Christmas)

vs. Indianapolis Colts

6:15 p.m. NFLN

Week 17

Jan. 2

at Dallas Cowboys

11 a.m. FOX

Week 18

Jan 9

Seattle Seahawks

2:25 p.m.

This is all the Arizona Cardinals regular season schedule! I am going to do the next team which will be the Dallas Cowboys schedule:

Week 1 (Thurs., Sept. 9): Cowboys @ Tampa Bay, 7:20 p.m. (NBC)

Week 2 (Sun., Sept. 19): Cowboys @ LA Chargers, 3:25 p.m. (CBS)

Week 3 (Mon., Sept. 27): Cowboys vs Philadelphia, 7:15 p.m. (ESPN)

Week 4 (Sun., Oct. 3): Cowboys vs. Carolina, Noon (FOX)

Week 5 (Sun., Oct. 10): Cowboys vs. N.Y. GIANTS, 3:25 p.m. (FOX)

Week 6 (Sun., Oct. 17): Cowboys @ New England, 3:25 p.m. (CBS)

Week 7 (Sun., Oct. 24): BYE

Week 8 (Sun., Oct. 31): Cowboys @ Minnesota, 7:20 p.m. (NBC)*

Week 9 (Sun., Nov. 7): Cowboys vs. Denver, Noon (FOX)

Week 10 (Sun., Nov. 14): Cowboys vs. Atlanta, Noon (FOX)

Week 11 (Sun., Nov. 21): Cowboys @ Kansas City, 3:25 p.m. (FOX)

Week 12 (Thurs., Nov. 25): Cowboys vs. Las Vegas, 3:30 p.m. (CBS)

Week 13 (Thurs., Dec. 2): Cowboys @ New Orleans, 7:20 p.m. (FOX/NFLN/Amazon)**

Week 14 (Sun., Dec. 12): Cowboys @ Washington, Noon (FOX)

Week 15 (Sun., Dec. 19): Cowboys @ N.Y. Giants. Noon (FOX)

Week 16 (Sun., Dec. 26): Cowboys vs. Washington, 7:20 p.m. (NBC)*

Week 17 (Sun., Jan. 2): Cowboys vs. Arizona, Noon (FOX)

Week 18 (Sun. Jan. 9): Cowboys @ Philadelphia, Noon/Subject to change (FOX)

This is the Dallas Cowboys schedule and now the last team I will do is the Denver Broncos regular season schedule:

(Times are ET)

Denver Broncos:

Week 1 Sept. 12: at N.Y. Giants

Week 2 Sept. 19: at Jacksonville

Week 3 Sept. 26: vs. N.Y. Jets

Week 4 Oct. 3: vs. Baltimore

Week 5 Oct. 10: at Pittsburgh

Week 6 Oct. 17: vs. Las Vegas

Week 7 Oct. 21: at Cleveland (TNF)

Week 8 Oct. 31: vs. Washington

Week 9 Nov. 7: at Dallas

Week 10 Nov. 14: vs. Philadelphia

Week 11 Nov. 21: BYE

Week 12 Nov. 28: vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Week 13 Dec. 5: at Kansas City

Week 14 Dec. 12: vs. Detroit

Week 15 Dec. 19: vs. Cincinnati

Week 16 Dec. 26: at Las Vegas

Week 17 Jan. 2: at Los Angeles Chargers

Week 18 Jan. 9: vs. Kansas City

This is the Denver Broncos regular season schedule. This seems to be pretty tough for the Broncos since they have to face some teams such as the Chiefs, Chargers, Steelers, and the Ravens.

So, what do you guys think about each teams schedule?!

I would love to hear lots of comments, thoughts, opinions, concerns, or questions down below!

Stay tuned for NFL updates.

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