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Dark Matter S2E9 Recap: Going out Fighting!

This episode was soo good! It had a slightly happier ending than Killjoys that’s for sure! On to the recap!

DM Guilty giphy


DM Three smirk giphyWe start this episode on the right note in that FINALLY Four (Alex Mallari Jr) and Nyx (Melanie Liburd) “fyx”ed that itch they were having for each other over the last several episodes. The pillow talk afterward got a little awkward.  They are just going to play it by ear and try not to make a big deal about it.  However, in the mess room, they both have that guilty face look when Three (Anthony Lemke) mentions hearing them working out last night, grappling with bowstaffs and swords.  Three definitely had a teasing light in his eyes and poor Five (Jodelle Ferland) was picking up on the awkward tension so she left without finishing her food.  Of course Three ate her food.  Five walks out and goes to Two’s (Melissa O’Neil) room. She finds her collapsed on the ground.

Two wakes up in the medical wing to see Five and Android (Zoie Palmer) hovering over her.  She’s in denial that something’s wrong with her by saying she’s fine.  Android has bad news.  Her nanites are starting to fail. Two is dying y’all!

The other members are told in the mess room.  Two showed no symptoms until the nanites were failing at a critical level.  Eventually her organs will stop functioning and she’ll die.  Three wants to know why can’t the Android provide nanites.  Two tells him it doesn’t work that way and they have different nanite designs.  They will have to go to Dwarf Star Technologies to find some answers.  She wants to go but Six (Roger Cross) is like “naw man.”  He does make some good points by saying that with her weakened state she is more of a liability for the mission and most important of all:

DM take care of you giphy

She sniffles and says fine.  They are heading to Earth!  Three, Nyx, Six and Four take the Marauder to do a few sky scans. From the images they show Five, who is back on the Raza, she notices that there is a space elevator that goes to a station not too far from earth.  Three wants to recon with Nyx while Six stays with Four.  That was totally obvious and Nyx and Four shared a look like they knew Three was trying to avoid being alone with Six again.

Poignant Scene 1

Android does another scan on Two.  Two knows that Android is trying to have hope while also keeping her occupied so she’s not worried about the mission.  That’s what a friend would do, not necessarily an android.   Two wants a temporary fix so she can help.  She doesn’t want the others to sacrifice for her.  One of many poignant scenes this episode.

Four and Six have a chat while they are waiting for Nyx and Three. Four actually empathizes with what Six did. He understands divided loyalties. Four is seriously considering leaving to help his planet but his sense of duty and loyalty to the crew as well as the fact that he doesn’t have his memories makes him stick around.

DARK MATTER -- "Going Out Fighting" Episode 209 -- Pictured: Melanie Liburd as Nyx Harper -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Going Out Fighting” Episode 209 — Pictured: Melanie Liburd as Nyx Harper — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Meanwhile Nyx and Three manage to do some recon at Dwarf Star. Nyx pretends to have an appointment with the CEO Alexander Rook (Wil Wheaton) and using her ID card so Five can hack into the system while Three gives visual of the area using some cool glasses.  They are able to see that employees get in with a retinal scan.

DM Three glasses giphy

After recon the group is on the bridge.  Since they are unable to dock at the space station using the Raza, the only way is through the space elevator.  Their way in, Eric Waver (Jonas Chernick), has worked in the R&D dept for over 10 years.  Two figures he was around when she escaped the first time.  Android will try to use the reconstructive tech they have on the ship and combine it with some illegal toys they have on hand to fool Dwarf Star’s retinal scan.  It’s time for the crew to pay Mr. Waver a visit.  Two says she’s going. When Nyx and everyone protests, she explains that Android was able to provide a temporary fix.  Her nanites are at maximum charge for 24 hours.  Once those hours are up, she will croak instantly.  Two wants to “go out fighting.” It’s her choice how she wants to live out the rest of her life.  This brings an urgency to the mission.

DM fighting giphy

Five provided Waver’s address.  Waver is scrolling through what looks to be a modern day match site when Six, masquerading as a GA officer, knocks. Six comes in with Three and Two after Waver answers the door.  Waver isn’t scared of “Rebecca” because she spared him during her first escape.  In flashback mode he narrates the story of how he treated her with kindness by providing her education and food after the other scientists put her through some harsh experiments testing the limits of her nanites.  Rook’s been talking.  He knows about her memory loss and that she’s rollin with dangerous associates.  He knew that she would come back when her nanites started failing.  They discovered it not too long after her first escape that there was a flaw. The nanites expound tremendous energy over time but eventually fail. Since then Dwarf Star has perfected the formula which is up in the research lab.  Waver is persuaded to bring a few of his buddies over, Eliot (Marty Adams) and Dalsker (Michael Rinaldi) so Six and Three can get their IDs and eye scans.  Eliot instantly recognizes Rebecca.  Three wants to go alone but Two insists Six goes with him.

Poignant Scene 2

DM hot choco giphy

DM hot choco 2 giphy

Back on the Raza, Android visits Five, who is drinking hot chocolate.  Android tries some and doesn’t give Five back her cup. Android updates Five that they have the eye scans and feel confident they will succeed.  Five has always seen Two as invincible.  Her nanites saved her so many times and now they will kill her.  Android is convinced that Two will not let herself die because her strength of will is so strong she won’t give up. Five is comforted by that.  Android leaves with the hot chocolate but not before reassuring Five that Two will be fine.  When she looks away though, she is just as worried.

Eliot is impressed at the device (which looks like a VR thingy) that will help Six and Three pass the retina scans.  Four is listening in on another loss of territory for Zairon.  According to the report, emperor Hiro considers it a temporary setback but sources are claiming the court is filled with “confusion and self-doubt.” Since the recent execution of two more generals, which brings the general death count to 12, I can see why.

DARK MATTER -- "Going Out Fighting" Episode 209 -- Pictured: (l-r) Roger Cross as Six, Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Going Out Fighting” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Roger Cross as Six, Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

It’s time.  Three, Waver, and Six manage to get pass the retinal scans (take that Rook!) but not before Three had to get scanned ironically three times! It got tense there for a minute.  As luck would have it the guard was sympathetic since the scan recently had an upgrade. They ride up that space elevator and make it to the lab.  It looks like the same lab they tortured Rebecca.  The fellas find a case with formula injections. Two will need only one injection for the new nanites to kick in and replicate.  To be on the safe side Three takes the case.  They are about to leave when they are stopped by Mr. Rook himself with some guards.  He was expecting them.

Three wants a pillow if he’s getting locked up.  Rook will give him one if he tells him where to find Rebecca.  Three and Six say try to act like Two isn’t anywhere near that place.  Rook knows that she’s dying, otherwise, why else would they be there?  He is very disappointed in Waver.  Even though Three vouches that Waver was forced to do it, Rook has the guards shoot him anyway to prove a point.  Bastard! Three will enjoy killing him.  For that remark no pillow.  Two is worried, she’s going back to the ship and leaves Waver’s buds at his place.

DARK MATTER -- "Going Out Fighting" Episode 209 -- Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)DARK MATTER -- "Going Out Fighting" Episode 209 -- Pictured:  (l-r) Roger Cross as Six, Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Three and Six try to figure out how much time Two has left. The guards interrupt them to take Three away.  On the ship Two voices her concerns.  Four wants to get the boys.  Android finds a hangar that was closed down once the station was completed. It’s able to fit the Marauder.  They can configure the blink drive onto the shuttle and they can use that to get in.

Three is keeping mum about Rebecca’s whereabouts despite being restrained.  He even tells Rook to “got to hell.” Rook claims he wants to save Rebecca.  Yeah not buying it buddy. Since Three won’t cooperate Rook has a guard bring in a box with a window.  There’s black stuff swirling around and then what looks like a glowing tentacle pops up in the window. What is that?!

Three Alien giphy

Four, Nyx, and Two are in the Marauder.  Two thanks them for everything before they blink into the hangar.  Two wants Nyx and Four to look for Six and Three while she gets the updated nanites.  She got the location from Waver’s co-workers.    Three goes back into his cell with Six. He seems out of it.  He didn’t talk and Six wants to figure out a way to escape.  Two makes it to the lab but doesn’t find the injections.  Rook walks in telling her she’s a failure so he’s going to let her die.  He doesn’t want her walking around because then that looks bad on him.  He mentioned that last season when he had her prisoner.  She tries to shoot him but he’s made a personal shield that pops up with the push of a button.  Rook thinks that a great way her to die is to introduce his new, bigger, better, more loyal, male prototype (Justin Howell).

DM new prototype giphy

Six manages to get the door open when he sees Four.  Three still seems out of it.  Two is struggling against the new prototype.  Bullets deflect off of him. Nyx tries to help but the struggle is real.  Rook makes an escape like the punk he is.   Four, Three, and Six walk in. Four shoots the prototype in the head. Just to make sure, he also stabs him in the head with his sword as well. I guess even nanites can’t heal from that.  At least not immediately anyway.

DARK MATTER -- "Going Out Fighting" Episode 209 -- Pictured: (l-r) Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, Roger Cross as Six-- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)
DARK MATTER — “Going Out Fighting” Episode 209 — Pictured: (l-r) Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, Roger Cross as Six– (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Poignant Scene 3

Two is in bad shape.  Six is holding her while Nyx feels helpless.  She tells them that it’s too late.  She collapses.  Noooo! Three surprisingly has no reaction.  Six is the most emotional while Nyx and Four try to hold it together.  Six then has a light bulb go off in his head.  He takes some blood from the dead prototype and gives it to Two. It works, she’s alive! Yay!

Back on the Raza, Five and Android greet them.  Three stays behind a little bit. His eyes glow that black swirly color from that box! Oh no! In the medical wing, Two has herself scanned. Android reports that the new nanites are replicating and the old ones are dormant.  Six walks in glad to see that she’s okay.  Two thanks him and the others for their help.  Six has another issue though.  He wants to talk to Two about Three.  Thank goodness he noticed something was off!

Three acts even more weird by walking around like he’s looking for something until he gets to the engine room.  Six confronts him.  Three looks like he’s going to shoot Six n when Two zaps him.

In the cell, Three wakes up.  Two tries to get him to talk about Rook did to him.  He tries to avoid answering by saying they can’t trust Six.  Android notes that Three is really in REM sleep even though he’s awake.  That pisses him off.  His eyes turn black and he bellows a screeching yell.  Two stuns him again after ordering Android to lift the shield.

Three is put in the stasis pod.  The others are brought up to speed.  Two has ordered Android to set a course back to the station.  She needs answers as to what happened to Three.  In the meantime, he stays in the pod.  Three wakes up though and starts that screeching bellow again, only this time the black liquid is coming out of him.  They get the stasis pod to the airlock.  Two gets Six and Four to pull Three out and then has Android space out that thing with the tentacles.  Two is like

DM what was on our ship giphy

Three wakes up (for real this time) in the cell again.  Android, Six and Two are outside of the cell.  He’s relieved that Two is going to be okay.  Then he freaks a little about why he’s in the cell.  Two asks him what he remembers.  He recalls being strapped down by Rook and his men but nothing after that.  Android confirms that he’s normal again.   The shield is taken down from the cell.  Three wants to know what happened.  Two will tell him over drinks.  Three wants to know now.  Six confirms that he will need drinks.  Three is irritated when he learns that Six saved him again.  They both think it’s getting old.  Done with the drama, Android goes to be on her charger. Six says goodnight, leaving Three and Two alone.  Two’s mind wanders about Rook and the fact that she needs answers regarding what the heck is going on at that space station, not so much revenge.

The ship is in FTL.  However, Android, wakes up in a bed somewhere with glass windows. Where the hell is she? It looks like she’s acting human again.   The end!

More thoughts

I was super happy that Nyx and Four finally hooked up.  “Fyx” is a cute ship name that fans on twitter tweeted during the live airing of the episode.  I hope we see some indication of a hook up again.  Now can Six get a little bit of romance now, please?

I just realized that they could’ve blinked into the hangar from the beginning instead of having to go through using other people’s retina’s scans to get in.  Why didn’t they think of that before?  Waver would not have gotten used and shot for his efforts.   I liked Waver, it sucked that Rook had him killed!

Even though Rook was such a jerk, that personal shield was dope.  I would love to have one!  And that space elevator was sweet too!  I would be a nervous wreck going on that thing! I wonder if it ever got stuck midway like that?  I wonder how long it took to construct.  It must be nice having an office in a space station where you could look out your window and see Earth and space surrounding you.

What was up with the wardrobe this week?  I find it funny that the guards look like waiters while the lab coats just looked weird.  The black and white color scheme was so clinical and bland.  I guess that is how Rook needed to appear.  Bland but doing some shady stuff.

Wil Wheaton as Rook is so perfect.  He plays charming conniving jerk very well.  Did Rook really want to end Rebecca? It certainly seemed that way. Tom Gardiner, @Thogar on Twitter, made a good point in aweekly chat @TVOvertime does on Firetalk.  One of the things Rook was harping on was loyalty, he made the new prototype that way.  Will the new nanites force Two to become loyal to Rook at some point? Rook needs to come back because like Two, I need answers.

There were so many touching moments in this episode.  The cast, especially Melissa O’Neil brought it with the emotions this week.  The bond that Five and Android have with Two was felt during their conversation with each other.  It would’ve been bold to kill her off but we see just how the crew depend on her strength and how they wanted to be strong for her when she needed them to.  I also thought it was interesting that Six has earned some serious brownie points the last few missions. He’s almost made up for his betrayal last season.

That thing that possessed Three has to be the alien that Anthony Lemke hinted at during the SDCC panel as well as past interviews.  I have a feeling we will see that alien again.  I wonder if it will make its way back to the space station and Rook can see what information it gathered?  It already found the blink drive in the engine room on the Raza.  I am so glad that the possession arc lasted very briefly on this show and glad that Six got to save Three again!  Check back to see if Lemke confirms it in my next article featuring an interview I did with him.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off below in the comments!

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