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Killjoys S03E08 Recap/Review: What A Girl Wants

The Hullen armada arrives and blows one of the RACs out of the sky! No, not really. Per Johnny, that was just a sim showing a less than good outcome to all their strategies so far. Thanks for that heart attack, Killjoys!

D’avin can’t believe with all the resources now on their side that all 127 scenarios end in horrifying explode-y-ness but Johnny’s adamant.

Johnny's not fooling around

Of course he’s still ticked because he thinks D’avin commandeered Dutch’s army. D’avin sets him straight: He pushed Dutch and she demurred rather than push back. That all points to Dutch not being herself because since when does she not push back?? They both know something happened to her in her trip down Aneela memory lane but Dutch is super mum about it. In other words, she’s hiding something.

As for the war effort, D’avin considers what Johnny’s saying and suggests if they can’t win head to head, they need to fight dirty. They need to cheat.

Back in the lab, Zeph gets a look at a Hullen silver cube, the same one they got thanks to Sabine last season. It’s a safehouse for Dutch that only she can open (conversely, Aneela’s was a prison for her) and it’s bio tech Johnny’s oddly protective of.

Johnny's very protective of tech

Zeph asks pointed questions about what Dutch learned from Aneela’s memories but with Johnny there, she doesn’t want to say too much. She waits til he leaves to ask Zeph for help.

Back on the Hullen armada ship, Aneela’s running out of Hullen to kill to find Kendry. Brynn, who is with her, tells her what she knows of Gander’s agenda. Specifically that Gander used Aneela’s research on Kendry.

All I can say is I’m glad I’m not Gander, for a lot of reasons, really. But espesh since he’s died/revived himself like 1000 times. And that has to suck a lot. She wants to break him but I gotta give him props..he is hard core. Still hate him though.

Gander's day starts off bad and gets worse

Back with the team, Johnny’s trying to figure out a dirty solution to their “they’ll all die fiery deaths” problem and he comes up with something. It’s a frequency that disrupts Hullen tech but they need a sonic agitator to get it working. His solution is to rip off a mining clan on Westerley. They have a sonic disruptor to strip mine crystals but Johnny can totally modify the device to do what they want.

They just need a little help from someone familiar: Big Borna, who we haven’t seen since D’avin negotiated a rocket launcher off of them to kablam-y Spring Hill and metaphorically nuke the Company’s plans. Also there…Jelco???? who survived Fancy (only got a scar) and the Wild. Borna rescued him and made him her third husband. Sigh. (Yeah, I’m still bummed the bomb Pawter put in his heart didn’t go boom.)

Jelco's scar adds to his charm

D’avin and Johnny want info on the Mole miners clan and trade it for crates of Hokk. The bad news, the Mole miners are super paranoid and violent. No one has succeeded in stealing the extremely valuable photonic crystals they mine. They’re only vulnerable when transporting the crystals after a dig. Borna gave them the deets on the transport but not info on how to get the crystals. D’avin says he doesn’t need ‘em, of course. Our team only wants the sonic, not the crystals.

Gander’s torture continues but Aneela’s growing tired of it.

Gander can't help but mouth off

It’s obvious Gander has an agenda. He wants her to connect with him to the green so she can see in his memories because he knows what will happen. He’s right…she’s avoiding going down that road but soon realizes she doesn’t have a choice. She brakes his cuff, freeing him. Hullen guards drag him to the green. He and Aneela connect in it and now she knows where Kendry is. Of course, Gander points out, so does the Lady.

Just then, the armada changes course. The Lady wants to see her. Aneela has Brynn take her to the core green of the ship so she can fix the course change. Brynn takes her to a library of green which Gander’s been compiling. It contains samples of whenever they come across another source. She confesses they all used these samples on Aneela. They’d test what happens when she consumed or bathed in different sources of green.

Aneela tries to connect to the core green but the ship maintains course. So Aneela stabs her neck and adds an influx of her own green to the mix in order to take control once more.

D’av comes up with a kick ass plan to deal with the Moles and get the tech but an eerily happy Dutch tells him that’s a no go. There can be no army going after the Moles, as this whole plan has to stay as secret as possible. So it’ll be just the three of them. Yay! Dutch is giddy but her attitude is totally weirding out the guys.

D'avin and Johnny wonder what's up with Dutch

After plotting a strategy to deal with the convoy via food props (because who doesn’t love those?) the team goes to work. They need a retinal scan of one of the convoy drivers. Thankfully one is at the Royale. Dutch is first to try her charms, but she doesn’t make an impression. Soo…they switch to Johnny. When that fails, they turn to the D’avinator. D’av goes for the direct approach and jabs him in the neck with a needle.

For some reason, Pree is less than pleased they’ve knocked out a paying/tipping customer right in front of everyone. After all, Pree has been pretty clear about how he feels about this. It’s just bad for business!

Pree doesn't like it when Dutch and team drug customers

He eventually relents because they needed to do this as quickly as possible and there was just no other way around it. D’avin gets the retinal scan and the keys and they’re off!

Next stop, Mole territory, where D’avin is undercover and ready to go. D’av plants the explosive device which will blow the fuel line and stop the convoy. Moments later, he witnesses an up close demonstration of what they do to thieves. The Moles catch some guy stealing a single crystal and the Mole leader brutally murders him right before D’avin’s eyes. D’av gets in his truck and the Moles immediately cuff him into place. Ruh roh.

The convoy moves forward but he’s in no position to blow the explosive. He’s able to let Johnny know but that doesn’t help Dutch any, who’s waiting for the convoy to stop. It drives past Dutch and Johnny urges him to do anything to get that detonator to blow. So D’avin swerves wildly so he crashes his body into the detonator in his pocket, causing it to blow the fuel line as planned. A little late but still.

Just as Dutch is about to make a move to get to the sonic, Jelco shows up with some backup to hijack Team Awesome Force’s heist. Making matters worse, he even outs D’avin.


The Mole leader tells Jelco the convoy will blow without the right codes. Jelco says he has them because D’avin has them…except of course he does not. And if that wasn’t a perfect segue for a fight scene, I don’t know what is! Guns start blasting, fists start flying. It’s pandemonium and a perfect distraction for Dutch to steal the sonic device. She’s got it and is driving off but poor D’avin is struggling to get the keys with his teeth to uncuff himself.

Jelco interrupts D’avin’s escape plan. He’s quite upset Dutch and team destroyed his perfectly planned double cross. He wants to know why Dutch drove off with the sonic and ignored the crystals. This little interlude ends before it even starts as the Moles capture them both.

Back on Lucy, Dutch and Johnny are pleased they have the device. The bad news is the Moles have D’avin. As they’re about to plan a rescue, Borna shows up with her dudes (sans Jelco) in tow. She wants to know what a sonic is and why the Moles thinks she has it. Johnny fills her in on Jelco heisting their heist. Borna’s ready to steal the sonic back but Dutch stops her and suggests they work together to get D’avin and Jelco back.

Borna knows the power of a nuke gun

Meanwhile, Aneela and Brynn find where Gander stashed Kendry. They interrupt her incubation but before they can get any further, the Lady’s troops arrive to subdue them all. They zap Brynn immediately and Aneela starts kicking everyone’s asses. She almost wins and takes a moment to pass a message on to the Lady. She found the door and she knows how to close it. (Talk about cryptic!) Just then, more guards try to zap her and take her down. But before she falls, Kendry shows up, dreadnought in hand and kills the ones holding Aneela down.

Kendry’s feeling strong and hungry and…oh what’s that? Oh yes. Mighty preggers.

No Kendry. You didn't eat a watermelon.

Aneela tells her not to worry. It’s connected to her research and it’s probably a good thing, something that can solve all their problems. They’ll mull it over as they torture Gander some more and have some much needed ice cream. It’s nice to know the Hullen enjoy the simple pleasures of life, no?

Back at the Mole camp, Jelco and D’avin are, what’s the word? Screwed. Yep, they are way screwed. They listen as the Moles kill Borna’s people, knowing they’re next. Jelco takes that time to explain his motivation in…well…ruining everything. It’s his anniversary with Borna. And what says true love besides photonic crystals and being physically and emotionally bashed?

Besides he sees through D’avin. Regardless of what he says his motivations are, deep down it’s about Dutch. Jelco gives him some advice: He needs to give Dutch something she needs that no one else can.

Moments later, when all seems lost, Dutch and Borna show up and save them from the Moles. Sadly, no one was saved from Borna and Jelco’s reunion kiss.

Super awkward reunion kiss time

The ice cream (and torture) did Kendry a world of good because when she was done with him, she was very done with him. Gander couldn’t help himself and had to mouth off about how she was meaningless and she had to point out the obvious. He keeps underestimating her, to his own peril. Just as he stole her free will and put something in her body she’s now returning the favor on both counts. His green is being replaced with the lesser class slave green.

I honestly cheered. As much as I despise Kendry for murdering my beautiful Pawter, I admit to squealing “You go girl” when she gave that bastard his due.

Aneela took it a step further and ordered all free will Hullen to be round up and transfused, except for Brynn who’s proven herself to Aneela.

No free will for you anymore, Gander

Afterwards, Kendry and Aneela return to Aneela’s room to talk about their options. Discussing their connection with each other. Considering what to do about Dutch and the Lady. Aneela says she has a plan that will destroy them both but she needs Kendry to do something first, something she won’t like.

Back at Zeph’s lab, she’s done running tests and found out Dutch is Aneela’s chiro (or is it chyro?). Anyway, bottom line is that her DNA strands are the opposite of Aneela’s, which shouldn’t be possible. Zeph wants an explanation and Dutch tells her, Aneela brought her out of the green, out of her own green.

Zeph has a horrifying thought and tries to nerd her way out of what she’s concluded…but Dutch already knows. Aneela is her original source. So if Aneela dies, she dies too.

The war council meets and Johnny lays out the rough sketch of his plan, which is way better sounding than the 127 instant death scenarios he mapped earlier.

New plan has some strong points

There’s a lot of blowback because there are still problems. Add to that, the Hullen have no weakness, Alvis says. Dutch says, yes they do. Kill Aneela and the rest will fall because they’re abiding by her will. One will.

Later, D’avin catches up with Dutch and urges her to spill the beans about what’s going on with her. Surprisingly, after a little goading on his part, she tells him about how she’s connected with Aneela, that when Aneela dies, she will too. She urges him to think like a general and realize the need to set aside personal feelings for the sake of the cause.

Her plan is to let Johnny’s sonic weapon distract the Hullen troops while she sneaks aboard the armada and kills Aneela. They’re the only ones who have to die in order to save everyone else.

D’avin begrudgingly agrees. This assurance is something he can give her that no one else can.

D'avin isn't happy with what he's gotta do

Heist, Heist, Baby was more than just a lot of fun. Because yeah it’s always great to see the team go on a good ol’ fashioned heist together, watch their plans blow up in their face and then see how they somehow make it out the other side of it (mostly) intact. Here, we have a whole lot more going on. Dutch is still reeling from her origin story. D’avin is bogged down with the pressures of leadership. Johnny’s nerding out various strategies no one else (save Zeph) might’ve come up with.

In addition, we got way more insight into the Hullen, and into Aneela and Kendry. Specifically, what they’re dynamic is shaping into. We also learn a little more about this very ominous sounding figure the Lady and what she wants.

But it occurs to me, Aneela’s hatred for Dutch may be based in part on the fact that she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. Khlyen surgically removed the memories from her mind so she doesn’t remember who Dutch is supposed to be to her (or at least that’s how I read what happened last episode). What happens when the inevitable Yalena/Aneela standoff takes place? I’m still thinking that as bad as Aneela is and can be, the Lady poses a deeper threat to them all.

I give Heist, Heist, Baby 9 gun-toting android form Lucys out of a possible 10.

9 gun-toting android lucys

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