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Week 4 Prediction Updates and Tomorrow’s Week 5 Predictions!

So last week, I got most of my week 4 picks correct, but some of the predictions were very close and not very close at all. For instance, I predicted that the Seahawks would win over the Dolphins 31-17, but the actual score was 31-23 Seahawks over Dolphins. I was so close on my prediction there! I predicted that the Chiefs would win over the Patriots 33-26, but the actual score was 26-10 Chiefs over the Patriots. I predicted that the Ravens would win over the Football Team 41-13, but the actual score was 31-17 Ravens over the Football Team. I thought that the Ravens were going to blow them out, but Washington was putting up some fight.

I predicted that the Packers would win over the Falcons 38-21, but the actual score was 30-16 Packers over the Falcons. I predicted that the Rams would win over the Giants 38-20, but the actual score was 17-9 Rams over the Giants. I predicted that the Cardinals would win over the Panthers 32-19, but the actual score was 31-21 Panthers over the Cardinals. The reason the Cardinals lost that game is because their defense was getting beat up plus, they did not have safety Budda Baker on the field for the Cardinals. I predicted that the 49ers would win over the Eagles 33-18, but the actual score was 25-20 Eagles over the 49ers which surprised me a little bit here because it was a winnable game for the 49ers.

I predicted that the Cowboys would win over the Browns 30-21, but the actual score was 49-38 Browns over the Cowboys! The Cowboy’s defense got absolutely demolished by the Browns offense that can run the ball very effectively. With that being said, I got 5 out of 8 picks correct according to my last blog I made last week.

Now let’s move on the week 5 predictions and picks! The first game I will predict is the Broncos @Patriots game which got moved to Tuesday night football because of the issues of the covid-19 pandemic. I think the Patriots will win over the Broncos 31-14. The Broncos may want to just go into the draft to be in the top 5 picks in the 2021 draft class. The next game I will predict is the Cardinals @Jets game. I think the Cardinals will win over the Jets 35-10. The Cardinals have to win this game in order to stay in the playoff race and that’s what they want to do. Go Cardinals!!!! The next game I will predict is the Giants @Cowboys game. I got the Cowboys winning this game 34-10 over the Giants. The Giants offense is just so awful especially without running back Saquon Barkley.

The next game I will predict is the Dolphins @49ers game. I think the 49ers will bounce back from the lost to Philly by winning 30-22 over the Dolphins. The next game I will predict is the Rams @Washington Football Team. I think the Rams will win over the Football team 32-25 because the Rams offense will be better than last week against the Giants. The next game I will predict is the Vikings @Seahawks game on Sunday Night Football. I predict that the Seahawks will roll over the Vikings 38-24 with a win to improve to 5-0 on the season! Wow what a start for them so far! And then the last game I will predict is the Chargers @Saints game. I personally think the Saints will come out on top with a win 24-17 over the Chargers even though the quarterback for the Chargers Justin Herbert has impressed a lot of people and they think that he will be a good quarterback in the future like the Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

So, what do you guys think of these predictions?! I would like to hear some comments, thoughts, or opinions about these predictions down below! Feel free to ask me questions If you have questions!

Stay tuned for week 5 NFL prediction updates

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