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Disneyland’s Reservation Ticket Problems and some Ride Refurbishment Updates.

Hi there everyone! Today I have some interesting updates about California residents trying to get a reservation 15 days before the reopening of Disneyland and more. So, lets get started, shall we?! So, The Disneyland fans have been waiting for hours online for a chance to buy a theme park ticket. The tickets went on sale Thursday to great demand. The website for tickets was overwhelmed with would-be guests trying to return to the iconic theme park for the first time in more than a year.

“Our website is experiencing high demand. We’re working through the queue as quickly as possible,” a Disneyland spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter. Everyone wants to go to Disneyland, at least judging from the subsequent long waits for access on the Disney Parks website today, the first day for tickets and reservations in advance of the park’s April 30 reopening.

Tickets went on sale at 8 AM. Soon after, a message attempted to soothe any frustration at the sluggish site response.

While some lucky would-be visitors were able to get tickets, others reported that the site timed out or they landed on a page with the Seven Dwarfs that stated: “We’re Working on It. This page is temporarily unavailable. Rest assured, we’ll fix the issue soon, so please try again later.”

Another page for tickets stated: “The Wait is Almost Over Thank you for your continued patience! Due to high demand, this is taking longer than expected. We have a lot of Guests accessing our system, so you are now in a waiting room to plan your park visit. Do not refresh the page or select the “back” button.” The page’s wait time was listed as “recalculating.” Theme park reservations for Disneyland Park are now gone for both types of ticket-holders on April 30, the park’s reopening day. It initially filled up for only Park Hopper Ticket Guests, now it is also full for 1-Park Per day Ticket Guests. Additional Park Hopper ticket guests would still be able to get in if they start their day at Disney California Adventure. Reservations opened on April 12 but ticket sales did not resume until today, April 15. As of now, reservations are still available for Disney California Adventure. More availability may open in the next two weeks before opening day.

There are not many updates on some rides that will be closed when Disneyland reopens again. However, the ride Grizzly River Run at California Adventure park will reopen on May 7, 2021. I just looked up the Disneyland website and it has it open on that date. So, that’s something that you should be happy for those who love the ride and get wet. I know some of you don’t want to get wet, but you don’t have to get on it if you don’t want to.

This information just came out today on the news I looked at today.

So, what do you guys think about some trouble for Disneyland’s ticket reservations?!

I would love to hear some comments, thoughts, opinions, questions, or concerns down below!

Stay tuned for more Disneyland updates.

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